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An Image of Africa Essay -- Literary Analysis, Joseph Conrad

An Image of Africa rawness of Darkness by Joseph Conrad has been depicted as among the half-dozen greatest short novels in the English language. pg.1 Chinua Achebe believes otherwise. In Chinua Achebes An Image of Africa Racism is Conrads snapper of Darkness he simply states that, Joseph Conrad was a thoroughgoing antiblack pg.5Achebe argues that the racist observed in the Heart of Darkness is expressed due to the Hesperian psychology or as Achebe states desire, this being to show Africa as an antithesis to Europe. He first states Conrad as one of the great stylists of modern fiction. pg.1 He praises Conrads talents in writing hardly believes Conrads obvious racism has non been addressed. He later describes in to a greater extent detail that Conrads methods issue forth to no more than a steady, ponderous, fake-ritualistic repetition of two antithetical sentences. vacate me to elaborate by stating some of Achebes arguments and my critiques. Achebe first points on Conrads adjecti val insistence upon inexpressible and incomprehensible mystery. He states that many of Conrads critics simply see this as a stylistic flaw. Achebe believes that Conrads shoot the role of purveyor of comforting myths, this being, according to Achebe, to guarantee him not to be in conflict with the psychological predisposition of the reader. pg.2He first moves to analyzing Conrads preeminence of the two rivers in the novel, only later moved to a more important topic, the racism towards blacks in the novel. He argues that their lack of speech is viewed as dehumanized. Achebe believes that Conrad views dialect as being a downgrade. This relation to Conrads withholding of language from his rudimentary souls. pg.7 His first claim is of the dis... ...ation of Central Africa. pg.6 Achebe states that Conrads range of a function of Africa is not of his own, but of the Western imagination and that Conrad is simply showing the norm. Achebes main point is as much of Joseph Conrads racism but more of Western societys need for change. We need to impression beyond the stereotypical image that which the West holds to its We must look in todays society, todays media and books read in schools. We must realize that offering bribes to the West in return for its good thought of Africa pg.9 is preposterous. He sees now as the time for change. He doesnt but blame of Conrad but on western society. The victims of racist slander who for centuries harbour had to live with the inhumanity it makes them heir to have always known purify than any casual visitor even when he comes loaded with the gifts of a

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Inner and Outer Beauty :: Sociology, Power, Attractiveness

Beautiful is a praising and admiring description which roughly multitude would love to hear about themselves. Although some people view inner salmon pink is much classical than outer beauty, the truth is that around people love outer beauty. As stated by Emerson, if eye were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being (Ralph Waldo Emerson, par. 28). peck not only want to be beautiful, but they also angle to seek physical cuteness. In fact, this is a culture consumed by beauty and attractiveness (Bennett, par.3). From mass fairy-tale stories and Hollywood movies, most people experience learnt the stomp of being beautiful is good and being ugly is bad. The stories and movies always cross-file attractive actors and actresses defeating wicked, ugly villains. This strong stereotype, which powerfully influences each persons concept of beauty, causes people to believe a beautiful person is more than successful and superior. Dr. Herron states that the Beauty = Pow er formula is deeply entrenched in our psyches (Herron 109). To be sure, beauty is a capital power which can regularize and improve ones life (Bennett, par. 1) since it can influence the clubs they join, the friendships they make, the people they marry, the jobs people get, and the salaries they earn (Berry 3). Attractive people be able to have many advantages and positive outcomes, such as having more popularity, greater confidence, more dating opportunities, more promotional chances, and higher salaries (Patel, Utpal, and Rebecca, par.4). Being attractive is important nowadays because it affects peoples interpersonal relationships and workplace experiences.First of all, attractive people are more likely to have better relationships in societies. The author of the article Womens Beauty Put Down or Power Source? mentions that beauty is a form of power (Sontag 94), which is true, specially in building relationships. To have good social and interpersonal interactions, the indwelli ng factor is physical attractiveness (Patel, Utpal, and Rebecca, par.1). Of course, inner beauty is necessary, but most people would not want to understand and know others deeply who are unattractive or give an unpleasant first impression. For example, I am one of those people who choose their friends by their good looks, and I would imagine even though some of my friends are plain, none of them would be reason as homely. In fact, attractive people can have more benefits and positive outcomes than plain or unattractive people in interpersonal relationships.

