Friday, March 15, 2019

The Unnecessary Paranoia of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake Essay

The Unnecessary Paranoia of Marg art Atwoods pasang and CrakeThe novel Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood provides a dystopic vision of the outcome of unregulated pursuit of fellowship and control over nature. It is unlikely that the scenario portrayed in the novel would everlastingly occur beyond fiction. The reason military man the United States and many some other countries already have regulating agencies and oversight commissions that would prevent scientists such as Crake from ever bankrupting his ideas into reality. Atwood incorporates realistic experimental methods into her novel, which eventually lead to pigs being able to grow human organs, and creating pigoons that appear to be more fearsome than Frankenstein himself. Consumers are the ones to decide what is put to use and what is not. There is a o.k. line between pull aheading society and damaging society. This novel illustrates what may emit when that line is crossed a thousand times over a horrific image. Atwo od takes many of todays scientific ideas with the potential to benefit society and turns them into tomorrows nightmare and creates a false paranoia. However, without tonic scientific advancements or technology, there will be no hopes for those who are in critical health conditions therefore, we should overlook the arbitrary ethical proclamations of current groups of people, for genetic technological progression is the only key to the sustenance of the people in terms of being able to be cured from the pestis of nature. The pharmaceutical and biotech industries must be free to develop and research life sentence saving medicines and other advancements that will benefit society. If this cannot be done, progress would neer be made. People would still be contracting polio a... ...evailed and the world would overcompensate to exist, unlike the novel.Atwood takes many of todays potential scientific developments and illustrates the worst possible outcome of what may happen if we continue the unregulated pursuit of knowledge. In reality, the scientific advances of today will yield a higher standard of living for the majority of the world tomorrow. We will continue to push for the best in everything including science, medicine, and technology we will not deliver any single person to make the sole decision to develop an idea. Scientific progression will save many lives therefore, it should and will always be there for us.Works CitedAtwood, Margaret. Oryx and Crake. New York Anchor Books, 2003.Crow, Michael. Harnessing information to Benefit Society. 9 Sept. 2004. AG BioTech InfoNet. http//

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