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Course Project Essay Example for Free

Course Project Essay (A). Law Review Article: Tristin K. Green, Discrimination in Workplace Dynamics: Towards a Structural Account of Dispute Treatment Theory, 38 HARV. C. R-C. L. L. REV. 91 (2003) (B). Government Agency Website:http//hreoc. gov. au/about/mailing-lists/index. html Section two Gender Discrimination Worker Type Employee Handbook Undocumented Workers Marital Status Employee Freedom Family Responsibility Employee Privacy Pay and Hours Health and Safety Section three Jury finds Curtiss-Wright liable in gender bias case. Oct. 25, 2006. This was a case whereby Curtiss-Wright who is a maker of aircraft electronics lost a $9M verdict when a woman executive was passed over for a promotion and later fired because of her gender. This case is very much relevant to Ms. Collins’ . As is clear, one of Ms. Collins claims is that she has never been promoted since she joined `ABC’ as an account executive since 1989. Again all the male employees hired during the same time and with the same classification as hers have evidently been promoted one to four times and have a salary to boot. $1. 6M Suit Alleges Gender Discrimination. March 22, 2004 In this case, former chemical engineering assistant professor, Lynn Russell, filed a 1. 6M suit against the university as she alleged gender discrimination and breach of contract. The suit claims chemical engineer chair discriminates against female junior faculty and undermined Russell’s tenure. This case is relevant to Ms. Collins as it is an evidence of her claims of being discriminated against. It is a strong indication that gender discrimination does exist. Tropicana Sued for Discrimination Against Pregnant Woman. Sept. 12, 2003. A federal law suit was filed by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Tropicana Casino Resort alleging it violated a pregnant employee’s civil rights. According to 32 year old Elizabeth of Lancaster, she was fired 24 hours after she informed her boss about her condition who refused to allow her to work part time claiming the job was performance related. This particular case is very much relevant to that of Ms. Collins as it is evident that employers do not put into consideration that women are likely to go on maternity leave as a result of pregnancy. Again, at times one will call in sick. Like in Ms. Collins case, she is always getting home on emergency calls as she has disabled child who suffers from severe medical and emotional problems. Does it mean that she will lose her job when she requires an immediate leave to attend to her child? Robinson may settle Lawsuit for $15Mril 13, 2006 C. H Robinson, a transportation logistics company is said to have reached what is said to be a tentative settlement with former and current women employees over the allegations of gender discrimination in pay and promotion. This is so much like Ms. Collins case whose main cry is low pay and being passed over for promotion. EEOC Accuses Die Maker of Bias Against Women. July 24, 2003 The government says that a Northeast Ohio tool-and-die maker has deemed women too weak to work in the company. This is a clear indication that employees overlook women when it comes to certain jobs just like in Ms. Collins case where she says that her employee claims that she does not fit the image right for the higher positions. Section four Brown O. Judith, Subrin N. Stephen, Baumann T. Phyllis, Some Thoughts about Social Perception and Employment Discrimination Law: A Modest Proposal for Keeping the Judicial Dialogue, 46 EMORY L. J. 1487 (1997) Godsil D. Rachel, Expressivism, Empathy and Equality, 36 U. MICH. J. L. REFORM 247(2003)

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The Red Badge of Courage - Henry is No Hero Essay -- Red Badge Courage

The Red Badge of Courage - Henry is No Hero      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane explores the theme of courage and heroism in depth. He develops these themes through the main character, Henry Fleming. Henry is a naà ¯ve young man faced with the harsh realities of war, in this book, some argue that Henry is transformed into a heroic "quiet manhood" while others see Henry as the same young man who ran from battle in the beginning of the book. I think Henry doesn't change, his heroic status acquired at the end of the book isn't truly him, instead he merely is motivated by fear of dying and being rejected by his fellow soldiers.    At the beginning of the novel Henry is disappointed of war; he had far greater expectations of war. He wants one thing out of this experience, Glory, and he would go to any extreme to fulfill it. In battle Henry acts impulsively and is easily manipulated, he flees from battle at the sight of others running. When he realizes his cowardice he rationalizes without end to why he ran. He justifies that nature also flees at the sight of fear when he scares a squirrel to runoff. Henry acts shallow and vain when he manipulates his friend, Wilson; he uses the letters Wilson gave him as leverage if Wilson finds out Henry's "crimes". His pride is restored when he finds out that he doesn't get caught. He is constantly comparing himself to others, and doesn't judge himself by the same standards as he does others. I think Henry is envious of his friends. The only thing the tattered man wanted is warm pea soup and a warm bed, but he wants to survive to be there for his children. I think Henry admires the tattered man's selflessness and courage, he never really complained abo... at his General for calling them mule drivers by dying in battle. In reality Henry was an insignificant soldier and the General would never care whether he died in battle or not. To me, a hero doesn't try to hide behind his insecurities, like Henry did, he faces them.    In conclusion, I think Henry was not a hero in this novel, in fact I thought he acted more like a coward. Though during brief periods of time Henry physically acted heroically, his moral character was weak, trying to cover up his psychological wounds with self-justification and delusion. I think towards the end of the novel Henry abandons the notion of becoming a hero, mostly because it is unrealistic. Instead, he settles with a more humble title of being a man.    Work Cited: Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage.   Logan, IA:   Perfection Learning Corporation, 1979.