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Racism and its Inevitability as Portrayed in Crash Essay

capital of Minnesota Haggis disperse was 1 of the biggest movie hits of 2004. Wining three Oscars at the 2005 Academy Awards, this fool is undeniably written in film history as one of the bigest of this generation. Often described as a movie to the highest degree how lives of disparate tidy sum intertwine through a twist of fate, crack is largely about racial tensions perhaps non only in its location of Los Angeles, California but in the whole of America. The movie features a whole slew of constitutions who has different racial backgrounds and who act in harmony to the pressures they in relation to their cultural backgrounds.Although around of the characters ar interesting, I strand Detective whole meal flour wet (Don Cheadle) and Officer John Ryan (Matt Dillon) as the well-nigh noteworthy ones. Not only tolerate the actors portraying them delivered powerful performances, they have alike shown enough background and at ages justification as to wherefore they ac t they way they do. As such, the following paragraphs will analyze both(prenominal) characters. Los Angeles, California, the place by which the Crash characters move in, plays a great part in graham amniotic fluid and John Ryans judgwork forcet, beliefs, and actions. plenteous with mint from different bunks, Los Angeles allows for interaction among people of varying cultures. It sets up direction for Graham Waters and John Ryan to practice their racial tendencies. Basically a melting pot if differing cultures, Los Angels is the immaculate environment by which any character can feel racial superiority or inferiority. Graham Waters and John Ryans smaller environment that of the one set up in a law of nature station is also highly-effective in influencing the characters own(prenominal) biases.In both characters cases, it gave them a reason to feel superior, hence providing the perfect justification for ones preference of leaning (or not leaning) towards people of their own race. Graham Waters is shown as being preoccupied with a case against a livid fling off who shot a sable cop. Even with the white cop killing three wispy men already, Graham Waters still finds it in himself to deliberate on whether the killings be justified or not. The work place that this particular character was apt(p) is the best setting to allow him the luxury of suspending judgment and possibly eliminating preferences all over his fellow bootleg people.John Ryan, on the other hand, was put in a position where he thinks it is okay for him to physically abuse a half-African woman and actually turn away with it. His being a police officer magnified the way he performed his racist acts nonchalantly. A close at hand(predicate) look at the lives of both characters under scrutiny reveals how much their ad hominem history has affected the way they make judgments. Although of African-American descent, Graham Waters found it in himself to actually try and be forgiving to peopl e of Caucasian heritage.This is because his family is poor and he experienced first hand having a drug-addict for a mother and he witnessed how his younger brother grew up to be a criminal. Growing up in a tumultuous black environment may have afflicted Graham Waters to not revere people of his own race. It has, in part, allowed him to think of blacks and whites as somehow equal. Yet Graham Waters is not devoid of racist tendencies. He has a partner, the Latin-American Ria (Jennifer Esposito). Despite working in male-dominated world and salty in a sexual relationship with Graham Waters, Ria is still discriminated by the very man she sleeps with.Graham Waters never pins her country of arising right. And Graham doesnt seem to mind. A perfect exhibit of how Graham can be at quantify racist Professor redbreast Lackoff of the University of California claims that not caring how someones background is a display of racial contrast (Williams, 2004). The latter part of the film also r eveals why John Ryan has been very negative towards people of other races. It is rooted to his comes line of products demise. Shown as deeply concerned regarding his fathers health, one is wont to assume that John Ryan is indeed fond of his father.His actions so become a bit clearable when it is revealed that his fathers business collapsed after local policies favored businesses owned by the minority. As this had come up effect on his familys heart, John Ryan naturally harbors anger (perhaps also hate) towards those who caused him and his family discomfort. Yet both characters are thrown into events that eventually lead them to wad abandon their own individual(prenominal) beliefs and act differently from how they normally would.Graham Waters, who was supposed to champion impartiality between blacks and whites, chose to act against the white cop by concealing an evidence that might have helped the cop in question. This was done through Jake Flanagan (William Fichtner) using Grahams brother as a bait. By reminding Graham of the possibility of Peters chequer if Graham does not withhold the evidence, Flanagan is successful in pushing the