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Europe in the Early Middle Ages Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Europe in the Early Middle Ages - Essay workoutIt was very awful that during this period, a mysterious disease attacked many individuals killing around 20 million2. This disease spread very fast since it was transmittable from one individual to the other and hence was very uncontrollable to prevent it from spreading. After the fall of the Roman empire, the Catholic Church united people and with time, Charlemagne empire became the set apart Romans Empire.Additionally, during this period, the Islamic religion became very great and powerful since the death of their prophet, Muhammad. There were also many books and articles indite on Islamic Religion. Consequently, it became al some three times larger than before. Additionally, there were also mass crusades by the Christians, whose main intentions were to expel and fight the Muslims3. However, they did not succeed in the end.In the beginning of this period, Feudalism scholars governed Europe. The peasants performed most of the work a nd were promised protection by this system4. They also experienced a hard time since they could not leave alone without permission without approval by the

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The Impact of Television on the 2008 Canadian Elections Essay

The concussion of Television on the 2008 Canadian Elections - Essay ExampleIt i a very good look on of entertainment. It i a ource of entertainment for all age group,right from children to the aged. One can bed colorful alive cartoon for children a well a health how and port for adult. One can even watch movie at home and thu the time and train one ha to take to buy fine or go to the theater i aved. A peron who i worned out from office can play along home and relax himelf to watch hi favorite TV program. Televiion can never bore anyone and erve a a good time pa.Televiion i alo a good TV for a peron to be upgraded with the noesis of what i happening around the existence. Televiion or I can ay The Fifth Etate , next to newpaper can advertise people of the recent event happening around u. People now can ee the Iraq struggle in their drawing room through private TV channel wish CNN, BBC, FOX and so forth hown on TV, which would never be poible without the televiion. Cinema a ward and important port pogramme are being watched live nowaday by million of viewer through TV.Thi TV can even change the flatal intent and ha changed it in many countrie. People can upgrade themelve about the government epecially during day of preference and budget eion. For example,the downfall of Rajiv Gandhi in India due to the Bofor crii wa becaue of different type of ma TV like the televiion.Through televiion one can know the detail of recent dicoverie,innovation ,invention and achievement viually happening around the globe. ... Hence,apart from earpiece and airplane,I feel televiion are an innovation that ha changed our live and i one of the main reaon for making the world a global village.The introduction of televiion and it component into the political proce ha greatly influenced politic. Televiion ha given politician a whole new way to communicate and expre their belief to voter. There are a few ignificant instal that thi form of TV ha had on the political proce.Firt ly, televiion tend to make political life more fluid and volatile. Outcome are frequently harder to predict with campaign now becaue a ingle performance out front a huge audience can eaily end or precipitate iue almot intantaneouly. For intance, during the 1988 federal election, John Turner TV debate performance reurrected the Liberal party and almot made them win the election. If it want for the televied debate, the Liberal would have urely been doomed.Televiion alo force much of the backtage machinery of political life to endure extremely heavy expoure, making it much more open than it ued to be. antecedent to the TV, politician and their aociate were only known by their public appearance and campaign, leaving what happened outide thee appearance in the dark. Becaue of TV and the candid camera, the politician and the election can be looked at in more depth now. political party convention and other behind the cene event can now be televied and hown to the general public.The nat ionalization of politic i alo a reult temming mainly from televiion. Becaue the party leader i the main peron een on TV, politic at the riding level tend to uffer greatly. Voter do not really care about who i running in their riding they are more concerned about the party

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Pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pollution - Essay ExampleBy steps taken for eliminating toxic substances from production process and by diminishing production of ill materials population can safeguard the environment and homophile health. Different forms of befoulment Air pollution Air pollution can be caused when pollutants like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen and also materials like dust, smoke and compounds of run for are emitted directly into the atmosphere. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (49% to 55%), chlorofluorocarbons (14% to 25%), methane (12% to 18%), nitrous oxides and other gases (13% to 19%). Some natural sources of line of work pollution are volcanoes, woods fires, oceans, swamps, lakes, vegetative matter and insects (Faiz, Sinha, Walsh and Varma, 1990, p. 3). Other sources which are caused by human activities are fuel like coal and wood burning and most importantly transport which is a major contributor towards air pollution. al l told the pollutants get dispersed in the air and pollution is measured by the mass of the pollutants per volume of air. This depends on a number of factors like quantity of emission, altitude and atmospheric conditions. Rain cleans the air which gets rid of harmful materials, but these substances can react with oxides of sulphur and nitrogen to produce acids which may cause damage to buildings, forests and water system bodies. This is popularized as acid rain. Solar radiation can produce ozone which can disrupt the atmospheric equipoise near the ground. (Faiz, Sinha, Walsh and Varma, 1990, pp. 3-5) Air Pollution To reduce air pollution it is necessary to set the standard of ambient air quality. In US there are two sets of standards of air quality and they are immemorial and secondary. The primary standard of air quality is designed in the way to protect the health of human beings and for this purpose those people who are more easily affected by air pollution (viz. children and t he aged(a) people) are taken into consideration. Secondary standard of air quality is designed for general public welfare. This includes air pollution effect on s anele, water, crops, animals, climate, economy and human comfort (Faiz, Sinha, Walsh and Varma, 1990, p. 8). In 1970, Clean Air subprogram Amendments was enacted and it changed the structure of air pollution control in US. This Act was further amended in 1977 and it enforce restrictions on plants and factories in areas having clean air to avoid any damage to air quality. Public fretfulness about air pollution increased in the late 1980s and numerous bills were passed to improve the living air pollution regulatory measures and also to deal with new problems like acid rain and ball-shaped warming. (Bailey, 1998, pp.78, 79) Oil Pollution It was the Torrey Canyon incident in 1967 which awakened the public in regard to vegetable oil pollution. Since then the Oil Pollution Compensation has seen numerous changes. The incide nt caused the public to make loud protests against oil pollution. This led to development of international conventions to provide compensation to those who bear the cost of cleaning up or to those who face pollution damages from uninterrupted spill of hydrocarbon mineral oil from tankers. These international conventions were developed chthonian International Maritime Organisation. (Azab, Shorbagy and Ghais, 2005, p.3) In the Arabian Gulf, concentration of petroleum hydrocarbon (PH) average to about 26 ug/l of surface water and about 5 ug/kg of the bottom. As there will be continuous rise of production and transportation of oil, the concentration of PH in water will keep on growing especially in water areas where there is maximum flow of traffic.

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Suicide and euthanasia Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

self-destruction and euthanasia - Term Paper ExampleThis paper is going to focus on the cosmology or fundamental beliefs of each philosophy and the ethics developed, based on the cosmology and why and how the ethical foothold are outlined to help a psyche to achieve his/her own personal perfection in the end. The paper will also deal with the first four philosophies because they form a fundamental soften of the Asian religions the Hindu, Buddhism, Shinto and Confucians.The Upanishads was written in India in 8th to 6th century BCE (Kupperman 58). It contained answers to radical questions. They turn up to answer questions sur circularing personal identity. Questions like who are we, what are we expected to do. They are regarded as super serious philosophy. They developed a sophisticated world picture, which generates an ethic, the way the world would tell one and only(a) the outperform way to live.The Upanishads may be considered as religion and philosophy as well due to the fa ct that they offer the raw text of Hinduism especially on matters dealing with life and death (Kupperman 61). Indeed, they are seen as the foundation of some core traditional and value of India philosophies.Religiously, they tend to offer an escape to tedious round of reincarnation. They promise in Moksha (a Spiritual stir where one enters a point of liberation). One has an endless weird fulfillment after demise. To qualify for this Moksha state one must follow after joy quite than pleasure. This is the place it start being a philosophy, a part from religion (Kupperman 64).The Upanishads teaches that, for one to determine the state of eternal life (either to live in the state of reincarnation or enter the state of liberation), one must observe the difference of life of joy or pleasure though certainly in that respect are familiar words yet not easy to differentiate between the two. If any person would differentiate between the two words, that person will achieve personal identit y and live a happy life pursuing joy rather than vaporous pleasures.The

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Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics Term Paper

Intellectuals and Revolutionary Politics - marge Paper ExampleEven though telling the half of the story, this description is perhaps among the most encompassing ones, shedding light on such a contradictory personality and intellectual path. Another expose is told by Sorels own ideas expressed in his writings which to one degree or other reveal his preoccupation with themes like integration and disintegration, decadence, rebirth, and decline as well as his deepest sentiments the aggressive and sweep over pessimism and his strong desire of deliverance. His notion of pessimism - as a notion of an advance toward deliverance, closely connected to the intimacy gained from experience of the obstacles resisting the satisfaction of humans imagination and to the deep conviction of human beings natural failing - perhaps most powerfully reveals the breadth and width of his meandering soul (Sorel, G. 192- 226) Sorel regards pain and suffering as instrumental in riveting human beings to li fe, and scorns those who promise easy solutions and rapid improvement, assuming that the natural tendency toward dissolution and decay is a universal law (Talmon, J. L. 453-454). Having embraced the theory of Marx by the early 1890s, George Sorel added some cast to the confused blur of his ideas the universal sinner and perpetrator of all the sufferings of the poor has been found, personified by the evils of capitalism. From that point on, the entire alternate unionism, as a bearer of a new morality, became the new self-sufficient kingdom of graven image (Talmon 456), whose destine is knock againstn by Sorel to enthrone a new civilization on the ruins of the decaying bourgeoisie. From here to hailing Mussolini as a man no less extraordinary than Lenin (Talmon 451), Sorel has had a short way to go. Sorels roaming between Marx, trade unionism and fascism is easily explained, given his rejection of the very idea of any guidance, supervision or control, either from alfresco or fr om above which is considered to have prepared him to endorse Mussolinis famous slogan Every dust is an error, every theory is a prison (Talmon 467). This slogan appears to fully match Sorels ever desire (though most of the time on mistaken or strange grounds) spirituality. 2. Both Jean-Paul Sartre and Frantz Fanon long for revolution Sartre to see his country, France, destroyed, Fanon to see former French colonies liberated. Which of the two seems to want to be destroyed along with the establishment he resists? Why the one and not the other? The preface to Fanons book, The Wretched of the Earth, written by Jean-Paul Sartre, delivers a shocking message to the reader, as it comes from a thinker whose outlook on the then world realities and his temper (or posture) of a politically engaged intellectual indicate an emphasis on the humanist values and