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Theories of Social Inequality

Karl Marx's theory to explain social inequality is based on the unequal division of resources between two groups: bourgeoisie and the proletariat, or the wealthy/ business owners and the laborers. According to Marx, the bourgeoisie have the monetary power to gain economical resources, as they own the businesses where the proletariat must work to gain money to survive. The bourgeoisie maintains this position by paying the proletariat Just enough to provide for his or her basic needs of survival. Marx states that the bourgeoisie create the social rules, cultural values and orms, and the proletariat goes along with it.This idea is the basis for what Marx calls, â€Å"false consciousness,† which is the idea that the† system† is working and there is no reason to change it because the proletariat hopes that one day he will become the bourgeoisie; this false hope is what keeps social inequality in a perpetual cycle. Marx believed that social inequality can be resolved thr ough the abolishment of capitalism altogether. He suggested that this could be made possible if the proletariat would stand up and revolt, and rise up against capitalism by refusing to ork and sell their very valuable labor, which the bourgeoisie needs in order to survive.Marx did not see social inequality as inevitable, unlike Max Weber. The basis for Weber's theory can be found in Karl Marx's theory, but takes it a step further and breaks the social structure up even more. According to Max Weber's theory behind social inequality, there are three major components that play into creating an unequal division in society: social class, status in society, and political parties. Each group directly relates to one another, although they are not all the same thing. Weber contends that social classes are divided because of certain lifestyles or opportunities that are given toa person.If a person is born into a wealthy family, he or she is automatically provided with a lifestyle that will pr opel him or her into success through money and/or properties, which inevitably creates an opportunity for power. This demonstrates how money and power clearly shapes classes. Classes do not always make up communities though. Communities are shaped by social status, which is one thing that Weber is clear about. Social status is defined by the pportunity for a wealthy lifestyle. The main difference between status and class is that of the value system within each of the groups.Through a lifestyle that one lives, ideals and values are developed, which creates one's political stance. Political parties are a direct reflection of the pattern that creates class and social status. They are all intermingled: class determines social status, which shapes ideals within a political party. Weber makes a strong argument that social stratification is inevitable or â€Å"guaranteed† because lifestyles (which you are born into) create status groups and nce those are established, over a period o f time, the people accept them as status quo.Once a standard of life is set, it is rarely moved. Karl Marx' theory behind social inequality is most compelling. It explains that social inequality, which is detrimental to so many, can be resolved. His theory gives hope for resolution and even offers a plan of action to do so, yet there have been little done by those who feel like they are oppressed by the unjust division ot resources to rise up and change the system which oppresses them. Marx' theory is timeless and continues to speak to those issues which are seen in todays society.

