Thursday, March 7, 2019

America Needs Its Nerds Essay

The societally and physically inept, the outcasts, often associated with com depositers and books- these characteristics constitute the separate of the average geek. Students are afraid to reveal their identities in an environment among their peers because of the veneration of existence an outcast among the idolized jocks. In an excerpt from the States require Its Nerds Harvard student and writer Leonid Fridman expresses his disgust for the unjust treatment of individuals who are intrinsic to our country- the geeks. He addresses the American public with a call to action to put geeks into their deserved positions, giving them hope and motivation to express their own identities. Fridman utilizes jeering when discussing how notwithstanding(a) Harvard students are being picked on, as well as the comparing and contrast between Americas discouraging treatment of the pulverisation to East Asia and Chinas praising of them, to represent how the fear of amicable rejection has forc ed these mistreated intellects to hide their academic capabilities.Leonid Fridmen is disappointment with the fact that even at Harvard, one of the top Ivy League colleges, students are tranquilize picked on because of their levels of intellect. It is ironic that even at one of the top colleges in America where nerds and geeks dominate the realm of the school that anti-intellectualism is rampant. Social standing competes with intelligence even at the most academic institution, showing America that students are ashamed of their intellect because of the negative stereotypes parliamentary law degraded them with. Fridman withal employs irony when referring to popting wasted at parties by describing how nerds avoid damaging their headland and bodies, but are punished socially for notphysically smart themselves.Fridmans call to action addresses the American public as being erroneous in their actions of idolizing the nonintellectual while demeaning the studious intellectuals when he c ompares Americas academic values to those of East Asias. In America, athletes and celebrities are rewarded and more prevalent in society then those evoke in pursuing academics. With these characteristics of our society, it is impossible to compete in the technology rate or be a leading political and cultural force with new(prenominal) countries who encourage academics rather than reject the individuals who excel in it.Fridmans vox populi of demeaning the intellectual is a continual paradigm in our society today. In 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to be the Governor of California however, it was primarily for his get to recognition as a body builder and film star, miss any experience working in government. Although Schwarzenegger lacked the intellectual knowledge he needed, he was elected because the public idolized him. The public is more interested in the media and athletics and neglect to realize the important impact researchers and intellects occupy on our world.Col leges profits college athletic coaches more than the professors working at an institution. Americans pay more on professional sports then they do to fund crab louse research or education. As USA Today wrote, You can get a Nobel Prize at your university and you wont get anyplace near that attention. And so I think between the public and the media, they are telling us what they value. The public is involved, and often times addicted, to athletes or social media and reject the academically motivated as outcasts from the ideal society. Unfortunately, this public is unaware of the capabilities of academic achievement and the progress it has brought us in our world.

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