My topic is aging Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

My topic is aging - Essay ExampleWrinkles on outward carcass appearance often indicate the arrival of old get on with in life forms. However, old epoch can be considered stunning since the process occurs in every person in the most good manner. Old age can be regarded beautiful if most populace expend these moments of their lives enjoying life with niggling or nothing to contemplate (Soozeqsh 1). Aging is beautiful given that the moment persons get born they straight commence the aging progression. The process is innate, and little can be done to stop it (Soozeqsh 1). Old age is beautiful given that it brings esteem to every aspect of existence since it assists the young live accordingly.Aging of the houses in certain circumstances may be considered beautiful, especially in the case where the house has aesthetic value relevant to a certain period in human existence. These houses offer a constant admonisher to the present generation of the yester years of their parents or relat ive lives. In certain circumstances, death of certain citizens sounds much of a legendary death than a normal death. Examples of such people are Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe deaths that are viewed as legendary deaths.However, destruction of certain boroughs through various activities such as warfare and erosion fool a place appear older than it should be since it loses current structures that are related to it. Weathering also makes places to aroma older since the properties and structure in such a region are damaged or

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Investigate the possible implications of inclusivity and exclusivity Essay

Investigate the possible implications of inclusivity and exclusivity of ICT within UK schools - Essay Examplel Communications and Technology Agency)1 that allow researched this issue of impacts of ICT in schools within the United Kingdom in the last two decades. Their study-ImpaCT1 and ImpaCT2 had analysed the statistical kinship between ICT use and education standards, pupils performances and in different ages and subjectsUK being a positive country, the use of ICT has been very much advanced and most of the schools are now applying ICT in most of their learnedness practices. Focus has shifted from erudition about ICT to learning through ICT. It is widely accepted that ICT has the following benefits as seen from studies hither in the UK.At present, students are developing skills on range of technologies that have in the past do little impacts on the schools. There are several strategies that are being used to incorporate them into educational experiences of these pupils. (Garn ham, 2000). An example of such technologies in the UK and other developed countries is the use of mobile phones to compile when students are onward from home and with some modifications can be used as personal response systems.In the UK radio set broadcast are day to day learning procedures not only in the junior levels exactly also at the university level. BBC broadcast is usually the favourite for most schools since it is being seen as the best media sept with proper research structures. Such school radio programs as Who wants to be a Millionaire? broadcasts directly to an MP3 which reposition the information immediately to be retrieved later by the user.Recent studies have looked at how interactive whiteboards influences learning and teaching processes in schools. It suggests that whiteboards offer visual display that go in line with the explanations offered by the instructor thus helps students to understand better. It further explains that it has a motivational effect esp ecially when used at the uncreated school level.ICT technicians are the most useful people in the information society and

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Comparative analysis of the Marketing Communications Mix for three Essay

Comparative analysis of the Marketing communications riffle for three companies in the supermarket sector Tesco, Sainsburys and Costcutter - Essay ExampleTesco organism the leading superstore in the country screw little bit of more success in terms of its merchandise communication mix activities heretofore Sainsburys is also somewhat successful in its efforts too however costcutter seems to be lacking in umpteen areas as it has still a long way to travel in order to ensure that it has appropriate strategies in place which can properly put in against the competition like Tesco and Sainsburys.The Marketing confabulations Mix is the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales advance, public relations a company uses to move its advertising and merchandise objectives.(Dolak, 2008). Thus Marketing communication mix is a group of tactical elements which pass rise to the overall marketing communication mix of an enterprise. These tactical elements include advertising, p ersonal selling, sales promotion as well as public relations. In its essence, a marketing communication mix is the arcsecond name of unrivalled of the Ps of marketing i.e. Promotion and it is a group of activities which give rise to the overall promotional mix of the organization.In order to hard-hittingly set the marketing communication mix, it is very important for the organizations to dumbfound into work out various factors since each of the elements of the mix has its relevant strengths and weaknesses therefore their use and design should be effective in order to achieve the maximum results.It is also important to none that each element of marketing communication mix may be used according to the product life motorbike if we involve a marketing communication mix of a product only however when we take into the account the whole organization and view the marketing communication mix of that organization, we must consider the fact that marketing communication mix strategies m ay significantly vary with each organization according to the life cycle stage of the organization. However for the organizations such as super market stores, it becomes more complicated because these stores do not necessarily sell one product or service therefore it becomes more complicated when transaction with the marketing communication mix issues of chain stores.This advertise impart study and analyze the marketing communication mix of three of the most important players in the super market i.e. Tesco, Sainsburys and costcutter. The chief aim of this report is to present a comparative analysis of the marketing communication mix strategies of these three companies.Marketing Communication Mix This section of the report will present the present marketing communication mix strategies being adopted by three important organizations working in the super market.The following section will present a comparative analysis of the marketing communication mix of the three given companies. a nnounceTesco has been considered the largest superstore in UK having comprehensively taken over the Sainsburys. The core belief of the company that is to create value for customers to make water their lifetime loyalty suggest that the company value most its interaction with its customers and advertising strategies, being one of the most penetrating means of reaching to

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Public Budgeting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Public Budgeting - Essay object lessonBoth the legislature and executive are noteworthyly involved in the agreement practice. Performance budgeting system is implemented to successfully to enforce constant requirements on agencies. The Agencies must explain in event of significant failure ranging from 10 percent or more to adhere to set performance targets (Clynch 2006).The performance ground system of budgeting is very effective in a real practical scenario. Especially in commonplace administration where for every input- tax payers money- they expect tangible results. Performance based budgeting plays a massive role in influencing operations effectively and efficiently. The system in itself is inherent with small economic departmental unit accountability. The single unit performance assessment style results in polariated system.This specialty is vital since public agencies always undergo through many procedures before finalizing an actual budget act phase. Post-execution an alyses time is also shortened through the performance based budgeting system (Clynch 2006). The whole practice involves the co-collaboration of different departmental bodies within the government. This collaboration is essential for more than just budget preparation procedure, negotiation procedures and blessing processes. The coordinative collaboration of departments is important in approval of values to be allocated in order to take defined goals after the finalization of the budgeting (Kelly 2003).The systems advantage revolves around its rational methodology of budgeting. Whenever an governance defines the amount to allocate to a department or activity, it considers the costs against benefits for each funding level. If there is no justification for the spending the amount is reduced. The system links objectives to outcomes. A body that practices performance budgeting uses performance solicitude (Clynch 2006). When management

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Shewin Memorandum 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Shewin chronicle 2 - Assignment ExampleShe has worked for The Blabber, a newspaper in Atlanta for a period of 10 years. She started working for the organization as an entry-level researcher and after two years, she was promoted to the position of junior-level drawer. Two years letter, she roseate to senior-level reporter, a position that she has held for a period of six years. For the first eight years of her employment, Shewin worked under the command of George Doright. However, in the last two years, Blabber underwent reorganization and Doright was transferred to another division in the organization. After the reorganization, Shewin started to report to Arthur King, the senior editor of the company. After the reorganization, two editors were retired and Shewin applied for the position but she was denied the opportunity of assuming the positions. Actually, she was interviewed for unitary position but was not offered the jobs that she believed she had met their qualifications. In the past month, she applied for a position of junior editor because her qualification matched with the requirements of the advertised job. However after the interview with Mr.King, she was not offered the position. ... According to Shewin, there are several(prenominal) factors that may have played a key part in her failure to secure promotions notwithstanding the fact that she had good qualification and extensive work experience. For instance, only three women h anile positions in fastness management levels and were promoted before the reorganization. Her new manager, King was not involved in their promotion decision and seems to be against the female gender. This is further compounded by the fact that he had been making sexist comments that were offensive to a number of women and some men. For example, he was on record abusing a pregnant reporter. King tried to attract Shewin, but she declined the overtures and believed that it might be the reason why she did not get the jobs she applied for. Further, he predicaments could be attributed the fact that there are only five African Americans top manager hence saving about the issue of race in job promotions. Before reorganization and the transfer of Mr.Doright, Shewin filed a unhealthiness against some of her male workmates who had the habit of discussing explicitly about their personal weekend romantic adventures on Monday mornings. Although the conversation did not address her, they were offensive and after she reported to Mr.Doright, he warned the employees to stop the habit. However, when Arthur King became the senior manager, the old behavior of her male colleagues reverted and even after Shewin reported the irresponsible conversation to King, he took no action at law and seemed to approve it even though he did not participate directly in the conversation. However, Shewin seems to be unhinged of her age and fears that at forty, she may never get a promotion. This is further

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Creativity report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Creativity report - Coursework ExampleCreativity and innovation have become valuable features of leading(a) companies. Schirrmacher (1988) defines creativity as ones ability to see things in novel ways it is open frame boundaries and going beyond the known facts. It is also developing something bare-assed, different and original and combining things which do not seem to be related to each other but eventually makes sense when put together. This is closely related to innovation which is sparked by a new idea. The idea can be a new technology such as a gadget that can provide more convenience to consumers, a new service like an alternative form of relaxation, a new product, or even a new administrative procedure. Such ideas are driven by needs that are seen by the innovators. revolution requires creativity. In organizations, innovation becomes the growth of a new idea from its initial state into its actualized form as a full-blown innovation (Roberts, 2006). Thus, creativity is at work when one innovates.The ongoing global corner has caused the shutdown of several companies, leading to massive unemployment. Epic Events Management Company is a small political party that has likewise suffered the blow, with many of their clients opting to forgo their special events as a way of cutting down expenses. To affirm the company afloat, they had to let go of a large part of their office dummy which occupied the solid floor of a prominent building downtown. The CEO decided to just keep his office for entertain clients, the team room with a few office tables and the reception area. Because of this drastic move, they have significantly salve on rental expenses. The problem now lies on how they would rearrange the office so that all the faculty can fit in and still be productive. On top of that, they need to think up of other alternative income-generating ideas that will augment the losses incurred from the lack of projects.For the problem of lack of office space f or the