black cop in acting against her own personal belief that the white cop should be given a fair trial.One of the most dramatic moments of this Haggis film is when John Ryan once again crashed into Christine, by that time he acted a hero and not anymore a villain. perceive how Christines career was in danger, John Ryan put his life on the line and saved Christine from a blazing car accident. In a moment of crisis, John Ryan abandoned his prejudice and actually risked his own life to become a hero for someone he used to malign. I believe that both Graham Waters and John Ryan were racists or at least had racist tendencies.John Ryan, most especially, had shown racial discrimination with his incessant negative commentaries and actions towards people who are not of Caucasian descent. Graham Waters, on the other hand, may sho w his racial tendencies in more tough ways yet it is still undeniably there. He has shown numerous times that he will choose to help someone of the same race over someone who is not black. Personally, I have not experienced any major racial discrimination but I postulate to feeling that there is a racial tension hovering around federation. I see it everyday and even practice it myself.Racism is seen in ways people choose their friends, in the cliques that are formed in school, and in the comments we make everyday. The media is one of the easy reference points of how racism prevails nowadays. There are times when headlines would shout a persons race when talking about particular crimes. The news may say, A black true cat murders a woman or Asian men rob a bank but never (or very, very rarely) will it brandish, White khat kills family or Caucasian steals money. This may not be personal attacks on me but I take them as large manifestations that racism still does exist.Racism, th ough, has changed a lot through the years. Thankfully, because of the way the world hold ups acquiring smaller thanks to the Internet and its ability to bring people from both ends of the world closer racism has been greatly reduced, or so I would like to believe. I say that this is the case because people are acquiring to know those from other races better, thus eliminating some preconceived notions about a whole race. Of course, there is also this adverse effect because people get to interact with more people, racism is spread to more races.In America, for example, racism before was centered only on the blacks versus whites. Today, though, we see racial discrimination applied against the Chinese, the Filipinos, the Hispanics, and a lot more. Paul Haggis aim in creating Crash was to demonstrate the fact that racism is still very much overriding in these modern times. He wanted to paint a society that is still very much hinged on their racial biases. Haggis wanted to yoke that perhaps this may not be totally eliminated because everybody comes from different cultures and different backgrounds that dictate what and how they think about themselves and others.Sadly, racism is an inevitable fact of life but it is a fact that we can all strive to keep at a minimum by taking time to understand each others histories.REFERENCESHaggis, Paul. (Director). (2004). Crash Motion picture. United States Bulls Eye Entertainment. Williams, Brandt. (2004, August 08). The n-word. In Minnesota Public Radio. Retrieved August 19, 2007, from http//news. minnesota. publicradio. org/features/2004/06/28_williamsb_nword/.

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Case Study Lonely

1. limit a report in which you analyze the marketing channel fights and scum bagnibalization issues that L 1ly artificial satellite faces as it is catamenialy operating. Suggest solutions that power reduce receipts hand out(a)es or operational frictions that result from these issues. production line Conflict when sales through the companys web station interfere with sales in that companys retail stores. The reservoirity for signifi stopt channel conflict exists in only(a) artificial satellite with the identical product (books or content) being sold via multiple channel.Lonely artificial satellite has worked hard to minimize channel conflict by selling books on their website only at the recommended retail price, therefore it does not undercutting their retail resellers. Moreover, close retailers hold only a small selection of the five one C Lonely Planet titles, and for the many titles they do not hold, channel conflict is minimal. The CitySync product is also carefu lly positioned to reduce channel conflict, since it targets a special(prenominal) segment (time-poor, cash-rich turn oners) with a new offering that is somewhat different from the animated Lonely Planet city selectbooks.However, over time there may be some conflict between CitySync and products such as customized guidebooks. Cannibalization The loss of traditional sales of a product to its electronic counterpart. The well-known start guides company, Lonely Planet gives a lot of guides for dispatch on its website. A few years ago, many major set off-guide publishers were concerned that Lonely Planet website impart hurt their sales. If travelers suck up to travel on board, they could just go on the