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Relevance Of The Great Gatsby - 1437 Words

The Great Gatsby’s Applications to Today In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s third novel â€Å"The Great Gatsby,† he demonstrates the social unrest between the upper and middle class in the 1920’s. Throughout the novel, the narrator, Nick Carraway, describes the life of the middle class while Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan represent the upper class. The idea of this unease and discourse was heavily accurate to the time-period in which it was written. In the 1920’s, known as the jazz age or the roaring twenties, women didn’t want to let go of their new-found independence in the work force, as well as, the right to vote. This characteristic was embodied in the woman both men claimed to love, Daisy Buchanan. Other than its historical perspective, â€Å"The Great†¦show more content†¦In his teens, James decided the farm life wasn’t for him so he went about doing odd jobs to make a living and due to his discussed towards his name changes it Jay Gatsby. This was to symbolize that he wanted to make more of himself and redefine his own image but at this point he didn’t have a set plan as to how. Then he, Jay Gatsby, then was eventually recruited to fight in the first world war. During this time, he met the love of his life Daisy Fay while stationed at Camp Taylor in Louisville Kentucky. He lied to convince her he was a wealthy young man from a similar back ground as the wealthy debutante. But Jay knew this was untrue, so after losing her heart to Tom Buchanan he set out to make himself a wealthy individual. Winning back Daisy’s heart was Jay’s motivation. In the 21-century society we live in today, there are many stereotypes that surround our youth around the age of the young Jay Gatsby. For the majority of youth today, there families have been established and there isn’t any real drive to strive to succeed because people are content with where they are in life, and due to this contentment â€Å"The American Dream† is dying. Our country is stagnating, with very little industrial growth in the last twenty-five years, we have become a consumer base d economy which means very little money coming into the country for goods produced in America. This can be linked back to how the newer generations don’t want to work hard to earn a betterShow MoreRelatedThe great Gatsby is too concerned with conveying a picture of 1920’s American society to have relevance to modern readers.1129 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿The great Gatsby is too concerned with conveying a picture of 1920’s American society to have relevance to modern readers. With reference to appropriately selected parts of the novel and relevant contextual information on both today’s society and society in the 1920’s, give your response to the above view.† As a heavily contextual literary piece, the great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the greatest pieces of modern American literature of all time. The book as achievedRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1291 Words   |  6 Pagesand this is exactly what The Great Gatsby does. No one likes to be criticised however by placing this message underneath the extraordinary gifts of hope and the American dream, Fitzgerald has presented humanity’s social weaknesses in a way can be recognised by the public to encourage change. There is much speculation as to whether The Great Gatsby is truly worthy to be on ‘Top 100 Novels of All Time’ list however as technology continues to evolve, the novel’s relevance remains permanent. UnderneathRead MoreThe Great Gatsby1327 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is too concerned with conveying a picture of 1920s American society to have relevance to modern readers. From what you have read of the novel so far and using relevant contextual information, give your response to the above view. The USA in the 1920s is remembered as the ‘Roaring Twenties’, an age of new life, of hedonism and opportunity following the horrors the Great War. The decade is synonymous with wealth, materialism and unprecedented freedom. F. ScottRead More Symbols and Symbolism in The Great Gatsby Essay1207 Words   |  5 PagesSymbolism in The Great Gatsby       Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has more relevance in today’s society than it did when it was written. With the recent societal trend that emphasizes lack of morals and material wealth over a meaningful existence, Fitzgerald’s message really hits home. Which is more important - money or love? Social status or being true to oneself? Fitzgerald uses metaphor and symbols to great effect in order to illustrate what can happen when the pursuit of happinessRead MoreThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald756 Words   |  3 Pages Are those actions justified? Or does love and passion simply bind one’s self from the immorality and repercussions caused by one’s actions? These types of questions directly encompass the character, Jay Gatsby from the novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The actions taken by Gatsby support one of the major themes prevalent in the novel: immorality. Immorality at the time this novel takes place-- the 1920â₠¬â„¢s-- seems to reflect not only the characters in the book, but also relate to theRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1068 Words   |  5 Pagesdescribing America’s failures rather than America’s success. The main theme The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald is the American dream. In this novel, Frances Scott Fitzgerald shows how the virtuous and righteous ideal way to live turned into a tainted and marred aspiration. Fitzgerald wisely wrote that the American dream was â€Å"the last and greatest of all human dreams (Fitzgerald, 180)†. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is destroyed by his view of his American dream, corrupted and perilousRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1292 Words   |  6 PagesThe book The Great Gatsby is often taught in high schools around the world. The book was written over 90 years ago, and despite that the book is still very common in high schools. The book if often used to show the beauty and r elevance of the character Gatsby and other symbols within the book. The story of Gatsby is set in New York City and on Long Island, within two locations known as West Egg and East Egg. These areas would be the Great Neck and Port Washington peninsulas on Long Island, in realRead MoreSociety and Class in The Great Gatsby843 Words   |  4 PagesSociety and Class in The Great Gatsby The Roaring Twenties, or the Jazz Age, was a period characterized by post-war euphoria, prosperity, profligacy, and cultural dynamism. There were significant changes in lifestyle and culture in the 1920s; many found opportunities to rise to affluence, which resulted in groups of newly rich people, such as the hero of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby. Set in this booming era, the novel portrays the lavish and reckless lifestyle of the wealthy and eliteRead More Use of Metaphor, Symbols and Symbolism in The Great Gatsby Essay1307 Words   |  6 PagesUse of Metaphor and Symbolism in The Great Gatsby      Ã‚     Some novels have more of an impact in modern society than when they were originally written. This is especially true with Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Modern society can be termed corrupt, complete with tainted morals and an overemphasis on the acquisition of money and friends. Fitzgerald seeks the root of the problem and wants the reader to ponder whether he or she wants money and social status or fulfillment and truth. In his questRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1395 Words   |  6 Pagesmodernist 1920s, and his classic work The Great Gatsby was certainly a romantic book, and thusly did not succeed in his time; in fact, it did not succeed until after his death in the 1940s. Fitzgerald saw the green light, but it was just as out of reach to him as it was to Mr. Gatsby. Though The Great Gatsby was unappreciated through Fitzgerald’s life, it has left a lasting impression on American literature that will prevail through literature forever. The Great Gatsby was written circa 1924-1925, and was