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Summarize 12 new york times articles and provide one paragraph summary Assignment

Summarize 12 new york times articles and provide one paragraph summary for separately - Assignment ExampleMoreover, thither are several people from Latino backgrounds who are Catholics as compared to otherwise denominations. Some of the realistic successes that the Catholic Church has experienced through campaign and advocacy programs were outlined, including their influence on the abortion law. There are subsequently verbatim quotations from leaders of the church, expressing their readiness to be part of this every(prenominal) important campaign for the government. Carwash Managers Held in Immigration Raids BYLINE By FERNANDA SANTOS Rebekah Zemansky contributed motifing. SECTION Section A Column 0 National Desk Pg. 10 The governments determination to cramp down on some learn practices it considers as criminal, specifically the use of illegal and falsified documentations is brought to bear as a raid leads to the arrest of 223 people. sign reports from people nearby the 16 Danny s Family Car Wash reported the raid as an immigration enforcement operation. However, Barbara Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement denied it, saying the raid was a typical criminal investigation. Out of the 223 people locomote up in the operation, 30 of them were charged with various forms of offenses, resulting in their deportation from the country. The report notes that this operation comes in a wake when the new immigration reforms still sits in recounting unfinished. This therefore raises questions of conflict of worry as some of the charged people refused to sign a voluntary deportation order. Big-Name G.O.P. Donors Urge Members of Congress to Back Immigration Overhaul BYLINE By ASHLEY PARKER SECTION Section Column 0 National Desk Pg moreover another move made by the Obama government to win the hearts of as many Republicans in Congress as possible to back the new immigration law is presented as Big-Name G.O.P Donors are verbalize to present a le tter to Republican members of Congress to accept the reforms. The donors describe the presenting immigration system as broken and thus urge for it to be fixed. However, the stand of the Republic side is reechoed on the need for certain(a) key policies to be fixed ahead of the said approval of the new immigration law. Particularly, they would want to grab a secured US border with well defined rules on future immigration issues. In their letter, the G.O.P Donors determine some inputs that some immigrants play in the economy of the country and based on that for their plea to be accepted. White House Ties Immigration Overhaul to Farms BYLINE MICHAEL D. SHEAR SECTION US politics A report from the White House on the benefits of the immigration overhaul on farms and the unpolished sector as a whole is presented and debated. Generally, the Obama administration continues to push for a new immigration law that would ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules, both illegal workers a nd those who hire them. According to the White House, the future of the countrys agricultural fortunes is in a rigorous labor force that can produce much enough to fall in the demands of the populace and the countrys industries. Using the guest-worker program in the Senate legislation for instance would ensure that there is enough labor, be they skilled or unskilled to boost productivity in the agricultural sector. all of these notwithstanding, critics continue to

Luis Valdez Los Vendidos Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Luis Valdez Los Vendidos - Essay ExampleHe gained a lot of experience by carrying out performances in the fields and in the local community centers. Most of Valdez p aims were short satires to inspire his audiences and arrive at awareness among the workers and his audiences about cordial problems that plagued them. The play expressed the feelings and sentiments of the workers and hinted at probable solutions that could be used to break up the problems and lead much better lives. Los Vendidos is one such play that attracted critical acclaim for voicing the opinions of the oppress farm workers. This play had everything to do with stereotypes of the Anglo culture portraying the Chicano experience, because it not only depicted the atrocities meted out to the downtrodden Chicano workers however helped them to identify themselves with its characters. The stereotypes reflected in Valdezs play Los Vendidos included the farm workers, the Urban tough guys, revolutionist characters and th e forward-looking Mexican American yuppie. Unlike the regular stereotypes where people identify themselves with the same characters played in the spew or according to the prevalent popular culture in which they live Los Vendidos serves to oppose such tendencies by using new techniques of reflecting such stereotypes. In this play, Valdez depicts stereotypes as being artificial or something that has been culturally produced. The playwright makes use of the play to address the idiocy of stereotypes that reflect the problems of the Chicano people that involve the falsities that are regularly real by the society in America. The primary ideology behind the actos was to encourage its audience to take social action and satirize the opposition (Valdez 12) the play also serves to point out the discrimination faced by the Chicano people in their daily lives by highlighting the blemishes and wrongdoings of the Americans. These stereotypes are exaggerated beyond proportion to lay strong emph asis on the importance of acknowledging them in society because they are looked upon as being uphold class citizens by the Americans who discount them from social circles. Los Vendidos by Valdez is one wherein the playwright has sought to highlight the stereotypes associate to the Latino people living in America. The rejection of the secretary to from each one of the offered model Mexican, the farm worker, the urban model, the revolutionary and the America educated academic, reflects the prejudices and lack of understanding among the American population. The Mexicans are labeled in America and each of the four characters symbolizes the common labels. In doing so, the playwright allows the readers to analyze and understand the prejudices which they may be holding against the race. The adept Sanchos Used Mexican Lot is the name employed by the dramatist to indulge in word play. It likens the Mexicans to objects. The success of Valdez play was also in making the Americans understan d the gross ridiculousness of the steering they treat the Chicano people. It helped in reflecting the misconstrued and wrong opioniated views on the stereotypes among the Mexican people through the deliberate attempt by Valdez in his portrayal of each different stereotype to drive home his message. By satirizing the American people, he successfully accomplishes the primary objective of making the Americans to think critically about their actions and treatment of the Mexican people. He attempts to make the American

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The Impact of Information Technogoly in Public agency Research Paper

The Impact of instruction Technogoly in Public agency - Research Paper ExampleTheFederal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) is aUS government agency attached to the Department of Justice with its headquarters in Edgar Hoover Building, chapiter D.C (FBI, 2012). The US government established the FBI in 1908 with a core mission of investigating federal official crime, enforcing federal laws, enhancing national security, and bringing criminals to justice (Hamilton, 2007). Its priorities include defend the United States from terrorist attacks, protecting civil rights, combating public corruption and all forms of crime, protecting the United States against cyber-based attacks, supporting local and international partners, combat transnational criminal organizations, and protecting the United States against foreign intelligence (United States Department of Justice, 2010). To realize its priorities and mission, the FBI relies on domestic and foreign Intelligence, Law Enforcement Communities, f ederal government support, and top class instruction technology to improve its operations operational and enhance the authority of the agency. However, with the recent and vibrant technological advancements terrorist and criminals are now using recent technologies to launch attacks to its allies and US. Hence, to stay put reliable in its commission, the FBI requires the best of information technology to keep in pace and curb the hi-tech insecurity. As such, the FBI has developed the FBIs IT strategic plan and initiated measures of acquiring the best information technology professionals, digitized its operations, and maintained the FBIs IT enterprise and website (United States Department of Justice, 2010). This has been significant in providing technical direction FBI business processes, maintaining the FBIs technology assets, and providing high-tech identification and information services relating to national

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Research Methods for Criminology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Research Methods for Criminology - Essay ExampleSeries of mea certainlyments are taken to pass on sure that the experiment is able to measure different sets of conditions under which the person or the instrument has to work.Now the suspicion arises how to make sure that the series of measurements are not only safe barely sound as well. Or can we make use of a measurement which happens to be reliable alone upset on reliability or vice-versa. This study cannot be an area specific but it cannot be generalised for all experiments as well. There might be some areas where we can use such measurements, but there might be areas where we need to be doubly sure that the measurement is both reliable as well valid. It is worthwhile here to mention that while validity can be time-tested and can be termed as an objective parameter, it is difficult to do exact calculation for reliability as it is subjective in nature. Reliability is therefore estimated in order to come to the nearest perfec tion point. intravenous feeding general classes of reliability are1While theres no doubt that a measurement with proud validity and high reliability is the most sought after type of measurement, a measurement with miserable validity and low reliability is never used for making any calculations. Measurements low on validity and high on reliability imply that we are consistently measuring wrong values, which in a way defeats the precise purpose of carrying out the research. In such cases we continue to get incorrect information quite consistently. Therefore, we rarely use such measurements. Quite often it so happens that the repeated measurements fail to show consistent patterns, but for a group of parameters, the measurements hold good. In this case, though on an average we do get the valid results, the consistency is not there. In such cases, the measurements can be useful depending upon the criticality of the usage. For example, if we are to make use of these measurements for the operation of

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Reviews Kind of Blue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reviews Kind of blue - Assignment ExampleThe loudness of the euphony however, is not eardrum-breaking rather, makes a harmonious effect with the soft and futile notes. The sound sets a luxurious tone color which is appealing to the ears.Weather Reports weighed down(p) Weather has a dynamic mood attached to the music. The drums play a vital part in this feature, keeping a fast and cheerful beat. The songs in the album often start with a figure pace, having weak beats which eventually increase in speed and volume. They are polyphonic, with the drums creating the distinct banging sounds, the sax and piano with the high pitches and the bass guitar taking on the base. The pitch is alternately set to the high and low notes. Obviously, the piano is widely used to create various pitches complementary to the tones of the bass guitar and saxophones. What probably set this music as a jazz fusion is the element of jazz music, reflecting the African-American kind of music and incorporating new music which is not only upbeat but experimental in nature. As the name of the writing style suggests, the music is a combination of the popular blues element of jazz and the dynamic mood of advanced(a) music. Despite this, the melodies are in perfect harmony, the music is simply wonderful to listen

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Art History Renaissance Essay Example for Free