website in order to read all the in changeion they requisite without buying the Lonely Planet travel guide paper version. barely far from burnnibalizing sales instead, the net has helped publishers build their brands and expand into new territory. Moreover, bragging(a) informat ion on its own website is a way to do free advertising. Without this display of guides on the website, customer would not have bought the travel guide paper version. Lonely Planet and other leading publishers have preserve growth rates of 15% to 25% per year over the olden four years, as much as their guidebook content has migrated online.2. Prepare a list of a new products that Lonely Planet susceptibility introduce to take advantage of Internet technologies (including wireless technologies for expeditious devices) and destination customers concerns about the timeliness and currency of information in the printed travel guides. Briefly describe any conundrums that Lonely Planet will face as it introduces these new products. In 2008, Lonely Planet launched fill & Mix which enables travelers to go to a section of the Lonely Planet Website ( http//, select the country or region to which they are travelling and transfer the chapter for the place they are visiting. Rather than guide loose pages, chapters (served as PDF files) can be downloaded into a hand-held device or e-book reader. Interactive e-book travel guidesEmerging the best of both medium digital and print into one interactive ebook guide. Lonely Planet introduced e-books on ipad, so the layout and design is to hang on through a guidebook and includes signature stunning images, expert author content and tips from local. Unlike traditional print guide book, the digital format allows to include over 3,000 hyperlinks so readers can get to a detail chapter or map with just a tap of a finger. Thus, travelers can get information on a particular region, point of affaire or hotel/ restaurant without flipping through the pages. More, travelers can search terms in Google or Wikipedia for additional content.Travelers can also bookmark the places they dont want to escape and make notes on the page, just like a print guidebook. Usually traditional publishing cycle for the print guides is either 2 years, but with e-books, it will be updated in a palpable time. However, unlike apps, ebook updates are not pushed out to end user, and readers will have the opportunity to repurchase the new edition. In addition, due to handhelds limited memory and bandwidth, the new applications focus on cities, not countries.They seemingly can not replace a guidebook for a month-long odyssey in Thailand or an exploration of Italys Amalfi Coast. But for the traveler who wants to figure out how to spend a free afternoon or where to go for dinner, these mobile guides plus a good map are ideal substitutes for printed guides. Lonely Planet therefore should continue to invest in product growing to work with the likes of Apple, Google, Amazone, Nokia, etc.3. Many loyal Lonely Planet customers carry their travel guides (which can be several hundred pages thick) with them as they travel around the world. In many cases, these customers do not use spacious portions of the travel gui des. Also, Internet access can be a problem for many of these customers while they are travelling. Describe a product (or products) that might address this customer concern and also yield additional revenue for Lonely Planet. Your answer here could build on ideas that you developed in your solution to part2. By using interactive ebook travel guides, travelers doing longer trips do not need to carry three or four guidebooks during travelling. Travelers can buy the content directly and save it in their hand-held or ebook before they are going to travel on board if the current destination does not provide good internet connection. It is also an peace to carry around. Moreover, travelers can bookmark the places they dont want to miss and make notes on the page, just like a print guidebook.

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Implications of the Bertrand Model

In 1893 French economist Joseph Bertrand developed his Bertrand type of competition from his review of Antoine Cour nons study of a Spring Water duopoly. His reproach lay with how firms in oligopolies compete. In his present firms compete with indicates sort of than Cornots quantities. ( citation TO Spanish JOURNAL) The stupefy consists of dickens firms who quite a little costs simultaneously and independently (HUGH GRAVIELLE AND AY REES, MICROECONOMICES), jean tiral explains this as when integrity firm sets its price it is ignorant to its rivals price, rather it anticipates what they al first-class honours degree for charge.It is mistaken products argon self-coloured and perfect substitutes (ECCSTRAT) and due to the constitution of the product the firm supplying output at the lowest price testament gain the total foodstuff drive. (GB ) This firm lead stir to supply solely the upcoming necessitate at the price they adjudge set gb1 from this an important pr esumptuousness of the feign is that at that place ar no mental object constraints, that both(prenominal) firms have the equivalent marginal appeal, which remains constant, and that cast off is liner.GB2 As stated, the entire grocery store need for homogeneous products will go to the firm offering the lowest price, although if both firms were to sell at the homogeneous price a sharing rule must be packd GB2. Using an congresswoman from the ((((((( lets suppose the market demand for a homogeneous product is given by, Q = 120-p (where Q is quantity demanded and p is price charged). The marginal cost (MC) for both makers is, C=$30, and both producers sell output at p=c=$30. The demand for each producer is Q=0. 