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Importance of Art Education in High School - 1515 Words

Creative Abilities: Why is Education of the Arts so Important in High School? Art is very important in all of our lives because it enhances our understanding to problem solve, boosts our creative thinking and heightens self-expression. It is also considered a form of entertainment, not only for ourselves but for the entertainment of others as well. â€Å"Art in a nation’s most precious heritage, for it is in our works of art that we reveal to ourselves and to others the inner vision which guides us as a nation. And where there is no vision, the people perish.† –Lyndon Johnson, on signing into existence the National Endowment of the Arts (Lyndon). Experiences in the arts such as dance, music, visual arts, creative writing and drama, are†¦show more content†¦If you think about it, in pre-school all you do is art! I remember making paper chain links and macaroni picture frames to put on the fridge. When a child becomes engaged in an art activity they become more calm and relaxed. By having these fun experiences children develop an interest for learning. Through art a child can better understand the relationship between things they see and experience and their reactions to them. Art for students between the ages of eight and eleven offers early opportunity of self-expression. This is crucial because If we could not creatively express ourselves, we would not be able to make a good connection with who we really are and the rest of the world around us. Conant stated that expressing experiences through art is a way of expressing more complex ideas and reactions than can be expressed through words. This means a child can understand things more fully when put into two or three-dimensional art work. At this age I remember experimenting with different tools and materials to create art that was personal to me. My drawings usually represented the area I lived in and all my animals I observed. Through my drawings I was able to connect with nature and express the joy and love I had for living in the mountains. These are experiences I will never forget. Once we reach junior high our experiences in art change. There is a shift from being a child to becoming anShow MoreRelatedHigh School And The Neural And Scholastic Benefits Essay1626 Words   |  7 PagesGerald Ford said, â€Å"Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.† Music can do so much for the youth of the nation because it encourages group cooperation, independent study, and a way to relax. It has often been debated whether the benefits of music in school are significant enoughRead MoreThe Importance Of Art Education1561 Words   |  7 Pagesto art professor Karin Evans, â€Å"Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing the world.† Many people agree that art brings joy and c ools students down after all the other hard work they have to think about during the school day. Art education can do much more than taking the stress away from the students. It can help students who have difficulty in core classes and help decrease the chances of dropouts. Art advocates have been stressing the benefits of art education to schools. WhenRead MoreThe Importance Of Theatre Arts For All High School Students1100 Words   |  5 Pagesresearching theatre, I came across the highs and lows of having the lack of funding for theatre programs in school. The goal of this paper is to explain the importance of theatre arts in public schools across the United States. The Theatre Arts Department provides performing and creative experiences in Theatre for all High School students. Theatre Arts programs offer a wide range of curricular courses and extra-curricular activities. Learning and experiencing theatre arts correlate intensely with higherRead MoreInâ€Å"Are Too Many People G oing To College?†, The Author,1239 Words   |  5 Pagesadvantages of a liberal arts undergraduate degree, diminishes the importance of a college B.A., and claims that more people should consider providing goods and services rather than pursuing more advanced careers. He begins by outlining the importance of â€Å"core knowledge† being taught at a younger age in order to provide students with â€Å"cultural literacy† in American history and literature. After addressing a basis of education, he continues to discuss the importance of a liberal arts education over a â€Å"brick-and-mortarRead MoreEducation Is The Act Of Creativity Through Performing Arts Programs1627 Words   |  7 PagesObtaining a childhood education has various outlets for students who have different styles of learning. Every student has strengths and weaknesses that are all catered to within the classroom. One of the major ways to increase and impact learning in elementary schools is through performing arts programs. However, over the years, a change in the education system’s views on the importance of art in education has begun to decline. Priorities have shifted and art in education has unfortunately beenRead MoreSchools Should Provide Better Funding For Such Programs1734 Words   |  7 PagesThink back to your primary and secondary school years. Do you remember going to music classes? Learning how to pluck out simple songs on the piano, a xylophone, or a recorder; or learning how to sing out a catchy tune? Did you have as much fun as I remember having? This fun is about to come to an end for the coming generations. Public schools are beginning to cut music programs from their budgets altogether, so our children may never know the sweet solace of scratching out a simple song. GenerallyRead MoreArts Education Importance Essay954 Words   |  4 Pagesa great problem in American schools. The ever increasing dropout rates are showing that teachers are not able t o stimulate and interest their students. Children and teens are losing their ability to think creatively and on higher level because of the lack of arts education in public schools. If all children had this privilege, they would have higher test scores, would more likely go to college, and less likely to commit crimes. Students who graduate from high school are drones of a test-centeredRead MoreA Study on Financing, Liberal Arts, and Equity1572 Words   |  6 PagesFinancing, Liberal Arts, Equity Introduction The existing public education system in America was established when education was a low priority. As the demands for greater education grew, the public education system tried but failed to keep pace with those demands. The educational system must standardize education across America, raise the percentage of students who have mastered basic skills and teach students to understand the importance of learning about a wide variety of subjects. TheRead MoreThe Importance Of A Liberal Arts Education972 Words   |  4 Pagesliberal arts school. There were many reasons why this was important to me, from having heard about it from my counselors to finding it important to have a broad education. I chose Hope College as the school I wanted to go to because it brought together the importance of God and Christianity and it also is a liberal arts school. When arriving at the school, I began to find out more about how important a liberal arts education is to increase your knowledge. The first part of a liberal arts educationRead MoreA Liberal Education Matters By Michael S. Roth1067 Words   |  5 PagesA Liberal Education Matters Liberal education- its relevancy and practicality- is a relevant topic; it is especially relevant in a day and age where college is not a leisure but a necessity. In his book Beyond the University: Why Liberal Education Matters (Yale University Press), Michael S. Roth argues, his pointedly biased opinion, on the importance of a liberal arts education. To Roth, a liberal education is an education that immerses the student in vast knowledge of a variety of humanity

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The Effectiveness of Commercial and Online Viral Advertising free essay sample