Art biography Renaissance EssayThe making of a work of art is much like the story of man in the Bible. However, this divine ability was not fully realized until Michelangelo described the creative experience as Liberating the figure from the marble that imprisons it. Perhaps that is why the concept of creativity was once reserved by God, as he could give material form to an idea. 1) The inte succor of the artists in Italy in rational and systematic order, in the revival of classical vocabulary and in humanist naturalism signaled the commencement of the renaissance in Italy. hash out using two works from this utmost. When the French invaded northern Italy and sacked Milan eighteen years later Florence would mystify under(a) the sway of the Hapsburg dynasty. During the high renaissance in Italy could be considered the eld of great accomplishments in the field of art which as occurred in the late 15th century and the first half of the 16th century. During this age is politica lly a period of tension and turbulence, wherein foreign invasions and internal conflicts produced upheaval and instability.Under the sway of Hapsburg exactly it no longer provided the primary impetus for creative activity. In the mean time that Rome was under the control of ambitious Popes succeeded Florence as the artistic center of Italy. For the patronage of the arts, the greatest contribution was probably make by Julius. His successor Leo X (1513-21) continued the patronage of major painters, sculptors and architects, but the artistic achievements of the period were not matched by political success.In the burial place of Julius II, it should be perceived the Medici tombs in the setting which their designer initially intended for them, much has been written on the importance of the four recumbent figures Janus-faced below seated figures of the Dukes the woman beneath Duke Giuliano is imaginary to be symbolical at night. 2) Evolution in artistic style is sometimes characterized as including a classical peak or high signify of perfection, followed by a dramatic and reactionary period.Mannerist art had a reactionary nature to the ideals of the high renaissance. dissertate with reference to an artists and specific works. The unique format for the ornamentation of the enormous ceiling of Michael Angelo of the Sistine chapel demand to provided have compromise, a sequence of paintings of Apostles of colossal measurement within the lunettes on top of the windows, and fillings in the rest of the ceiling with an attractive decoration. The Pietas subject matter shows Christ in is mothers knee, just later he is taken from the cross.But the two figures characteristically appeared discomfited in northern art, with the body of a full grown man lying laboriously transversely the lap of much smaller woman. Michelangelo initially projected for the portion to be located inside a low place, and therefore, he refined to a smooth covering all the surfaces that would have been perceptible and gave scrupulous heed to the material. This towering amount of finish is not often present in Michelangelos vocation, and so most likely reflects the tastes of the supporter.Leonardo Davincis stylistic innovations are even extra obvious in The Last Supper, which represented a popular subject in a completely original means. In 15th-century Italy artist made increasing recitation of pigments applied a secco. But around 1500 there was a revival of pure fresco technique, which came to be regarded by art theorist as the ideal means for painting walls and ceilings, and also as the adept that revealed artistic proficiency most clearly.In many, perhaps most drawings and paintings apart from those produced in Italy between the fifteenth and twentieth centuries, differences in the size of figures signify their relative importance- a deity and worshippers, a ruler and courtiers, sometimes a man and a woman-rather than their physical distance from one another and the fo reground.Cited LiteratureHugh, Honour. (2005). A public History of Art. Laurence King Publishing Art.

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Unit 2 Equlity, Diversity and Rights Essay Example for Free

Unit 2 Equlity, sort and Rights EssayDiscriminatory practice is infringement of rights. This means that you are not respecting individuals rights or beliefs. (Mills, 2013) There are many ways that heap can discriminate against new(prenominal)s. Discrimination can command making a judgement on individual whether it be for race, g displaceer, sexuality or disability. Discrimination is an unjust act based on prejudice. Sexuality There are many different sexualities. These include straight, lesbian, light and bi sexual. A servicing provider may discriminate against a receipts substance abusers sexuality. If a gay, elderly man in a care home needs to be washed, a male member of staff might refuse to do this because it may make him find awkward tell aparting the mans sexuality. This would be seen as homophobic practice. Disability Many care homes leave proceeds users that may switch a form of disability. This can be anywhere from a acquirement disability, to a physic al disability. Some helping providers may not approach the service user (if they have a disability) to inform them somewhatthing, they might just approach the nurse/carer beside them. Service providers would do this because they wouldnt know if the service user would be able to understand. This would be discriminative practice. Age In a wellness and brotherly care environment, only people under a certain age may be allowed on day trips. This would be done and the activity could involve too much physical susceptibility and ability for the elderly service user. This would be seen as discrimination to the elderly. Social class In a wellness and affectionate care setting, people may be discriminated against due to their social class. A service user may be treated with more respect because of their higher social class than soulfulness who has a low social class. For an example, someone who was very successful in life may be treated with more respect be seen as more important than others. This would be discrimination against the elderly. righteousness In a caring and social environment, religion should always be accepted and respected. In some cases it is not. Because of stereotyping, a care/social worker may refuse to deal with a service user because of their religion. For example, if a service user is muslin, a service provider may refuse to deal with them, purely because of their religious beliefs. This would be seeing as a discriminatory practice.Describe the potential effects of discriminatory practice on those who used health or social care services All of the discriminatory practises stated above would have a huge, negative impact on the service users. Sexuality Social workers may not recommended a foster family to foster children if they are a gay couple. There would be no reasonable excuse for this act. This would be discrimination against the couple. It is likely that this would strongly affect the couple and perchance ruin their self-esteem and their trustfulness. Disability In the example stated before, by not approaching the service user directly, it is indicating that you think the service user is unable to respond to what you are saying. This is discriminatory practise. This could leave the service user incuring depressed, disjointed and ignored. Age In the example used previously, if you are leaving people over a certain age issue of an activity, this is limiting them to what they can do. You are leaving them out of an activity, likely to leave them feeling lonely. This is unfair and discriminatory practice. Therefore the service user may end up feeling isolated (because they arent involved in the group) and lose authorisation which could affect other areas of their life. Social class An example of someone with a low social class feeling isolated would be a former prisoner who has now moved into a care home. Service providers may assume the worse of him and thusly treat this service user with little respect. Thi s may cause the service user to become isolated. worship Another discriminatory practice would be sex. If a Muslim skirt was in a care home, they could be discriminated against by insisting that they would have to be dealt with by a male service provider. Another would be to offer a menu with the main meat on the dishes being pork as it is against the Muslim belief to eat pork. This would not be respecting their religious beliefs and therefore would be discriminatory practice. This could cause the service user to suffer low self-esteem (which means that someone is losing their self-worth and self-esteem), humiliation, and worthlessness.Asses the effects on those using the services of three different discriminatory practices in health and social care settings Sexuality If a homosexual couple were recommended to not foster children, and this did cause them to lose confidence in adopting, it could trine to depression and anxiety at their status in society. They may then feel it nece ssary to hide their sexual orientation. This could then make them feel unworthy in life which could lead to severe depression. Social class If a former prisoner in the care home did feel isolated, it wouldnt be surprising if they may rarely join into group activates. This would ultimately lower their self-confidence and mean that they would withdraw more over time. If this was to happen, they could find themselves being depressed and having very low self-esteem. Religion If a Muslim woman was forced to be treated by a male doctor, even out after asking not to be, she would be unable to use the service, purely because of her religious beliefs. This would be discriminatory practice. She would then feel humiliated, which would ruin her self-confidence. If this happened then she may not have the confidence to use the health service again which could end up with serious consequences.

Asylum Seekers in Australia Essay Example for Free

recourse Seekers in Australia EssayAustralias mandatory detention of mental home seekers argon of a serious concern. There has been affected intense national and international debate. In the past few years we have been bombarded with images of detainees suffering from depression, mental anguish, trauma and psychological damage. Australia has a policy of mandatory detention for all refugees and asylum seekers who arrive by boat to Australian shores.Those who have reached Australias shores should not be placed in inhumane conditivirtuosod detentions, it is a breach of human rights. There have been proposed alternatives to detention of asylum seekers, many of which should be considered. The Human Rights expect has established many reasons to why asylum seekers have shine to Australia, many of which to seek safety and apprehend for a better life. Once reaching Australias shores, for the majority, hope for a better life is not the case.Instead, these aslyum seekers are impris oned. Many, if not all, are innocent. Being punished for being innocent? People working in the demesne of migrant and refugee, claim that non- authenticated applicants for refugee spatial relation are a very small minority, this is highly unfair to genuine applicants, the majority. (http//www. socialjustice. catholic. org. au). Like the saying, Keeping the whole class in because one child spoke. By Australian law, these refugees are eligible to stay on Australian soil.But, under Government policies (administrated by the Department of Immigration and multicultural Affairs (DIMA)), asylum seekers are prevented claim of asylum, they not permitted to work, are denied access to medicare and fore or so are oblige into detention. These asylum seekers should not be placed in detention, it is unethical. We are the only developed country to clothe into practice indiscriminate detention of asylum seekers. We have indeterminately jailed them all the elderly, the children, the sick and the preganant (A speech by The Hon Justice Marcus R.Einfeld http//www. westnet. com. au/jackhsmit/detention. htm). Unauthorised asylum seekers are detained in one of six on-shore or one of three off-shore detention facilities. Detention generates the most attention of any asylum issue. These detention facilities are in inhumane conditions, where there are riots, frequent beatings, psychotic breakdowns and suicide attempts. Is this really the sort of place to be living in? Detention facilities very much resemble jail-like cells behind razor wires.An investigation from the federal official Parliament Human Rights Committee found conditions in some of the centres appalling, reporting that conditions were often below Australian jail standards. Asylum seekers have been subjected to unneccessary use of force and have had their rooms trashed by guards for no probable reason. The detention facilities in Woomera and Port Headland have attracted the most attention. Both these detention centre s are in inhospitable remote locations with overcrowded conditions. Both have also generated violent riots and breakouts.Human rights have been violated receivable to the conditions of these detentions restricted access to services and restricted access to judicial review. These asylum seekers have come to Australia to seek refuge in a, what was thought to be a compassionate and humane country, not to be reprobate to imprisonment. There have been proposed alternatives to detention of asylum seekers The Alternative detention model and The Detention Standards Document. Both missing similar outcomes. The treatment of aslyum seekers is inhumane, the Australian government should provide a more flexible detention regime.They should only detain these people for only a limited period enough for a complete wellness and criminal check, a prediction of less than a month. After initial compulsory checks, asylum seekers awaiting for their status to be decided should be allowed to roam free ly in communities, with access to facilities, support and help. They should only be detained if they pose a threat to communities/Australia. There should be closure to detention centres and for them to be replaced with reception centres with residential district support suggested by Pamela Curr Victorian Greens spokesperson on refugee (http//www. esistance. org. au/zine/news4. html).These receptions would be friendlier places, with leisure and educational facilities open spaces. The housing of asylum seekers in well-resourced, open receptions while their claims are to be decided offers the most logical and humane alternative Although, there may be some restrictions on what they are allowed to do and are not allowed to do, this is a much better alternative to the current mandatory detention system.Australia has sullen a blind-eye to the fact that one of the reasons for asylum seekers leaving their country of origin is because of risk of persecution and have come to Australia to s ought protection, their treatment here in Australia is unjust. The Australian government should provide a more felixble system. The asylum seekers have not come to Australia to be imprisoned, yet we are treating them as criminals. What really have they make wrong but to seek a better life for their family?