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Discourse Communities Are Groups Of People - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1067 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/06/10 Category Society Essay Level High school Topics: Discourse Community Essay Did you like this example? Ferruccio Lamborghini was one of the wealthiest men in Italy in the 1950s. Born into a family of farmers, Ferruccio was more drawn towards farming machineries rather than farming itself. His engineering knowledge led him to create a tractor company, Lamborghini Trattori in 1948. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Discourse Communities Are Groups Of People" essay for you Create order As an automobile enthusiast, he owned a number of high end sports cars including a Ferrari 250GT, which consistently broke down because of its faulty clutch system. Dissatisfied with Ferrarirs after sales team, Ferruccio took the issue to il Commendatore himself, Enzo Ferrari. An argument broke out between the two, with Ferruccio listing ways to improve the carrs clutch and Ferrari dismissing them. Sensing an opportunity, Ferruccio started his own high end sports car company, Automobili Lamborghini. Today, Lamborghini and Ferrari are giants in the sports-car world, and their rivalry has lead to newer and better engineering technologies being developed with each model year. Be it Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, Tesla vs. Edison or Apple vs. Windows, opposing viewpoints within the engineering community have always lead to the creation of newer and better technologies. Discourse Communities are groups of people who share a common goal or passion and use a specific set of discourses to effectively communicate ideas. As I mechanical engineering major, I have become part of a few professional discourse communities including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE). As the name suggests, ASME is professional discourse community for individuals that share a passion towards machines and their workings. ASME at UT Tyler is a student organisation that devotes itself to the advancement and dissemination of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering. The members get together once every week to engage in activities that improve our critical thinking abilities and hands on experience. Baja SAE, the student SAE organisation at UT Tyler, is a group of individuals that that share a passion towards automobiles. They focus primarily on designing and constructing an off-road vehicle that can compete against teams from all over the country. ASME and SAE are very similar to each other since they operate under the mechanical engineering division. The core values for both organisation include teamwork, professionalism and ethics. The language of communication is also very similar since many technical terms are used in daily conversations. However, since SAE is based on automobile engineering, they use some some terms that are not used at ASME. Words like suspension geometry and NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) bear no meaning at a regular ASME meeting, but are extremely important at SAE. It is interesting to note that even though SAE is a subset of mechanical engineering, the terms used there are a superset of the ASME terminology. Arguments due to opposing points of view are not uncommon at ASME or SAE, and they are solved by the use of facts and figures. Arguments at ASME are mostly about how a project should be designed. These arguments are very civilised and non- aggressive. One such argument erupted during the early planning stages of a robot that can collect different sized balls from the ground. One group of people supported a design which basically brushes the ball into a box, while others wanted to make a robot with a hydraulic arm made from plastic tubes and syringes. After careful consideration of each idea through a debate, the brush robot idea was finalised. However, the ideas that were developed on how to build a hydraulic arm were too good to be dismissed, and a larger hydraulic claw was built during the next weeks meeting. A smaller version of this arm was incorporated into the robotrs brush to provide better grip. Therefore, an opposing idea resulted in both the improvement of the robot and an entirely different machine. Another discourse community in which I actively participate is Pirates of the Harvey Lake(PHL). PHL was formed as a result of a project for the freshman Introduction to Engineering class, where groups of 5 members have to design and construct a canoe made entirely out of cardboard and duct tape, and race it against other teams in timed runs. The mission is weirdly similar to that of SAE, just that the off-roader is replaced with a cardboard canoe. The biggest challenges faced by the group was time management and preventing water from entering the boat without using waterproofing coatings. As the group leader, I decided that the communication ideas must not be through texting as they can easily lead to misunderstandings. As a result, communications between the group members were verbal, and texting was only used to plan meeting times and to sent photographs and drawings. Special terms related to boats, including bow,stern,hull,keel etc. were used on a daily basis. Triangular beams tha t were fixed onto the boat throughout its base were called the triangles. Majority of the disagreements in the cardboard canoe group were about the design of the boat, mainly on how to keep the boat from collapsing from the bottoms and the sides. One option was making the base of the boat as thick as possible by stacking large sheets of cardboard. This would have used up the permitted amount of cardboard meaning there wouldnt be any more cardboard to reinforce the sides to the base. Another idea was to integrate a structural frame into the hull of the boat in such a way that it would bear heavy loads easily, but it means there wouldnt be enough cardboard to waterproof it. After a huge discussion, we figured out a way to weave the structural frame through multiple layers of cardboard in such a way that it can support the structure of the boat while providing enough thickness to minimise water damage. The boat, christened Valkyrie, was extremely durable and still maintains most of itrs strength even after 2 hours of rough paddling. Compared to the professional discourse communities like ASME and SAE, PHL was very informal and the language used between us reflects that. Most dialogues were friendly banter and many ideas were communicated through pop-culture references. SAE and the cardboard canoe group are similar in its origin and function, yet it feels very different. One was very formal and professional, perhaps due to its leadership by hardened graduate students, while the other hardly felt like we were working even though it was one of the mot stressful projects I have ever worked on.