Commercial advertising, mainly television commercials, in comparison to viral advertising is more effective in generating awareness and is equally as effective in generating purchase intent (Robinson, 2009). However, no literature tackled viral advertising through word of month in modern day social networking such as Backbone and Mainstream. In this research, college students will be defined as the target audience of my research question, between the ages of 15 and 23. Viral advertising will be defined as the form of advertising that is most commonly executed online.In this research it comprises personal posts through social outworking sites such as Backbone, Mainstream, and Twitter. Commercial advertising will be defined as a form of advertising executed through multiple ways such as Out Of Home advertising, posters, and television commercials. Word of mouth will be defined as a component of viral advertising as a way for products to gain popularity and generate purchase intent in the absence of commercial advertising. We will write a custom essay sample on The Effectiveness of Commercial and Online Viral Advertising or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Crosscuts will be defined as a croissant-donuts hybrid made popular by a restaurant in New York and has become a trend in the Philippines. Literature Review A number of research studies are devoted to viral advertising and its effectiveness. Social media such as Backbone, Mainstream, Twitter, and Tumbler, are tools to execute viral advertising. In order to break away from the clutter of commercial advertising, marketers delve into viral advertising for more personal strategies and to form relationships with the consumers (Wright, Khan, Harrington, Kier, 2010). In the business world, viral advertising is known to be one Of the leading forms Of communication (Smith, Coyly, Lightproof Scott, 2007).On the other hand, the effectiveness of Commercial advertising through the use of billboards, television commercials and radio immemorial has declined over time (Robinson, 2009). Studies on Viral Advertising Like any other form of advertising, there are principles that need to be considered when using viral advertising. Dee Also, Bryce Bassett, and James Haskins (AAA) studied viral advertising, delving into the factors that aff ected viral advertising through the use of the Bayesian belief and other methods. The researchers (Also et al AAA) discussed principles that are necessary for successful viral advertising: viral advertising operates in a dynamic environment, is based on personal preferences and emotion, and involves OTOH negative and positive feedback. The Bayesian Belief Networks also showed that next to personal experiences, word of mouth was considered as the source with the highest credibility and influence when assessing consumer perceptions toward businesses (Also et al. AAA). However, the word-of-mouth phenomenon is complex and cannot be directly controlled, so that better business productivity is not always guaranteed in viral marketing (Also et al. , AAA). Ted Smith, James Coyly, Elizabeth Lightproof, and Amy Scott (Bibb) conducted a survey targeting CENT Network brand site visitors, participants ho had authentic web cookie for their visit to the brand in the last 120 days. In the survey, the researchers (Smith et al. Bibb) aimed to measure the influence of behavior of the participants by measuring data collected via the survey: what forms of communication they used and with whom did they communicate with, what did they commonly talk about online, and how involved they are in open forums. The study ended with multiple conclusions; having a large connection through personal networks does not mean having a large influence being one of them.Elizabeth Wright, Nile Khan, Catherine Harrington, and Lee Kier (2010) observed the decline of loud and noisy commercial advertising, having consumers actually pay to avoid commercial free programming and features similar to it. With the decline of commercial advertising, a trend in online media advertising has begun to grow and this is evident through the use Of social media as campaign strategies of political figures in the United States (Wright et al. , 2010).The advancement in technology along with consumers behavior turning away from the noise and clutter of advertising, companies are turning to social media and making personal connections to advertise to nonusers (Wright et al. , 2010). Studies on Commercial Advertising A quantitative research conducted by Raja Stentorian, Gerard Tells and Richard Bribers (2011 a) found that advertising elasticity, which is the percentage increase in sales or market share for a 1% increase in advertising (p. L can be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising.Tells and colleagues collected econometric models using market data in order to record advertising elasticity (2011 a). The researchers (Wright et al. , 201 1 a) found that compared to print advertising, television advertising elasticity is higher only in the short run; while print advertising elasticity is higher in the long run. Both short- and long-term advertising elasticity also seemed to decline over time (201 1 a). Peter Danger and Tracey Dagger (2013) used quantitative research to measure and compare the effectiveness of traditional advertising. The study aimed to help firms evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising channels. The research involved the development of a database of individual-level exposure. This combines ten media channels and purchase activity of the same participants into a single-source data. This is then used to estimate advertising effectiveness. The researchers (Danger Dagger, 201 3) collected a random sample of 20,000 people between the ages of 25 and 54 since this is the target market of the retail company being studied.A sale was then advertised through three different categories: online media (social networks such as Backbone and Twitter), mass media (television, newspapers, billboards and magazines), and direct media (catalogs and e-mail). Through quantitative research and data analysis, the results were as follows: traditional media still had a high rate of effectiveness with radio remaining insistently effective, online media remained inconsistently effective. The researchers (Danger Dagger, 201 3) advice firms to handle their own form of advertising and which form will be most suitable for the content and message they intend to broadcast. Sub-section on Viral vs.. Commercial Aching-Nan Chaos, Canaan Coors and Tiger Lie (2012) conducted a research on the effectiveness of traditional advertising with the emergence of online advertising. The strategic shift of businesses towards online advertising put into question the effectiveness of traditional advertising. The target artisans were mall goers, primarily the younger shoppers.The survey questionnaires were then handed out to the participants. Through a survey questionnaire, the researchers (Chaos et al. , 201 2) asked participants to evaluate the regularity they would the notice each of the variable messages advertised in Online advertising and traditional advertising, with 5 being the most frequent / always and 1 being equivalent to no regularity / never (Chaos et 2012). The t;Test was used in order to properly analyze two samples for two different categories from the same individual. The researchers (Chaos et al. 012) found that traditional advertising effectiveness is higher than that of online advertising and their hypotheses, where there is a difference between the effectiveness of traditional and online advertising, were declined. The research ended with a conclusion of advising businesses to balance their focus between online and traditional advertising. Through quantitative research, Dirk Bergmann and Alexandra Bonito (201 1) were able to study the key to maximum effectiveness of both online and traditional adver tising. The researchers designed models for advertising and product markets, and exponential models. With these models they were able to find the right forms of advertisement for specific products and messages. Sub-section on Product/Service and Audience Studies on viral and commercial advertising and their effectiveness in the Philippines on a Filipino audience have yet to be performed. However, the emergence of online advertising in the Philippines is slowly being recognized by the public through Newspaper articles.One article entitled Pinots trust word-of-mouth more than traditional, online ads Nielsen (TTS, 201 3), reported that traditional advertisements remained to be trusted among consumers. The Nielsen study, known as a global leader in measurement and information, said online advertising is dominating in increase in trust levels for consumers residing in Southeast Asia. The new-age in technology may be a major contributor to the rise in effectiveness of online advertising. Another finding of the Nielsen study is that regardless of form of advertising used, Filipinos are more drawn to relatable plots and heart warming stories in ads.Since there is no previous study related to this research, this research could possibly be an important tool to future studies on the emergence of viral advertising and the effectiveness of traditional advertising in the Philippines. The Elaboration Likelihood Method The theory to be used in this research question will be the theory of Elaboration Likelihood Model, formulated by John T. Capitol and Richard E. Petty in the asses. This theory explains how persuasion is dealt with in two ways: the central route and the peripheral route (White, 2011 b).The central route zeroes in on the worth of the persuasive message using a systematic process having high involvement from the receiver due to interest towards the message, while the peripheral route is triggered when the subject is not inclined and uninvolved to the worth of the persuasive message, White describes it to be heuristic (201 b). Though this theory may not tackle the effects of the message, it still discusses the process of how the receiver takes in the persuasive message and this is highly applicable to advertising and ultimately generating purchase intent.Choc Change-Hon. (1999) uses advertising on the world wide web as a form Of persuasion towards the receivers. Using the elaboration likelihood model, the researcher studies the high- and low-involvement of receivers when presented with online advertisements. The participants, a total of 203 undergraduates, were divided into two groups and had a pre-test wherein they were exposed to products and measured their involvement by using a semantic scale. The experiment then proceeded by asking the participants questions regarding their opinions and attitudes toward specific web sites and banner ads on each one.The second part of the experiment asked participants questions regarding their personal opinions towards advertising and online advertising in general. The last part of the experiment asked for the demographics of the participants. The results came out as follows: Participants in high-involvement situations had more chances of clicking the banner ads out Of interest as compared to those in low-involvement situations (Change-Hon., 1999). As for the low-involvement situations, receivers are more likely to click on banners that are eye catching, large in size and has dynamic animation (Change-Hon., 1999).Along with this theory will be the post-positivism worldview. I will be taking in the personal opinions of my participants and know that these opinions are their own making and is more of an objective truth. Methods Sampling The researcher will classify her friends in her social networks according to the following age brackets: 15-17, 18-20, and 21-23. The researcher will then use stratified random sampling to select a total of six people, two people from each age bracket. The researcher will then use snowball sampling until she has collected data from 12 people.Data Collection The researcher will contact the initial six participants through online means such as Backbone chat, or via text or call. Data will be collected through the interview method wherein the researcher will consult with each participant individually and ask a series of questions connected to the research question. The interview will be recorded using the recorder application on the phone and important points will be taken down during the interview process. After recording the interviews, each one will be transcribed by the researcher. Questions to be asked in the interviews can be found in Appendix B. Data Analysis Inductive Analysis will be used to analyze the data transcribed from the recorded interviews. Encoding the data will be the first step followed by the second step, which is to create domains for the coded data. After creating mains, the researcher will then analyze the domains and search for patterns or recurring themes. With these themes a generalization will be formulated among the domains.