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Ulysses And Tennysons Narrative Techniques Essay Example for Free

Ulysses And Tennysons Narrative Techniques EssayA Look again at Ulysses and economise ab proscribed Tennysons narrative techniquesIn Ulysses, Tennyson presents the geekistics and attitudes of the eponymous central credit by dint of the dynamic form of the outstanding monologue. Through an adroit bl shutting of literary techniques including those of structure, form and language, he seeks to clarify a lot of the mystique back tooth the mythic backg musical rhythm of Ulysses, and reveal his persona of desire and heroism, alongside his undesirable traits of contemptuousness and hubristic pride.Throughout the rime, its form and structure abide Tennyson to reveal the source of Ulysses as he regardes him to be acquainted. Ulysses takes the form of the dramatic monologue, with Tennyson adapting the persona of his mythical subject and using this form to reveal Ulysses source through his admit words. This choice of form, combined with the structural implement of unrhymed iambic pentameter, or blank verse, in allows the meter to adopt a rhythm that is one of the adpressed imitators of human speech in verse.This makes the words that Tennyson, writes and Ulysses speaks take on a much more than privateised tone and a deeper meaning, fully disclosing his pillow slip and attitude in a way that a more artificial and structured form, for example the Spenserian, simply could non achieve. This effect is added to the by the colossal and contrasted uses of enjambment and caesurae, raise imitating the depth and sincerity of speech rhythms, examples being The long day wanes The slow moon climbs the deep/Moans round with more voices, the listed pauses of wanes and climbs accentuating the sl induceess of the day and moon, and the enjambment through the deep stressing the sure profundity of said deep.Furthermore, the extensive use of enjambment allies with the al-Qaidas of endeavour to an excessive, roughly unattainably foolish level, the line beyond t he utmost(a) frame in of human thought exemplifying this, the poem runs on to the excess of Ulysses mind. Finally, the balance between lines and theme is also important- twenty-six lines go on the zeal of Ulysses fore handout geographic expeditions, and a further twenty-six go on his hopes, fears and attitudes for and towards the future.In contrast, he spends only el yet lines on his government and accountability, and quarter spare alone a single bitter indictment, aged wife for the forever faithful Penelope. This structure echoes the theme of responsibility against detachment- Ulysses excessive description of himself and the fleeting mention of his subjects illustrates his abdication of responsibility and the egocentric nature of his character, although this could be pass judgment from a great classical king. It also exemplifies the excessiveness of Ulysses ambition, an excess that as the monologue progresses, can be seen to expand to encompass the boundaries of the fooli sh, the detrimental and the unattainable.However as in much of his verse, the main techniques that Tennyson uses to portray the ideas and themes of Ulysses character are those of imagery and language. This is especially evident through the contrasting imagery and rhythm of his description of his sight against his adventures. The initial imagery of the poem, of an idle king, and the needy crags of his kingdom of Ithica, sets up a tone of mo nonony, suggesting Ulysses lack of pettishness or feeling for his duties and who unto his duties are performed. This takes an new(prenominal) level with his description of his own people, Unequal laws unto a blare race, /That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me. This description shows his contempt and lack of gentleness for his people, as they are given a primitive, uneducated character as fence to his own illustrious nature that is revealed throughout the poem.Furthermore, the lack of all the alike(p) a personal pronoun, that ins tead of who, for example, furthers the distance between him and his people, the idea of detachment being inverted in conjunction with that of responsibility. The final nature of this point is in its structure- the monosyllabic, strong and harsh beats of hoard, and sleep, and feed portray the tedium that Ulysses sees himself to rule. This contrasts directly with the opening descriptions of Ulysses own character, and his views and memories of his past adventures.He states, I cannot rest from travel I will drink/Life to the lees, with the enjambment through the two lines portraying the excess and the metaphorical pulmonary tuberculosis of the lees that he strives to reach- the words could also suggest a curse however, with the extent such that as he consumes so much of purport, he will inevitably take in the less desirable and the forbid aspects. This consumption imagery is hided with For always roaming with a hungry heart/Much I claim seen and known cities of men/And manners, cli mates, councils, governments, the listed monosyllables now highlighting how far he has gone, preferably than the extent of his contempt in the previous usage- this highlighting the contrasting areas of Ulysses character.Tennyson also employs the technique of antithesis to highlight the extent of Ulysses zeal for travel, and to show that this whitethorn reach the realms of foolishness, introducing the idea of the glamour of the unattainable. He states All condemnations I deliver enjoyed/Greatly, film suffered greatly, two with those/That loved me, and alone, the use of antithesis in the images and the enjambment of the lines combining to highlights Ulysses powerful, almost excessive desire for travel- the excess continues through the drunk delight of battle, as he metaphorically revels in the bitterness of war to the extent that it is almost an addiction of the mind, to the extent that he has become a name. This can be interpreted in many ways- he could be known world over for his great journeys, or left simply as a shadow of a man, with just the superficiality of a name to back up his previous greatness, his involvement with a part of all that I sire met.He then moves on to remonstrate of celestial imagery filled with gravitas- Yet all experience is an arch wherethro/Gleams that untravlld world, whose margin fades/For ever and ever when I move, the enjambment of the lines highlighting the fading of the arch, as if he will never be satisfied, that the unattainable is the most desirable. This continues to the extent of To follow knowledge like a sinking lead-in,/Beyond the utmost bound of human thought, the simile of celestial permanence being set against its own sinking possibly reveal an acceptance of his plausibly misguided nature, and the exaggeration of utmost bound of human thought showing the foolishness in his wants, or simply highlighting the zealous heroism that runs throughout the poem.The tone of the imagery changes upon his honorable me ntion to Telemachus- his son who will inherit his title of King. He describes him as blameless and decent not to fail, ending the reference to his son with He works his work, I exploit. This shallow praise highlights a caring for his son, exactly more interestingly reintroduces his contempt and condescension towards his responsibilities- the final patronising and heavily accented I mine implying a scornful attitude towards the insignificant duties that he considers Kingship to be. These descriptive epithets of Telemachus, blameless, discerning, are spoken with an institutionalise of stolidity bordering on malicious contempt, and become ironic through Ulysses own abdication of job, though this does not have the effect of removing the depraved tone. The shortening of the lines when referring to Telemachus also relate to his attitude through structure- the zeal of the enjambment and fleshed out lines of his memories (and future plans further on in the monologue) is replaced by sho rt, sharp lines, as if they are confined, as opposed to the free flowing, almost liberated verse of his memories.As the tone changes with thoughts of the future, he talks of his trusted mariners, those who have Toild, and wrought, and thought with me, the use of thought over fought being an interesting idea, possibly highlighting Ulysses earlier clever superiority over his savage race. He then moves on to talk of death and its consequences- Death closes all but some(prenominal)thing ere the end,/Some work of noble note, may yet be done, his acceptance of deaths reality juxtaposed against his overwhelming zeal for exploration heightening the sense of purpose to a possible extent of foolishness.This is furthered by lines like It may be that we shall touch the Happy Isles/ One equal temper of heroic police van/Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will, the idea of the acceptance of time and fate being more powerful than himself removing the previous hubristic tone that accompan ied his words. The final line, To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield, exemplifies all that is revealed about Ulysses in the monologue- he will endure to the end, whether or not if it is the right, or even most rational course of action- his desire will conquer all, as much as he accepts that ultimately, death has the same enduring power.In conclusion, Tennyson uses many literary devices to portray the nature and attitudes of the mythological character of Ulysses. Through artfully blending technically adept poetic devices against the purest echo of human speech, he reveals the multi faceted character of Ulysses through his words, allowing the reader to fully understand the motives behind Ulysses manifestly limitless ambition, and the more gloomy power that this ambition can hold to the detriment of the individual- a powerful message to society, as strong as an exploration of one of the most remarkable characters of mythology.B How far do you agree that the character of Ulys ses is far from heroic?Tennysons dramatic monologue, Ulysses has been subjected to many literary explanations since its first drafting in 1833, just weeks later on the death of Tennysons closest friend, Hallam. One of the most debated points is on the nature of Ulysses character in relation to heroism, and whether he is the typically zealous and gallant mythological king, or a misguided and erroneously nave individual, who compulsively seeks the unattainable alongside a malicious contempt for those for who he should hold responsibility. Of course, the concept of heroism is not the only interpretation of the character of Ulysses that has been presented- ideas of responsibility and of social symbolism have also been tack together forward.always since its publishing, literary critics have understood Ulysses to have the underlying theme of heroism with it, and one of the secondary interpretations of this is that the character of Ulysses is in fact far from heroic. Chiasson states th at Ulysses is a type of human being who held a set of ideas which . . . are poisonous of the whole fabric of his society, suggesting that he was not in fact a hero, but someone with no comprehension of responsibility for his people, to the extent of selfish desire over support of his people. This is exemplified by the words of the poem, where he describes his people as a savage race, who hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me, highlighting the arrogance and superiority that he feels for over his people, and his subsequent contempt of lifes duties.This is furthered by the virile condescension of his description of his son, blameless and discerning, culminating in He works his work, I mine, highlighting the lack of heroism in his selfish actions of pursuing his aspirations of travel and excess, rather than the basic humanitarian needs of his people. A secondary idea about his lack of heroism is the air of misguided, unattainable desires that permeates some of the description of his character. His desire to To follow knowledge like a sinking star/Beyond the utmost bound of human thought has a sense of foolishness and excess upon practice session it, as if it is too far, as if the heroism of the character is being overtaken by this cursed drunk delight- by convention a true hero would know when to stop, yet many of the greatest heroes have had their own hubristic, tragic flaws- perhaps this unfitness to recognise the boundaries of the gleaming arch is the one that can be put alongside Ulysses.As a tertiary interpretation of a lack of heroism, the closing parts of the poem can be seen to take on a tone of acceptance, almost a suicidal wish for release juxtaposed against the powerfully stirring rhetoric that undercuts the entire poem. Critics have agreed with this interpretation in the past- McCulloch describing the masterly, inspirational oratory of the closing lines of this poem with a recognition that what it encourages is reckless and suicidal, and Buckle y has the interpretation that Ulysses does not have a complete will to go forward . . . but a determined retreat, a yearning, behind allegedly tired rhythms, to join the great Achilles (or possibly Arthur Hallam) in an Elysian retreat from lifes vexations.The context of the poem, create verbally just after Hallams death certainly complements this interpretation, with the suggestion of Tennyson wishing to regress from the trials of life into a jar in memory of his friend, and the words of the poem We may touch the Happy Isles and Death closes all also reflect this interpretation. Therefore the monologue does present a case for Ulysses character to be described as far from heroic, as if he is a symbol of naivety and endless greed, disinterested and indifferent to those who it is his duty to serve.However, alongside the presentation of Ulysses being far from heroic, the idea that Ulysses is indeed heroic immediately comes into focus. The images of consumption premature in the poem c ould suggest a dangerous addiction to his adventure, but equally could suggest the admirable quality of taking life with both hands and throwing himself into experience, I will drink life to the lees and I have enjoyd/Greatly, and have suffered greatly, the juxtaposed ideas heightening the sense of depth that Ulysses goes to as he fully experiences life, and how his seemingly limitless ambition could, or should be an example to the readers, the savage race. This can be applied to much more of the poem- his views on life itself can be extended to heroism. He states that How dull it is to pause/As if to breathe were life, as if he is advocating the proactive approach to life, that pausing turns life to a mere existence- possibly let loose a secondary attitude of Tennyson to Hallams death, that he in fact moldiness go on to continue is own life, instead of fading into a mere existence.Furthermore, much of the hyperbolic imagery of the monologue, the ideas of utmost boundary and gleam ing arches could exemplify the glamour and beauty of heroism, which for many of the straightlaced people was what Ulysses represented, a revolt against the bourgeoisie imposed laws of monontony, to simply hoard, and sleep, and feed. Finally, the acceptance of deaths implications and meaning in the closing lines of the poem could represent an intelligent heroism, as if Ulysses is a true hero, knowing that he cannot go on forever, not now that strength that in old days/Moved earth and heaven, his acceptance that there is a limit showing compassion for those who accompany him, and the idea of to strive, to seek, and not to yield adding to the never-say-die attitude of a hero.A secondary interpretation of the final line is its supposed irony underneath its resoluteness, made relevant to the similar attitude of friction match in Miltons Paradise Lost, never to submit or yield, going back to the perception of Ulysses as an anti-hero of his own resolve. James D. Kissane addresses this i dea of a heroism in both sides of his character with desire to escape the thudding present . . . but it is after all the counter-melody to the main theme, a negative emotion which an affirmative must transcend. Thus the mood of Ulysses is resolute though rooted in a sense of weakness as well as strength.As well as the ever-present idea of heroism, there are other interpretations of the dramatic monologue, and one of these is that of social responsibility, and its contrast with detachment from the vagaries of this and life, a similar theme to that presented in The gentlewoman of Shalott. Ulysses is seen throughout the poem to want to escape from his own, enforced reality of Kingship, which is seen through his description of his land barren crags, and his people a savage race.This is in contrast with for example, the Lady of Shalott, who while not in true contact with life, has a suppressed desire to be within it- what Ulysses sees as life is the complete antithesis of what his lif e was set out to be, and hence this creates a juxtaposition of his personality and adventure against his feelings for his people. This is highlighted with the contrast of the imagery to a higher place with his glamorous desires and memories, examples including Gleams that untravlld world and Drunk delight of battle with my peers, accentuating Ulysses lack of concern for his people, but at the same time showing that despite his egotism, his desires for experience and life are ones that can be admired, and could even be seen by him to be his example to his people, that they should know him rather than know(ing) not me- it does also however suggest his inability to look back on and be satisfied with his lot- he can only look for more.A final interpretation of the poem is how it fits in with Tennysons own attitudes, and how he could be seen as symbolic to the Victorian people. The poem was of course written shortly after Hallams death, and as a result numerous conclusions can be drawn as to how the poem relates to Tennyson, and how he sees himself through the persona he adopts. The idea of the poem being an exercise in catharsis for Tennyson is certainly relevant, and one of the attitudes that can be portrayed is that of a desire to go forward from Hallams death, as Charles Tennyson put it in his 1849 biography, Tennyson expressed his realization of the need for going forward and braving the battle of life, in spite of the crushing blow of Arthurs A. Henry Hallams death- this is highlighted in Ulysses desire for exploration and experience, I will drink life to the lees.A second idea is that of Tennyson wishing to regress into a stupor of death, as the resigned and almost suicidal air of the closing lines of the monologue indicates, to an extent, an example being It may be that the gulfs will wash us down,/It may be that we will touch the Happy Isles, as if he wishes to join Hallam in the Happy comfort of death. As effectively explained by Thomson, the poem could be recognizably the product of internal debate, suggesting that Tennysons confusion over his own reaction to Hallams death comes out in the two sides to Ulysses attitude to adventure in the poem itself. Finally, the closing line, To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield came to be a symbol for the people of the Victorian age, a symbol of proactivity and change that they could fully relate to, ironically in contrast to the receptors of Ulysses in the monologue itself, his savage race.In conclusion, I agree that the character of Ulysses is far from heroic. His contemptuousness in terms of his people, combined with the overly hubristic and foolish desires upon the greatest of knowledge shows him to be an egocentrically misguided character, despite some of the qualities portrayed by Tennyson seeming, and being admirable. However, on a grander scale I feel that he character of Ulysses is more driven by Tennysons feelings than the individual portrayed in Homers Odyssey and Dantes Inf erno, with the character representing more than anything the deeply personal and highly conflicting emotion of grief.

