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How does Shakespeare present conflict at the start of Romeo and Juliet Essay

Explain how Shakespe atomic number 18 presents the theme of craze in this part of the piece of cake.The initiative thing to note about this scene is that it wears focalize right at the fuck off of the play. I figure that this scene exists to set up and cozy up one of the key conflicts in the play as a whole. It takes place after a serious fight between the Montagues and Capulets. This fights prime instigator is Tybalt who when asked by Benvollio to help him keep the peace ratesWhat draw and talk of peace. I hate the word, As I hate hell, exclusively Montagues, and thee Have at thee, cowardClearly then this is a deep sitting conflict that is responsible for disturbing the peace in Verona and it is the Princes agate line to restore order in this scene. T herefore right at the start of the scene he calls them profaners. This is very emotive language and helps to underline the Princes contempt for both of the families and their conflict. The smell out of describeing when they hear language identical this impart then associate both families as existence not being very religious and being opposed to God and His purposes.The contempt that the Prince and the audience is supposed to feel for both of the fighting families is further forceful in the description of their swords as neighbor-stained steel. Clearly what the Prince is trying to highlight here is that both families are behaving in a very selfish vernal way and are showing an unchristian regard for their neighbours. Therefore rage is shown in this scene as being something that is pointless, stupid and going against God. sideline on from this the theme of violence is further emphasised through the Princes use of a rhetorical questionWill they not hear?I think that Shakespeare deliberately uses this technique here to demonstrate how lumpen both families are in their aversion for each other. It is clear that the hatred between them runs so deep that they cannot and will not listen to commo nwealth who are trying to mediate between them and trying to keep the peace. This is further emphasised later on in the line by the Prince describing them as beasts. I think that Shakespeare deliberately uses this word to help emphasise that how nasty the violence between both families are. A beast is an animal. Therefore, to the Prince, the thoughtless violence between them has gone so far as to take away their humanity.Again in the next line Shakespeare has further emphasised the Princes dislike and animosity towards both families and even how fed up he is with their constant quarrelling by using the emotive language ofyour mortal rageThis helps to underline that to the Prince it is both families actions that are having a catastrophic ready on his city and that they are gradually being very injurious through their actions. According to the Prince the only thing that will help to aplomb the workforces emotions down and will stop all the violence ispurple fountains issuing fr om your veinsWhat the Prince means here is that only by the mens spilt blood will they calm down. This does not seem like an effective way to keep the peace and helps to show that for some case violence has become a way of life for the people compound the quarrel.What is the cause of all this violence the audience would naturally ask at this point in the speech? It is clear that, according to the Prince, that the cause of approximately of the violence is merely an airy word. The connotations of airy are something that is unsubstantial, something that is exactly even there. Therefore the portrayal of violence in this part of the play by Shakespeare is of actions that dont have a cause, that are incre4dibly harmful and dont seem to be about anything much in particular. Surely then we as the audience will slightly empathise with the Prince and his role to help keep the peace.This can be seen later on in the play when Tybalt gets into a fight with Mercutio. One of the key moments in the play is when Tybalt saysMercutio thou consortst with RomeoThis could be seen as being fitting friendly banter however to both families it is seemingly jokey things people say to each other take on huge significance. For me then these airy words have a huge impact because the strong sense of pride these characters have and how they are unable to let things slide. I think this helps to underline what I think is the big lesson that Shakespeare is trying to teach us about violence in the play and that is that is that violence is often seen by people who are not taking part or who are innocent bystanders as being pointless and damaging.

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