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Symbolism in Tennessee William’s ”The Glass Menagerie” Essay Sample free essay sample

In the first scene ofThe Glass Menagerie. Tom admits to a â€Å"poet’s failing for symbols. † The semi-autobiographical resemblance between Tennessee Williams and Tom has been pointed out by critics ( Porter. 1969 ; Leverich. 1995 ) and this confession of failing could good be the dramatist’s ain. for in this drama more than any of his others. he makes a frequent and arguably overt. usage of symbols. The most obvious of these symbols and decidedly the most discussed. is his usage of Laura’s glass menagerie to portray her submergence in an fanciful existence. She spends a batch of her clip engrossed in these small animate beings. She talks to them ; she plays with them ; she cleans them. The qualities of these animals and their small closed universe analogue Laura and her life. The menagerie â€Å"takes up a good trade of my clip. Glass is something you have to take good attention of. † says Laura in Scene VII. And like glass. she excessively needs to be taken attention of and protected. Arthur Ganz ( 1965 ) points out that the character of Laura is a development of that of Matilda inYou Touched Me.Williams had himself described Matilda as holding â€Å"the delicate. about crystalline quality of glass† ( Williams as cited in Ganz. 1965. p. 206 ) and Laura is clearly no different. She confines herself to the flat. barely of all time embarking out. immersed in her menagerie and her father’s old records which she plays on the record player. She is delicate and easy broken. And like the unicorn. she is non a animal of this universe but fabulous and queerly beautiful. When Tom has a battle with Amanda in Scene III. he by chance knocks over Laura’s aggregation. which is possibly a symbolic reminder of his duty for the saving of Laura’s universe. The unicorn. as Laura’s favourite animate being. becomes a particular symbol for her. Like ‘Blue Roses’ – Jim’s moniker for her. it does non suit into the natural order of the universe but exists in the imaginativeness ( Cardullo. 1998 ) . â€Å"Hold him over the visible radiation. he loves the visible radiation! You see how the light radiances through him? † Laura tells Jim in Scene VII. Metaphorically. she could be speaking approximately herself as she â€Å"shines† in the â€Å"light† of Jim’s attending. When Jim by chance breaks the horn of the unicorn. it is symbolic of his attempt to pull Laura out and normalise her. Without its tattletale horn. the unicorn looks much more like any ordinary Equus caballus. Laura excessively thinks that it is merely every bit good that the horn has broken because it makes the unicorn expression less capricious. She says that â€Å"now the unicorn will be like the other animate beings. † She craves for normality every bit good. And Jim. as the foreigner. gives her a brief glance of it ( Ganz. 1965 ) . When he tells her that he is engaged. nevertheless. she is awfully wounded and her concluding gift to him of the broken unicorn is a symbol of her ain tattered love. Thompson ( 1989 ) describes this as the minute ofanagnorisisor acknowledgment common to several of Williams’s dramas when the supporter is â€Å"stripped of semblances and delusions† ( p. 5 ) and faced by world. â€Å"This symbolic minute of demythication. or rite of divestiture. is by and large dramatized by a gesture of interrupting. riping. or otherwise shattering the concrete symbol† ( p. 5 ) . InThe Glass Menagerie. the symbol takes the form of the unicorn. There is another of import symbol that Williams uses to add deepness to Laura’s personality. She is a ‘cripple’ . lamed by a childhood disease. But this physical disability is besides an external symbol of her intensely diffident and nervous personality. The slippery thing about sing this to be a symbol is that her limping is besides the possible cause of her insecurity. Amanda is an affectionate. if instead demanding and ruling. female parent to Laura and Tom. In the face of their straitened fortunes. she frequently escapes into her memories of an idyllic yesteryear in the South when she had â€Å"seventeen gentlemen companies call on one Sunday afternoon in Blue Mountain. † E. M. Jackson ( 1965 ) negotiations about Williams’ symbolic usage of his Southern heritage. He points out how Williams remains on the Southern periphery of American mainstream researching the fringy Southerners lost in little towns and fostering their isolation. These are delicate small universes. which necessarily crack up under the force per unit area of world merely like Amanda’s ain universe cracked up when her hubby deserted her. Yet in her memory. they still represent that ideal clip that she ever longs to travel back to through her dreams of security and a ‘gentleman caller’ for Laura. The ‘gentlemen caller’ . which in Tom’s words is the â€Å"expected something that we live for. † takes on the symbolism of a path for flight for Amanda. By happening a hubby for Laura. she hopes to set an terminal to their fiscal troubles and happen some peace in a more settled life for her girl. When he eventually appears in the form of Jim in Scene VI. she is every bit excited by Laura’s chances as by a opportunity to live over her young person. She dresses up in one of her old girlish outfits from the yesteryear. She is chatty and expansive about her flowers. Her exuberance embarrasses Tom but it is a consequence of her association of the ‘gentleman caller’ with her ain aureate old ages. It is merely appropriate that the company should hold the personality of Jim. In his gap address. Tom himself mentions this. Jim is a courier from the existent universe. Williams’ symbol of the American Dream ( Haley. 1999 ) . He is s practical and ambitious whizz-kid who believes in self-reformation. He is fond of congratulations. sometimes selfish and careless with people’s feelings. It is the invasion of his trade name of world that eventually cracks up the Wingfield household. Tom is the storyteller of the drama and there are many symbols woven around him to add texture to his personality and his peculiar quandary. His pick is an antique 1. The pick between personal freedom and duty to one’s household. He hates his occupation at the warehouse. which deadens his appetency for life and is a poet at bosom. To acquire off from the humdrum of his occupation. Tom goes to the films at dark. As Crandell suggests. the â€Å"cinema provides both the drift and a convenient alibi for flight from unpleasant company and inhospitable surroundings† ( 2001. p. 1 ) . Often he comes back rummy. The films become a symbol of illusive flight. They are non existent and Tom realizes every bit much when he tells Jim in Scene VI that the films sedate people and do them content to populate