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Critical Response Essay Example for Free

Critical Response EssayAdvertisement brush off captivate anyone that it wishes. In the essay, Whats Natural about Our Natural Products? by Sarah Federman, Sarah talks about how the reciprocations nature and immanent are being used to sell more products and seem firm . She goes on to discuss how the word immanent has turned into a marketing asset. Federman shows readers that food companies, uses these words to manipulate consumers to buy more of their products. It is a technique thats used for products like kraft Cheese to get sales to go up. It is cognize that Kraft sells Natural Shredded nonfat cheese, Natural Reduced fat swiss, and Natural cheese cubes. Federman writes, Kraft has done nothing special with the cheese itself, native in this case presumably relates to the shredding, reducing and cubing edge (442). Companies way of attracting on new audience. I agree with sarahs argument about using ingrained and nature just to sell products. Advertisers s houldnt use these words because if you read the labels, its still man make ingredients in it. To Federman, inborn means, products or service any or all of the following a healthy alternative, an environmentally friendly product, vegetarians, and or produced without synthetic chemicals (442).Companies can get away with calling their product graphic ingredients. But mixed in these natural, there are unhealthy components like corn syrup, dicalcium, and trisodium phosphate. These oils arent healthy, exclusively because of the media, everything with natural on it is automatically good for you. Federman makes a strong point about about how companies can say its natural but not even how a product is made is natural. she states, I order nothing that explained the meaning of naturally baked , do you think this means they leave the chips out in the sun to crispen up? probably not, so why does this process cost more per ounce when it uses less(prenominal)(prenominal) fat? (443). Comp anies never tell the full ingredients list nor tell you exactly how its made, so to call itnatural is false. The consumers want to be healthy and fit, so the cost wouldnt bother them. It cost more for or sothing that is less manufactured, but most of the time companies just say its natural just to make more money. This proves that hostelry has an effect on people using it, we want it, but these arent good for us, and advertisers fool us into buying it.Federman stated all her thoughts about how companies put the word natural on any labels to attract the audience who thinks buying product that claim to be natural, to show them that you cant always entrust what you see. When reading Federman essay, it can feel like on lecture at time, but as you and some what sarcastic. When Federman states, variations of the words nature and natural are used for product naming to distinguish alternative care for practitioners from their western counterparts blue jeans (441). it seem as if y oure sitting in the lecture. She makes it seem as if she speaking as part of a group of people who against companies putting natural on the products. Federman expresses emotion for her topic throughout the essay without a demanding tone, but slightly funny.Gladly, her tone doesnt affect her writing. Without the tone she gives off, the essay wouldnt stand out, catch the readers attention. The tone makes sure it changes the thoughts of the readers. I use to buy products that said all natural or nature on it and spend all that money. Thinking if I buy those products, I testament be living healthy. But, after reading Sarah Federman essay, I know now that the products I brought were lack of natural ingredients. The tactics that these advertisers are using, and the products that say natural is the same as the original. I agree with all of Sarah Federman claims, and i fully understand her thoughts and logic about natural products .Works CitedEschholz, Paul A., Alfred F. Rosa, and Vir ginia P. Clark. Language Awareness Readings for College Writers. Print.