5*120-p=45.Lets say producer A change magnitude their price to c=$31, the entire market demand would transfer to producer B who would right away have a demand function of Qb=120-c=90, epoch producer A would have zero demand. in time if producer A had reduced the ir price to c=$29, they would capture the entire market demand through charging the lowest cost, merely they would make a $1 loss in each product sold. From this, the Nash balance for the Bertrand model lies where P=MC, with demand so heavily influenced by price producers do not want to be undercut by rivals.With P=MC no rival will undercut as zero net are preferable to negative returnss, and some(prenominal)(prenominal) firm trying to charge above the MC and make corroboratory profits will draw no sales. The suggestion is the addition of one firm restores perfect market competition (Jean Tirole, 1998), moving the market form monopoly power and profits (maximum inefficiency) to perfectly competitive (maximum efficiency). It had been deemed a paradox as it is difficult to believe that two firms in a duopolistic market piece of tail make zero profits.We are able to resolve Bertrands paradox through relaxing and of the tether integral assumptions of the model (intro to indus trial org l. M. B Cabrail). In order to die its practical relevance and its subtractions, this essay will now give examples of where the paradox can be deconstructed. The first example of a solution comes from a combination of two assumptions, the first is the absence of capacity constraints, and the second firms make decisions independently.In the model whichever firm firm is charging the lowest price will receive the entire market demand, and is expected to supply all forthcoming demand at the price it has set (old xavior). There are fewer situations in the real world where one firm could satisfy the demand of the whole market. Using the previous example, producer B gained the entire market demand (Q=120-$30=90). Lets assume producer B has a capacity constraint below 90 units.There is now a proportion of the market that can only be snug by producer A, who can use monopoly power and make compulsive profits as the only producer. (managerial Economics a strategic approach). This example shows how with the inclusion of a common real world problem, Bertrands proposed equilibrium of price equal to marginal cost is deconstructed. A second implication of capacity constraints is their effect on collision between firms. Collusion reduces market competiveness, firms tactically agree to set prices above particular levels and to not to hire in price wars,(REF).A positive relationship between extravagance capacity and collusion was identified by David and Deneckere, who found excess capacity is a prerequisite for stable collusion while it provides a stronger dicker position within cartels (QUOTE TO JOURNALS THAT ARE ON JUIBILEE AND WOLF). These effects have been regard in oil cartel OPEC, which has existed since the second world war and where the largest producer, Saudi Arabia can flood the market if small producers cheat on their quotas. (paul Pijush). through with(predicate) years of controlling supply and therefore price the carte will receive one trillion dol lars in revenues this year, (Wall street post). The prisoners dilemma is a particular game between two captured prisoners that illustrates why cooperation is difficult to state even when mutually beneficial (REF). It helps to demonstrate the logic behind Bertrands Paradox. Both firms would benefit from charging a price higher than marginal cost, in time at this level both firms have an incentive to undercut one another. (managerial economics).If the rules of the game can be changed each agent would receive a higher revenue payoff. (Global Business Mike W peng). Two companies who see this were General galvanic (GE) and Westinghouse. In the early 1960s these two companies controlled over 98% of the US market for large turbine generators. Prior to buy, electric utilities would manage with GE and Westinghouse who, as in Bertrand competition, competed on price. Government owned utilities accounted for twenty five percent of the market share and by law had to purchase from the ch eapest provider and publish the price.The two firms generated low profit, as Bertrand competition predicts, until GE changed the rules of the game by introducing a price book. The process effectively set a higher market price and guaranteed higher profits, the price create behaviour continued successfully until 1975 when the US Department of Justice investigated the industry. outlay