through other people’s escapades. Tom’s enthusiasm over the charming show he sees is another illustration of a instead excessively obvious symbol for impermanent flight. But he remarks in the beginning of the drama that he is â€Å"the antonym of a phase prestidigitator. He gives you semblance that has the visual aspect of truth† . He is fascinated by a peculiar fast one that the magician performs ; he gets out of a nailed casket without taking out any of the nails. This is precisely the sort of charming fast one that Tom craves. He wants to get away from his current state of affairs. which is as dampening and stultifying as being stuck in a casket. But he wants to acquire out without damaging the casket. that is. his household. which is incarcerating him. When Tom gives Laura the scarf from the thaumaturgy show. he is possibly seeking to portion a spot of its bang and admiration with her and when he talks of the music from the Paradise Dance Hall. he is woolgathering of freedom and the outside universe . Another unnoticeable but changeless reminder of the desire for flight. which imbues Amanda and Tom. is the big framed exposure of their male parent that is a portion of the set throughout the drama. He is the â€Å"telephone adult male who fell in love with long distances† and abandoned his household. Amanda keeps dwelling on his abandonment over and over once more but his ocular image serves more to remind the audience of the fact that he was the 1 who really got off as none of the other characters have managed to so far. The Christian symbolism of the absent Mr. Wingfield has besides been commented upon by critics. Harmonizing to Thompson ( 1989 ) . he embodies the modern twenty-four hours thought of a God who seems mostly absent and unapproachable. The fire flight is seen in the background through the public presentation. The different characters use it otherwise to come in and issue. Williams makes its symbolism of flight copiously clear in his phase waies to the first scene. He says. while depicting its presence. that it is merely appropriate that it should be at that place as the cramped tenement edifices. the likes of which the Wingfield household lives in. are firing with the â€Å"implacable fires of human despair. † As a symbol. the fire flight is most closely linked with Tom. He uses it to come and travel from his nightly rovings. He delivers some of his addresss from it. He stands and listens to the music of the Paradise Dance Hall from its stepss. His place on it is representative of his place in life – he is standing in between the outside universe and his household. When Laura uses the fire flight to travel out she stumbles on it. She is insecure of the existent universe and apprehensions every venture into it. She trips over the hurdle of her concern category and fails to happen success with her one ‘gentleman caller’ . Seen as such. all her raids into the universe outside the flat are flawed with insecurity and failure. Her hopes of a better hereafter are doomed to futility. Likewise Amanda uses the stepss to re-enter her claustrophobic small life in Scene II and she comes heavy with the weight of Laura’s failure and fraudulence after holding discovered that she has dropped out of concern school. When she calls Laura to it and asks her to do a want on the â€Å"silver slipper of a moon† after detecting that Tom is eventually conveying a ‘gentleman caller’ to dinner. she is trusting for outside forces to step in and better their boxed-in. personal lives. All things move from the exterior to the interior f or Laura and Amanda. In fact. in the drama. it is merely to Tom who can utilize the fire flight successfully. In the terminal of Scene VII. Tom stands on the fire flight – that metaphorical infinite between his two universes and Tells us that the twenty-four hours eventually came when he used those stepss one last clip to neer come back. The fire flight becomes Tom’s path to freedom and an independent life. Like his male parent. he becomes what Williams’s calls a â€Å"fugitive outcast† in Orpheus Descending ( p. 144 ) ; a adult male who merely runs off from a hard state of affairs ( Daley. 1999 ) . In the background of the drama. the frequent mentions to World War II and Guernica represent the universe outside the closed universe of this household and its concerns. Its unrest closely matches the agitation in the drama. Besides audiences would hold been cognizant that the clip depicted in the drama is the immediate period before war broke out and its effects were felt in America every bit good. This baleful sense of predicting this creates symbolizes and anticipates the manner the troubles in the Wingfield family’s life are besides about to come to a caput with Tom’s going. Possibly. any treatment of symbolism inThe Glass Menageriewill ever experience uncomplete because of the overplus of symbols Williams uses in the drama. In the phase waies. Williams even indicates topographic points in the text when slides – such as one picturing a blue rose – should be shown in the background during public presentation to add deepness to dialogue or reenforce the unreal. otherworldly experiencing of clip gone by. It is deserving sing that it isThe Glass Menagerie’s construction as a memory drama that allows it to acquire off with the instead ‘in-your-face’ trade name of symbolism that Williams employs. The text successfully uses a broad figure of images to make association and significance in much the manner existent memory does without looking pretentious. It may be the ground why all these assorted symbols blend together with easiness to make such an redolent and richly expressive ambiance. Bibliography Cardullo. B. ( 1998 ) . The blue rose of St. Louis: Laura. romanticism. andThe Glass Menagerie[ Electronic version ] .The Tennessee Williams Annual Review. Crandell. G. W. ( 1998 ) . The cinematic oculus in Tennessee Williams’sThe Glass Menagerie[ Electronic version ] .The Tennessee Williams Annual Review. Daley D. E. ( 1999 ) . â€Å"Certain moral values† : A rhetoric of castawaies in the dramas of Tennessee Williams. [ Electronic version ] Dissertation: Alabama University Press. Ganz. A. ( 1965 ) . The despairing morality of the dramas of Tennessee Williams. In A. S. Downer ( Ed. ) .American play and its critics( pp. 203-207 ) . Chicago and London: Chicago University Press. Jackson. E. M. ( 1965 ) .The broken universe of Tennessee Williams. Madison: Uracil of Wisconsin P Leverich. L. ( 1995 ) .Tom: The unknown Tennessee Williams. New York: Crown. Porter. T. E. ( 1969 ) .Myth and the modern American play. Michigan University Press. Thompson. J. J. ( 1989 ) .Tennessee Williams’s plays: Memory. myth. and symbol. New York: Peter Lang. Williams. T. . ( 1976 ) . Orpheus falling. InTennessee Williams: Four dramas.New York: Penguin.