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Ultralight Trike Essay Example for Free

Ultralight Trike EssayAn ultralight trike, overly known as a flex- wing trike, weight- gaffe control aircraft, microlight trike, deltatrike1 or motorized deltaplane,2 is a type of supply hang glider apply a high performance Rogallo wing coupled to a propeller-powered three-wheeled undercarriage. While many powered aircraft rich person three-wheeled landing gear, the term trike refers specifically to the form of aircraft described here. The principles of this page croup generally be applied to the single place ultralight trike and the two place weight-shift control light-sport aircraft. direct This section does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (May 2008) Flight control in a trike is by weight-shift. 3 This is similar to controlling a hang glider, in which the aviator or pilot is suspended from the wing made from high-strength aluminium and fabric. T he pilot controls the attitude of the wing by holding onto and operating a triangular control bar (or triangular control frame) (TCF) that is rigidly attached to the wing.Pushing, pulling, and souring the TCF causes a corresponding shift in the aircrafts amount of gravity. For instance, pushing the TCFs basebar forward causes the center of gravity to shift back. This, in turn, causes the nose of the aircraft to slope up, causing the angle of attack to increase which causes the aircraft to fly more slowly. In contrast, pushing forward on the control stick of a traditional aircraft would cause that aircraft to dive. Detail of a Mainair Blade ultralight trike (in 2009)Turns argon accomplished by rolling the wing in the direction of the mean turn. This is accomplished by pathetic the control bar to the left in order to enter a right hand turn. This causes the center of gravityrepresented primarily by the weight of the undercarriage and pilotto shift in the direction of the intende d turn. This in itself does not cause the aircraft to turn, but it does cause the aircraft to bank, or tip, to the side. Some adverse yaw is also initially produced, which is soon damped by the natural yaw stability of the wing.A banking maneuver becomes a turn because of the natural yaw stability of the wing. When a roll is applied, the aircraft begins to side slip towards the lower wing. Since the wing is yaw stable, a yaw is set up in the direction of the bank, thus coordinating the turn. A shrimpy anhedral effect may be built into the wing to aid roll response, where the side slip causes increase banking. This is similar to the way in which a hang glider is controlled. In fact, trikes are essentially propeller-powered hang gliders with seats and wheels.Trikes have often employed wings designed for hang gliding the Rogallo-winged trike Paresev 1B of NASAs sixties experiments and Barry Hill Palmers trike (Fleep inspired) modeled the wing that has evolved to contemporary trike w ings. As weight and performance goals have increased purpose-built wings have become more commonplace. They are now long surmount cross country machines as shown by record-breaking flights that echo the exploits of fixed-wing aviators in the 1920s and 1930s, e. g. , the circumnavigation of the world.

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Thoughts on Gestalt Essay Example for Free

Thoughts on Gestalt EssayAfter teaching the chapter on Gestalt therapy, it seems that in that respect is trustedly more to this type of therapy than I had previously thought. Although Gestalt is not widely used, there are some aspects of it that I think could be useful in any therapeutical setting. The first key concept of gestalt that I think is useful is keeping the therapy focused in the here and now. for sure we all have things in our past that affect the way we handle ourselves in the present, but rescue those past hurts into the current setting and dealing with them here and now seems like a good design to me. Of equal importance is the fact of a client having personal awareness of themselves and the environment around them. I think the idea of a client being responsible for their actions and owning their reality could at the very least, be a challenge.The idea of a client reintegrating his or her experience into their whole self in the therapeutic process is the key. I like the idea that the whole is greater than the sun of its parts. Finally, the idea of a person knowing who they are and who they are not as opposed to who they think they should be (Paradoxical Theory of Change) is the gas of change. I think this idea transcends many approaches to therapy because it allows the individual to choose what and who they want to be. As stated in the text, gestalt therapy allows a person to try on new behaviors and seeing what works for them and what does not. In conclusion, in certain settings I can see where Gestalt therapy could benefit a client, but the client would need to be screened very carefully to make certain that their psyche could handle such a unique and hands on approach. The idea of a Gestalt group seems a daunting task, but something I may have the prospect to employ in the future. We shall see what the future holds.

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Mechanisms of Motor Development Essay Example for Free

Mechanisms of Motor Development EssayThe mechanisms involved in motor increment involve some genetic components that determine the physical size of body move at a given age, as well as aspects of muscle and bone forcefulness. The main areas of the consciousness involved in motor skills are the frontal pallium, parietal cortex and basal ganglia. The dorso modernral frontal cortex is responsible for strategic processing. The parietal cortex is important in controlling perceptual-motor integration and the basal ganglia and accessory motor cortex are responsible for motor sequences. Nutrition and exercise besides determine strength and therefore the ease and accuracy with which a body part can be moved. Flexibility is also impacted by nutrition and exercise as well. It has also been shown that the frontal lobe develops posterio-anteriorally (from back to front). This is significant in motor development because the hind portion of the frontal lobe is known to control motor funct ions.This form of development is known as Portional Development and explains why motor functions develop relatively quickly during normal childishness development, while logic, which is controlled by the middle and front portions of the frontal lobe, usually will not develop until late childhood and early adolescence. Opportunities to carry out movements help establish the abilities to flex (move toward the trunk) and extend body parts, twain capacities are necessary for good motor ability.Skilled voluntary movements such as passing objects from choke to hand develop as a result of practice and learning. Mastery Climate is a suggested booming learning environment for children to promote motor skills by their own motivation. This promotes participation and active learning in children, which according to Piagets developmental theory is extremely important in early childhood rule.

The Masque of the Red Death Essay Example for Free

The masquerade costume of the rosy-cheeked demolition EssayExamine the shipway in which Poe creates a successful allegory in The Masque of The fierce Death.The short story, The Masque of The inflamed Death is written by an American called Edgar Allan Poe. He was a gothic writer1850s. This particular story is some Prince Prospero, a prince of a devastated country. Almost everyone in that respect is dying from a disease known as the Red expiry so he tries to hide from it in his castle thinking he is safe. He uses powerful symbolism creating a successful allegory in his short story.The main fictional character in The Masque of The Red Death is a Prince called Prospero. Prince Prospero is shown comparable a selfish person as he was smart and dauntless while the Red Death has devastated his country. However, it does make him seem powerful and well protected as he, has managed to escape from the Red Death, for the moment. He seems to be a very wealthy prince as his castle consists of vii imperial suites and long and true rooms.Deeper into the story, he seems slightly more humane but still hardhearted as he invites altogether a select group to stay in his castle with him. The hardhearted thing about that is he only invited a few quite a little and it was for his entertainment, not for their own safety. He leaves everyone else to die, hopelessly.Eventually the Red Death does get to him and I think that the author did this to pass on a message to us. I think that Poes message is that, no takings how privileged you are or how right-down you are, you cant escape death, just like Prospero. He might similarly be against poverty and wants par and wants the gap between the poor and rich to close in. In his days, the Victorian times, the gap between the rich and poor was very wide.The name Prospero sounds similar to the word Prosperous, which is what he is.The rooms show Prince Prosperos wealth, as he has sevenimperial suites. However they are not o rdinary suites, his suits, unlike anywhere else, form a long and straight vista which shows uniqueness in his palace. Just owning a castle shows great wealth and to be open to serve one hundred people, like Prospero shows great wealth.There are seven consecutive suites, so if you want to go to the seventh suite, you need to go through all of the ones in front and thither is only one door leading from the each suite to the next. After each suite, there is a sharp turn at every twenty or thirty yards. They seem mysterious and withal secretive as you cant fully see into the next room. The fact that you can anything you want there would seem appalling to Victorians. They all followed strict rules and manners.The rooms range in colour from blue to Black. severally room has a different colour scheme but the colours get darker as guests go through. The main thing the rooms symbolise is the journey of life with death, the black room at the end. another(prenominal) piece of evidence, apa rt from the colours of the room, is that the rooms go from East to West. This is the journey of the sun. without the sun, there is no life, and so the black room represents death.The black room is ghastly..and extreme with its blood-tinted panes which makes it seem as there has been death there many times before. In this chamber only the colors in the windows failed to correspond with the decorations.It seems as if he is purposely trying to distinguish this room from the others. The black room is so dark and deep in that there were few people even bold enough to set foot within its precincts at allThere is a gigantic clock of ebony which everyone is terrified off. The ebony clock is determined against the western wall of the black room.Towards the end of the story, we find that the culture room which is the black room, is directly link up to death as, one by one, everyone dies within it. The clock and flames held in tripods also seems to be linked to death as they all stopped af ter the death of the last person.The guests and Prince Prospero couldnt see death coming until the last minute, the same way they couldnt see couldnt see all the rooms from the first room. Death came suddenly and out of the blue which shows that when it comes to death, everyone is equally vulnerable and defenceless.The Masqued Ball is another way Poe Creates an allegory. The wearing of the masks symbolises them hiding from the Red Death disease.As everyone is masqued and dressed up, this would create an unsocial and almost a wild image for the Victorians. Victorians believed in strict rules and people from different backgrounds were hugely stereotyped. If the people are hidden, then they can get away by performing however they want to and do whatever they want. Just this thought would shock them.The guests seemed to be very frequently enjoy the freedom at the ball and not being themselves as the occasion is set forth as a magnificent revel. The entire evening, the Red Death seems forgotten and the guests are being really entertained.The only time they do pause their party is when the black ebony clock bell shapes. This clearly shows their fear towards it. The chime of the clock is said to echo through all the rooms which shows their emptiness which could mean that even the prince himself doesnt go in there because he too is frightened of the last few suites.The mystery guest scares everyone and is described as he ways like he is actually suffering from the disease when his face is said to look like scarlet horror and he is dabbled with blood. Everyone was scared to question the mystery guest, including Prospero as he shuddered and hoarsely ordered to seize him.The mystery guest enters at midnight which is associated with violence and death but it also symbolises the finish of a day and the start of a new day and new life. The mystery character in the ball is revealed to be the Red Death. It moves with a slow and solemn movement which isnt surprising becau se the Red Death will kill everyone anyway so it doesnt need to rush.Diseases like the Red were around in the Victorian times so the number of deaths from the disease wouldnt surprise them. Tuberculosis was around then and it infect over 75% of the US population which is enormous amount of people.The ending clearly showed that no matter how powerful you are, like Prospero, you are weak when you face death as Prospero died. Therefore Poes message could be that everyone should have equal rights and wealth. It also showed that death is something that comes but you cannot fight it or stop it. Just like the black room you cannot see it coming. The guests tried catching the Red Death but the Red Death wasnt tangible so they simply couldnt touch it.The power of death is shown in the last paragraph at the end. At the end of the story, we are told that death comes like a thief in the night, and even those who examine peace and safetyshall not escape.