books were ruled to breach anti-competition laws and the firms were fined. The book, Technology and Transformation in the American Electric Utility Industry by Richard F.Hirsh goes into this example in much greater depth. This is an important example as it demonstrates that Bertrand competition can exist in the real world. However the assumption of zero profits, or in the example, low profits encourages companies to collude to set higher prices and make positive profits. The Bertrand model also assumes that with the entrant of a second firm into the market, and the subsequent Nash equilibrium, price eq ual to marginal cost, removes the need for policy makers to interfere.However form the previous example this is obviously false as policy makers did have to intervene and sanctions were made. To stress this point, another example Pakistans Federal Cabinet go powers of oil price fixation to the Oil Companies Advisory Committee in 2001, through flawed polices profits of the duopolists Pakistan State Oil and Shell Pakistan increased by 232% between 2001 to 2005. which lead to further state involvement to put on price restrictions and encourage competition. (competition reporter. 25,05,2009).In the Bertrand model we assumed that both firms had the same costs of production which remain constant. It is an extreme assumption that two firms would perplex exactly the same costs when producing their products, let us now assume that one firm had a cost advantage, i. e. firm A can produce marginally less expensively that firm B (cA<cB). rigid B, as its only option, prices at their margin al cost because price any higher would give all of the market demand to firm A, while pricing below their marginal cost would produce negative profits. pissed A however could price at a level hardly below firm Bs price, for example PB- ? (? being a small number). The result would see firm A satisfying all market demand, assuming no capacity constraints, while making a positive profit on output, (managerial economics). This example expects that some firm(s) should make positive profits within equilibrium, which contradicts Bertrands theory. Another assumption which needs to be addressed is the absence of sunk costs in Bertrands model. drop costs may be defined as costs that cannot be avoided by going out of business, i. . they are the costs incurred to enter a market place (real estate market analysis- method and applications, john m clap). Without sunk costs any firm can enter any market without financial risk however this situation is very seldom seen in real word scenarios. Ther e would be no incentive for a firm to enter into a market which displays Bertrand competition if the market had significant sunk costs. For a Bertrand market to be productively efficient, pricing must always be at marginal cost.This requires the simultaneous approach of two or more firms, who on simultaneous entry will remove any possibility of gains from the market. The market price will be zero and the sunk costs will never be regained, there would be no benefit to joining only a cost. REFERENCE JOURNAL It is more likely that either one firm enters that market, charging a non-competitive monopoly price and positive profits, or no firms enter and the product is not produced or sold. Both scenarios lead to a reduction in consumer lavishness while questioning the practical relevance of Bertrands assumption.The assumption that both firms produce a homogeneous product, which leads consumers to purchase from the cheapest producer on both occasion (as decisions are based solely on pri ce). (Managerial economics, 2nd ed). Has been seen in real world business, notably from the previous example of GE and Westinghouse, allthough this assumption does not always apply. The location of producers and the transport cost associated with purchase are features that differentiate products in the eyes of consumers. Yet they are excluded from the Bertrand model precisely included in the Hotelling model (introduction to industrial organisation.Location is an example of horizontal product distribution, occurring when the market offers a range of similarly priced products which ease consumers draw for their preference (K. Geroge et al. 2005). Suppose there are two hot dock traffickers either ends of a beach, trafficker A and vendor B. Each vendor sells an undifferentiated product at the same price, however if a node is close together(predicate) to vendor A they would rather purchase from vendor A than vendor B, as they would not have to walk as far. at one time let us sup pose that vendor B charges pB=cB and vendor A charges pA=c+? (?= a small number).Under the Bertrand model of competition vendor B would receive the demand for the entire market, however the Hotelling model argues that vendor A will retain customers located closer to A. This is because the price differential more than offsets the transportation costs associated with the purchase from vendor A, in this example the time customers spend walking. (theory of industrial ornistaion) this demonstrates that zero profit is no longer the equilibrium price, as a firm merchandising at a price above marginal cost retains demand.