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Limp Bizkit - 3 Dollar Bill YAll free essay sample

Have you ever owned a CD that never left your CD player? That is how I feel about Limp Bizkits new album. I think it is glued there for life! Anyway, the bands music is very different from any that I have heard. The music just gets inside you and gives you a boost of energy. When the bands CD hit the charts, it was a huge success. Their first single off the disc was Counterfeit. It had good air play on the radio. Their second single was Nobody loves me. The song is good, but personally my favs are Indigo Flow and Faith. Limp Bizkit is a very good, popular underground band that has kept their underground image. They dont let fame go to their head, like some other bands I wont mention. In other words, go buy it. You wont regret it, believe me

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producing electricity essays

producing electricity essays There are many ways to produce electricity but unfortunately not all of them are clean and safe. Luckily here in Canada we have clean and safe alternatives to things like the burning of fossil fuels. We are the largest producer of hydropower in the world. Hydro energy is electricity made using water. How it works is, water flowing down a river or falling from a waterfall is used to spin turbines inside a generator. Large rivers with fast flowing water and giant waterfalls work the best. Hydropower is clean. It doesn't produce any greenhouse gases or other air pollutants. It also doesn't generate any waste products that might need special disposal. Unlike fossil fuels it's carbon-free energy, hydropower doesn't burn fossil fuels. Another good thing about hydropower is it's flexible and reliable. Hydropower can be turned on almost immediately to meet the fast growing electricity demands. Facilities can easily respond to emergency power situations and provide constant energy with water. Coal, Oil and Gas are called "fossil fuels" because they have been formed from the fossilised remains of prehistoric plants and animals. It works by the coal being crushed to a fine dust and burnt. (Oil and gas can be burnt as is.) When the fuel is burnt it heats up water to make steam then the steam turns the turbines, the turbines turns the generator, then the generator produces electricity that is sent all over the country. There are many disadvantages with the burning of fossil fuels. The main disadvantage of fossil fuels is pollution. Burning any fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide, which contributes to the "greenhouse effect", (warming the Earth). Burning coal produces more carbon dioxide than burning oil or gas. It also produces a gas that creates acid rain. But with the bad comes the good. Along with disadvantages there are also advantages. Very large amounts of electricity can be generated in one place using coal and Transporting oil and gas to ...

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Alternative Energy Sources And Sustainable Development Essay

Alternative Energy Sources And Sustainable Development - Essay Example This can be made possible if we put much effort and genius, just the same way the world discovered the first atomic bomb. The best source would be hydrogen fusion, but this miracle may be far than imagined. It became discovered that wind, solar, biomass, among many others, may also serve as a success, but require further effort to enhance them. Essential and crucial to whatsoever success is the ability to be able to achieve anything. Furthermore, renewable energy, can and certainly make a replacement of both fossil fuel and nuclear power as fast as possible if the globe is to avoid the hazardous effects of runaway climate change. Although wind, solar, biofuels and nuclear try to compete with oil as alternatives of basic energy, their contribution to the global energy in total can be limited or restricted since they are expensive compared to oil. In the case of nuclear, it can be restricted by waste and their disposal problems. As we acknowledge the hazards of climate change, we nonet heless, make a conclusion that the globe will continue to demand oil and gas for most of the basic supply of energy for several decades to come (Hurt, 2008). Wind energy is another key aspect. In the year of 2007, approximately twenty thousand megawatts became installed worldwide, enough to power 6 million homesteads. Nevertheless, most wind energy manufacturers can not be restricted to the USA, thanks to decades of funding cuts by the conservatives. Moreover, new wind can be poised to be a large contribution to America and worldwide generation of electricity, compared to nuclear power in the future decades. Furthermore, solar energy could be an even larger energy source, and it can share and distribute power lines with the wind. This... This paper tresses that new wind can be poised to be a large contribution to America and worldwide generation of electricity, compared to nuclear power in the future decades. Furthermore, solar energy could be an even larger energy source, and it can share and distribute power lines with the wind. This implies we can visualize an electric grid that would be built around renewable electricity having no greenhouse gas emissions, zero fuel cost, no future volatility of the energy prices, and zero radioactive waste. The wind does not necessarily always blow, and sunshine is not always present for each solar panel. This report makes a conclusion that there happens to be a stoppage at the first half of the oil age, because of the current economic and financial crisis, which is torturing the globe. Natural gas and oil can be set to fall during the second half of the oil age, to levels of exhaustion by the end of the century because of continuous depletion. Today, renewable energy, inclusive of hydro, accounts for not more than twelve percent of the globe’s total energy consumption. It can hence be known that their demand for them would grow rapidly in the forthcoming years, but it can be doubted if they can be used to replace fuels of fossil origin. Upgraded efficiency and changed lifestyles can be called to encounter the setbacks imposed. Hence, the tensions and setbacks of such a transition threaten to be disastrous