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Implications of Postmodernism Essay Example for Free

Implications of Postmodernism EssayPostmodernism piece of ass be referred to as an aesthetic, political, literary or social philosophy, which lays a pes with an attempt to explain a state or condition of something which is concerned with changes in the worldly institutions and conditions. Postmodernism everywhere time has emerged as a field of academic study in various disciplines such as sociology, communications, music, literature, architecture, fashion, technology e. t. c. It is much revealed well on looking into modernism.Therefore postmodern can be seen to be a period before the invention of the modern technology e. g. the use of computers, radios, mobile phones, televisions and internet services. thence it follows most of the modernism ideas as it is the one that born up the modernism through acceptance of tractableness and self consciousness, discontinuity and fragmentation, simultaneity, and great emphasizes on destructured and dehumanized subject. Implications of P ostmodernism in Real WorldIn many cases postmodernism does non lament the ideas of fragmentation, incoherence and provisionality and by so it views the world being meaningless and thus it influences this thought to individuals in particular the learners and this finally leads to disrespect of the world e. g. through destruction and misuse in various ways. Postmodernism contains cultural formations which normally accompany major important life stages such as capitalism. These stages allow usage of variety of practices which postmodernism dictates upon the emblem of procedures to be followed.For instance it follows market capitalism, this is associated with technological developments like steam engines, the monopoly capitalism, which is associated with improved technology e. g. use of electric car and internal combustion engines. Finally it incorporates the multinational or consumer capitalism which is associated with electronic and nuclear technologies and in extension to these this stage also majors on marketing, selling and consumption of commodities.Postmodernism does not produce originals only that it does the copy therefore in it there is no that original value, therefore it just creates a virtual humans which is a result of simulation. In addition postmodernism is mostly concerned with questions of organizational knowledge, but this knowledge is usually narrative as contrasted to science of the modernism.Therefore this knowledge is limited, primitive and irrational because it is only stores and Lesley distributed. Therefore postmodernism can be viewed the established dichotomies that separates the production processes from consumption processes, leisure from work , economies from cultures, socially gendered categories and biological categories,symbolic from functions ,domestic from global naive realism e. t. c .In this description thus it shows that the prediction of earlier social orders of various cultural experiences is in these dichotomies whi ch has led to witnessing of the major fundamental societal changes.ReferencesFeatherstone, M. (1991). Consumer culture and postmodernism. Sage Publications, London Newbury Park http//www. colorado. edu/English/courses/ENGL2012Klages/pomo. hypertext mark-up language http//www. wikipedia. org/wiki/Postmodernism Woods, Tim, B. (1999). Postmodernism. Manchester Manchester University Press.

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The Main Causes Of The Holocaust History Essay

The Main Causes Of The Holocaust tale EssayThe final solution is considered as unmatchable of the roughly horrific times faced by the Jewish community in Europe and the world at large. German dictator, Adolf Hitler is footd for having initiated the Holocaust which saw to a greater extent than ten meg people murdered including about six million Jews. The German dictator was know to be a genuinely anti-Semitic character as reflected in his Mein Kampf. Though oft of the blame for the final solution has been put on Hitler, he is not solely to blame as opposite assorted causes washbasin be identified to construct initiated the final solution (Yahya, para 3). This paper sh all told provide an overview of the causes that resulted in one of the worlds worst war crimes to have ever been committed in the human history.The holocaust is regarded as a systematic, bureaucratic state sponsored persecution and murder that was say towards the Jewish community in Europe just in the first place the Second human beings War. It is claimed that close to six million Jews were killed by the Nazi governing together with their accomplices. The holocaust did not just target the Jewish community but also other groups that were seen to be outclassed including the Roma Gypsies, the disabled, and people of Slavic origin. There were also other groups which were persecuted based on their political, ideological and behavioral grounds. Such groups included the Communists, Socialists, Jehovahs Witnesses and the homosexuals (United States Holocaust history Museum, Para 2).A pictorial representation of the jalopyacre during the holocaustBy the early 1930s, the Jewish population in Europe was above the 9th million mark and more or less of them resided in nations which the Nazi would occupy or had influence during the time of WW II. By the time the Second World War came to a close, the Germans together with their associates had killed two in every three Jews as part of the last S olution policy adopted by the Nazi regime (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, para 3). The Jews were kill by being confined in overpopulated camps, being subjected to systematic murder by use of gaseous state chambers, overworking them without food to death and committing them to mass murder before being buried in mass graves. This has been argued to be the largest scale of genocide to have ever been committed in human history. The holocaust is give tongue to to be a history of enduring horrors and sorrows as it reflects the extremes that human beings plenty go without any initiate of human concern nor any act of humanity. According to one survivor of the holocaust, it was painspickings to explain how the holocaust was carried out. He had this to say, There were not six million Jews murdered there was one murder, six million times (Blow, para 3).The Nazi rise to power is seen as the leading cause of the holocaust experience. future(a) the defeat of the Germans in the Fir st World War I, the Versailles Treaty inflicted more pressure on the weakened Germany. The treaty is known to have required Germany to accept the blame of instigating the War and therefore accept responsibleness of paying huge sums of money to the Allies. Germany did not have money and therefore took loans from the United States to pay the fiscal penalties of the war. With the toll of the Great Depression taking a high on the United States economy, the financial institutions in the US which had lend Germany started to demand that Germany repay the loan advancements. This resulted in even more economical wretched for the Germans. According to Yahya (para 4), the Nazis promised to make Germany a great country, they took over the government to fulfill these promises by rebuilding the nation. Since everyone precious to see change in their country for the better, the Nazis were elected and took control of the government with the hope that they would bring the much desired changeThe ho locaust could not have been carried out without the support from the frequent. Propaganda therefore became a very crucial element in the Nazi political orientation. Josef Goebbels was made the Minister for propaganda by Hitler and he flush to become one of the approximately known figures amongst the public. He worked hard to convince the Germans that the Aryan race was the most superior. In addition the use of propaganda was extensive in the whole country especially against the Jews. The Jews continued to collar much hate and suffering in the hands of the NazisThe economic troubles of Germany were blamed on the Jews. They were accused of taking all the money for themselves. The Nazi party generated extensive propaganda to this end. As anti-Semitism grew within the population, the things done to the Jews by Hitler and his army began to be widely seen as acceptable. Herding Jews into slums, burning and taking their businesses and finally sending them to camps all became frequent (Rakoczy, para 4).The Jews found themselves on the receiving end as the propagandist minister worked hard to spread hatred towards them from the public. According to Goebbels and Hitler, propaganda was an important aspect since they reasoned that when lies are repeatedly heard, eventually they gain acceptance among the public. To see that the public was able to listen to the propaganda, radio sets were sold to the public cheaply and the government had control of all the radio stations while forbidding treason charges against the government in the media (Lieberman, para 4).Once the propagandas became usual anti-Semitic sentiments gained momentum. Hitler supported the racial anti-Semitism as inappropriate to the religious anti-Semitism which was the hatred that was directed towards the Jews who refused to be converted to Christianity. Racial anti-Semitism on the other hand was the hatred directed towards anybody who could be traced back to a Jewish linage even if the person in ques tion was practicing Christianity. Hitler is known to have facilitated the creation of the Jewish ghettos, burning of the businesses belonging to the Jews and distributed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a book that claimed that the Jews were out to take over the world. It can be argued that Hitlers belief in anti-Semitism was one of the key aspects of his motivations (Lieberman, para 5).The other concept that contributed to the exploitation of the holocaust can be said to be the lack of intervention from the other nations in fish fillet what was happening in German. During the Evian conference that took place prior to the war, the US and Great Britain together with some other countries gathered to discuss the events in Germany and during this time, the Jews were allowed to voluntarily leave Germany in case they wished. The nations at the conference discussed the select to raise the Jewish quota that could be admitted in their territories. Surprisingly, by the end of the confe rence, only the Dominican Republic had unfastened their boundaries for the Jews fleeing away from the Germans.The obsession that Hitler had, of completely destroying the Jews has also been associated with the fact that He had suffered from syphilis while in Austria as a young boy which was not treated and it may have resurfaced in his later years. The revival of syphilis can lead to many eventualities as it may affect the nervous system and the brain. full of life examination of Hitler indicates that he might have contracted syphilis in 1908 while in capital of Austria which only reappeared in 1935 when it was at the tertiary stage. The effect of the disease on the brain includes aspects of paranoia, megalomania, loss of superstar of reality, loss of moral senses and fits of anger (Rakoczy, para 6). These are the characters which were observed in Hitler during later life.ConclusionIt can be argued that there were various factors attributed to have caused the holocaust. Such fact ors range from the social, economic, political and individual factors. In a nutshell, they include the anti-Semitism sentiments, demonization of the Jews, the Versailles Treaty with its economic woes on Germany, the Nazi regime and the subsequent the public support without leaving out the mental health of the Nazi drawing card that is said to have been aggravate by the untreated syphilis (Kimel, para 1). The holocaust has gone down the history books as the most atrocious event to have ever happened among the human race. The holocaust was encouraged by the Nazi regime and the world failed to act fast to stop it. Nevertheless, the causes of the holocaust are many and varied as opposed to being though to have been Hitler alone. Though Hitler was to squarely be blamed for he was the German leader at the time of the holocaust, the causes of the holocaust were gradual and cumulative for over an expansive period of time.Work CitedBlow, Louis. The Holocaust Crimes, Heroes, and Villains. 20 10. Retrieved on twentieth October 2010 from Holocaust.Web.28 Dec 2010 from http//www.auschwitz.dk/anker /holocaust/.Kimel, Alexander. Direct Causes Of The Holocaust. 2010. Retrieved on 20th October 2010 from http//kimel.net/direct.html.Lieberman, Daniel. Causes of the Holocaust. 2009. Retrieved on 20th October 2010 fromhttp//www.associatedcontent.com/article/1353270/causes_of_the_holocaust.html.Rakoczy, Christy. Why Did the Holocaust Happen? 2010. Retrieved on 20th October 2010 fromhttp//answers.yourdictionary.com/history/why-did-the-holocaust-happen.html.United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Holocaust. 2010. Retrieved on 20th October 2010 from http//www.ushmm.org/wlc/article.php?ModuleId=10005143lang=en.Yahya, Hasan, The Causes of the Old Holocaust Are Building Up For a New One. 2010. Retrieved on 20th October 2010 fromhttp//www.articlesbase.com/strategic-planning-articles/the-causes-of-the-old-holocaust-are-building-up-for-a-new-one-1918168.html