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Jack Kevorkian

I think that one of the biggest miscarriages of Justice that I witnessed in my sustenancetime was that of Dr. Jack Kevorkian receiving a 10 to 25 course excoriate for wanting to help leftover the suffering of a baffled human-being. Dubbed Dr. Death by the media frenzy that fol gloomyed the action mechanisms of the controversial physician, he received this sentence for helping to end the life of 52 year old doubting Thomas Youk. who was fighting a hopeless battle with Lou Gehrigs disease. Dr.Kevorkian set up his suicide form In order for the person to knowllngly and voluntarily disperse the chemical substance concoction that would end the suffering of the victim his family. Although Dr. Kevorkian aided In the final stage of 35 people, It was the Thomas Youk possibility that brought field attention and thus the anger of the criminal Justice system of the claim of statute mile. Similar to phsyclan-sulclde Is the Issue of both(prenominal) voluntary and Involuntary active euthanasia. Both of these Involve carrying out the finale of some other human being, who either knowingly or unknowllngly packs that decision.What makes the case of Dr. Kevorkian contrastive is that he met with all of his affected roles and recorded the incident that they were coherent and able to make their own decision about the ending their life. I am supposition that when the Thomas Youk story aired on 60 Minutes in 1 998, it brought national scutiny and a mockery of the laws in the eyes of the Michigan criminal justice system. I wanted to better understand this concept the particulars about this case and what the overwhelming public opinion on the outlet was nationally and within the state of Michigan.Thomas Young had been suffering for long time with Lou Gehrigs diesease, a slow killing disease that eventually gestates al lordliness away(predicate) from the individual. In recent months he had been losing major parts of his lung functions and been choking on his own salive. This man, together with his family, made a conscious decision to end the suffering that came with this terrible disease. Many members of his family spoke in support of Dr. Kevorkian at the trial and during the sentencing producure. Youks brother Terry verbalize Kevorkian was the only person with the fortitude and fortitude to defy those indequate and unjust laws. harmonize to the article nearly 2 to 1 Michigan residents supported the law banning this type of action by a physican an this Is pretty close to the national level regarding this topic. According to our text A survey of 988 terminally ill patients found that 60. % said they they supported euthanasian or physician-assisted suicide In general, but only 10. 6% reported seriously considering it for themselves (Rathus, p. 397) I think this goes to show that despite the fact that umteen people support It, they are reluctant to pursue It for some types of reasons.I Imagine that one of the most popular reasons Is link ed to relglous faith and how that would be viewed In the eyes of God. I guess everyone has their own(prenominal) opinion on the matter and Ilkewlse should take over their personal choice on how to die with dignity without putting a further emotional and financial burden upon their family. I never understood that as a society we can be considered humane by putting an animal to death if it is dealing with a terminal disease, but when this same type of thought comes to people, the attitude drastically changes.Dr. Kevorkian served 8 years of this sentence for what I view as a total injustice Schiavo case, where she was left on life support for many years, causing a legal battle between her family and her husband have brought many end of life issue to the forefront. I am an advocated for personal choice on many matters and I certainly would have to withstand with Dr. Kevorkian, Thomas Youk, and the many other people he elped to die with dignity. I think that the major mistake that Dr. Kevorkain made was his willingness to bring this topic to national media. Although this brought attention to the topic at hand, it also aggravated the authorities of the state where her performed the physician-assisted suicide. Another aspect of the Youk case that makes it unique is that Dr. Kevorkain actually started the suicide machine because Youk could not physically do it because of his illness. This minor detail made the case more Justifiable in a legal manner since he actually initiated the chemicals to flow in to Youks body.Jack KevorkianJack Sovereign assisted patients with suicide using a euthanasia thingmabob he invented named the damnation, named after the word Atonally meaning The study of death. Another device DRP. Sovereign used was the Immersion (mercy machine), invented by Thomas Yuk, a patient of DRP. Asseverations.The way the Damnation machine works is three canisters are mount to the device in which one is full of a saline solution, another is full of a barbitu rate called sodium developmental, and the last canister is full of a combination of potassium chloride, which stops the earth and pandemonium bromide, a pass relaxed that prevents spasms during the dying process. An assistant will begin the saline solution flow, and and then the patient will deliver the barbiturates by way of a switch, button, or pulling a string.And last, some kind of trigger or timekeeper will deliver the lethal dose of the last canister. Death is painless and occurs within 2 minutes. The Immersion is a basic device containing a canister of carbon monoxide attached too face mask with a tube. A valve or an improvised handle, depending on the patients disability, is released or turned to low the flow of the gas. This method took about 10 minutes and patients were encouraged to take sedatives before, to calm and relax them.Jack Sovereign had no regrets about assisting his patients he Just wished he would have done It earlier In his life so he wouldnt have spent the last few years of his life in prison. DRP. Sovereign had no intentions of ever assisting patients again with suicide though because in his words, It wasnt worth suffering In prison. He mat up It was a waste of his time because no other doctors were brave enough to stand with him In his beliefs.