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DB 5 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

DB 5 - Research Paper Example 1. Stakeholders of a corporation Stakeholders to a corporation are people, groups of people, and entities with interest in the corporation’s achievements. They can be classified into two groups, internal stakeholders, and external stakeholders. Shareholders are the first group of stakeholders, their interest is in their investments, and potential rewards from the investments. A corporation’s employees are another set of stakeholders with stake in job security and the corporation’s ability to pay remunerations in time. Management, a part of employees, also has interest in their obligations as the corporation’s custodians (Hill and Jones, 2012). External stakeholders include bond holders and other types of creditors whose interests is in the corporation’s ability to repay its liabilities, consumers because of their dependence on the corporation’s products and the government whose interest include tax from the corporation and regulatory measures over the corporation. Other stakeholders are the society within which the corporation operates, and immediate and extended economies (Hill and Jones, 2011). 2. ... Consequently, entities with the highest number of stakeholders are more important than those with few stakeholders are. Entities whose actions poses macroeconomic consequences are also more important than those whose impacts are limited in scope (Brooks and Dunn, 2009). Relative significance of entities also depends on the possible impacts on market sustainability and those that can lead to market collapse are more important than others whose impacts on market sustainability are mild. Quality of jobs in an entity and the value that the entity adds to the economy also justifies the position that some entities are more important than others are. The government, as the custodial of national economy, should therefore help the important businesses to sustainability during financial crisis in order to ensure economic stability. The government should however restrain from help to less important businesses because of possible involved strain on federal expenditure and because of the need to promote prudence and self-reliance among businesses (Gilpin, 2011). 3. Determinants of deficiency and the need for downsizing, and benefits of downsizing solving deficiency Many measures exist by which a company may be considered deficient. A high debt ratio such as debt to equity ratio that shows the percentage debts relative to an entity’s internal equity indicates deficiency. A company’s inability to honor debts as they become due, increased number of court cases over defaulted payments and human resource problems regarding employees’ remunerations are other measures for determining a company’s deficiency. Extreme level of these measures identifies the need for downsizing as a strategy to improving a company’s liquidity towards meeting its obligations. Downsizing can

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Persausion Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Persausion - Case Study Example In this paper, three of the 21 principles will be discussed in detail, namely: â€Å"Learn to Transfer Energy†, â€Å"Communicating Clearly is Key† and â€Å"Being Prepared Gives you the Advantage†. Persuasion is not simply talking people out in order for others to agree with one’s thoughts and ideas. Nazar says that in persuading people, one has to learn to transfer energy. Needless to say then, one must have a positive attitude so that the energy he will transfer to others will make people motivated and invigorated instead of drained. The writer suggests that an individual should maintain eye contact with the people he is communicating with. This approach is known to show a person’s honesty in what he is saying. On another hand, it informs the other person that the communicator is interested in his response. Physical touch is another suggestion that the author makes. A hug, a pat on the shoulder or even a simple touch on one’s hand has an affirming effect on people. This can make a difference by letting others that a person cares for them and therefore, they will be willing to listen to whatever that individual who cares a lot about them; has to say. More over, an enthusiastic speaker who shows excitement in his verbal responses will be able to make others excited as well. Communicating clearly is also an important principle in persuasion. A person should not complicate things because it is believed that someone who does so has hidden agendas. People are often interested in what they benefit from others so that should be communicated simply and clearly. It is also important not to complicate matters for others to understand because it could give the impression that the speaker himself does not understand what he is saying. Therefore, it is essential for a person to explain matters in the most understandable way even if it means making it very simple. In relation to making things simple, it is also significant

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Chancellor Of Germany Compared To Britains Prime Minister Politics Essay

Chancellor Of Germany Compared To Britains Prime Minister Politics Essay The Chancellor of Germany The federal government consists of the chancellor and his or her cabinet ministers. As explained above, the Basic Law invests the chancellor with central executive authority. For that reason, some observers refer to the German political system as a chancellor democracy. The chancellors authority emanates from the provisions of the Basic Law and from his or her status as leader of the party or coalition of parties holding a majority of seats in the Bundestag. Every four years, after national elections and the seating of the newly elected Bundestag members, the federal president nominates a chancellor candidate to that parliamentary body; the chancellor is elected by majority vote in the Bundestag. The Basic Law limits parliaments control over the chancellor and the cabinet. Unlike most parliamentary legislatures, the Bundestag cannot remove the chancellor simply with a vote of no-confidence. In the Weimar Republic, this procedure was abused by parties of both political extremes in order to oppose chancellors and undermine the democratic process. As a consequence, the Basic Law allows only for a constructive vote of no-confidence. That is, the Bundestag can remove a chancellor only when it simultaneously agrees on a successor. This legislative mechanism ensures both an orderly transfer of power and an initial parliamentary majority in support of the new chancellor. The constructive no-confidence vote makes it harder to remove a chancellor because opponents of the chancellor not only must disagree with his or her governing but also must agree on a replacement. As of 1995, the Bundestag had tried to pass a constructive no-confidence vote twice, but had succeeded only once. In 1972 the opposition parties tried to replace Chancellor Willy Brandt of the SPD with the CDU party leader because of profound disagreements over the governments policies toward Eastern Europe. The motion fell one vote shy of the necessary majority. In late 1982, the CDU convinced the FDP to leave its coalition with the SPD over differences on economic policy and to form a new government with the CDU and the CSU. The constructive no-confidence vote resulted in the replacement of Chancellor Helmut Schmidt with Helmut Kohl, the CDU party leader. Observers agree that the constructive no-confidence vote has increased political stability in Germany. The chancellor also may make use of a second type of no-confidence vote to garner legislative support in the Bundestag. The chancellor can append a simple no-confidence provision to any government legislative proposal. If the Bundestag rejects the proposal, the chancellor may request that the president dissolve parliament and call new elections. Although not commonly used, this procedure enables the chancellor to gauge support in the Bundestag for the government and to increase pressure on the Bundestag to vote in favor of legislation that the government considers as critical. Furthermore, governments have employed this simple no-confidence motion as a means of bringing about early Bundestag elections. For example, after Kohl became chancellor through the constructive no-confidence vote in August 1982, his government purposely set out to lose a simple no-confidence provision in order to bring about new elections and give voters a chance to validate the new government through a democr atic election. Article 65 of the Basic Law sets forth three principles that define how the executive branch functions. First, the chancellor principle makes the chancellor responsible for all government policies. Any formal policy guidelines issued by the chancellor are legally binding directives that cabinet ministers must implement. Cabinet ministers are expected to introduce specific policies at the ministerial level that reflect the chancellors broader guidelines. Second, the principle of ministerial autonomy entrusts each minister with the freedom to supervise departmental operations and prepare legislative proposals without cabinet interference so long as the ministers policies are consistent with the chancellors larger guidelines. Third, the cabinet principle calls for disagreements between federal ministers over jurisdictional or budgetary matters to be settled by the cabinet. The chancellor determines the composition of the cabinet. The federal president formally appoints and dismisses cabinet ministers, at the recommendation of the chancellor; no Bundestag approval is needed. According to the Basic Law, the chancellor may set the number of cabinet ministers and dictate their specific duties. Chancellor Ludwig Erhard had the largest cabinet, with twenty-two ministers, in the mid-1960s. Kohl presided over seventeen ministers at the start of his fourth term in 1994. The power of the smaller coalition partners, the FDP and the CSU, was evident from the distribution of cabinet posts in Kohls government in 1995. The FDP held three ministriesthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry for Economics. CSU members led four ministriesthe Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Health, Ministry for Post and Telecommunications, and Ministry for Economic Cooperation. The staff of a cabinet minister is managed by at least two state secretaries, both of whom are career civil servants responsible for the ministrys administration, and a parliamentary state secretary, who is generally a member of the Bundestag and represents the ministry there and in other political forums. Typically, state secretaries remain in the ministry beyond the tenure of any one government, in contrast to the parliamentary state secretary, who is a political appointee and is viewed as a junior member of the government whose term ends with the ministers. Under these top officials, the ministries are organized functionally in accordance with each ones specific responsibilities. Career civil servants constitute virtually the entire staff of the ministries. The British Prime Minister The power of the British Prime Minister can be institutional, political, and personal, which means depending on his or her personality. The institutional powers derive from his or her duties; so the prime minister: Is the Head of Government Is the Chairman of the cabinet Chooses Cabinet ministers Nominates other governments members (ministers that dont belong to the Cabinet) Can reshuffle ministers Has the power of dismissal for both Cabinet and government ministers Is the one responsible for his nation in its domestic and international affairs Has patronage to elect people in several public, judicial, and ecclesiastic offices Is the head of the Civil Service Can dismiss the parliament and call for political elections. For how it concern political powers, a Prime Minister is chosen by his or her party and so he or she is also the leader of the majority party within the Parliament. This means that no one can become Prime Minister without a given party support and without a relatively long parliamentary career. Therefore, the strength of the Prime Minister depends on how high it is his control over his party. The strongest he is as the party leader, the more authoritative he is being the Prime minister and vice versa. In reality, prime ministers do not exercise power in the same way: some of them may be decisive and innovators while others may prefer a more conciliating approach. The flexibility of the British parliamentary system allows strong premierships to merge and govern. According to Almond, a Prime Minister is chosen by his or her party for an indefinite term and is thus vulnerable to losing office if its confidence wanes (168). The British prime minister can be forced to resign because of health or political reasons, and just in the second after war this happened seven times: in 1955 Winston Churchill resigned for Anthony Eden; in 1957 Anthony Eden resigned for Macmillan; in 1963 Alec Douglas-Home replaced Macmillan; in 1976 Callaghan replaced Wilson; in 1990 Major took the place of Margaret Thatcher; in 2007 Tony Blair resigned for Gordon Brown whose place was took in 2010 by David Cameron. Therefore, the Prime Minister isnt a priori guaranteed to be stable while in charge. His stability depends on his capacity to maintain control over the parliamentary majority and over the Cabinet, but its just a political capability, not a position acquired by his office or by an electoral legitimacy (like for example in Italy). In fact, the Prime Minister is not chosen by the electorate but by his or her party. Conservative and Labor party have different rules to revoke their Prime Minister: the conservative party needs the 15% of signatures of the parliamentary group to propose a no-confident vote while the labor needs the 20% plus other rigid protections.

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Speeches in The Tempest versus As You Like It :: William Shakespeare

The speeches delivered by Prospero and Jacques each hold extensive contrasting differences. Both Prospero, the tempestuous protagonist in The Tempest, and Jacques, a minor melancholy character in As You Like It, see things in a dissimilar light. They have gone through things in their lives that have shaped their thoughts and opinions on certain topics. Prospero and Jacques’ show this in their moods and then in the subjects of which they speak. By perceiving the contrasting objects in Prospero and Jacques’ speeches, we find that they are quite different in character. Things that have happened, to both Prospero and Jacques, have had an effect on their moods. Before Prospero delivers his speech, he discovers that Miranda and Ferdinand are in love and declares happily, â€Å"It goes on, I see, as my soul prompts it† (Act 1 scene 2, (424-425). Then cheerfully adds, â€Å"So glad of this as they I cannot be, who are surprised withal. But my rejoicing† (Act 3 scene 1, (95-97). Jacques, on the other hand, when hearing Duke Senior state, â€Å"Thou seest we are not all alone unhappy† (Act 2 scene 7, (138-141) openly disagrees. He then proclaims, â€Å"to speak my mind, and I will through and through cleanse the foul body th’ infected world, if they will patiently receive my medicine† (Act 2 scene 7, (138-141). His view of the word seems to poison his mind resulting in his despondent mood. The events that occurred to Prospero and Jacques find a place in their thoughts and are responsible for altering their attitu des. The disposition of Prospero and Jacques’s speeches differ seeing as Prospero’s shows signs of happiness while Jacques’ only shows a depressing hue. Prospero shows a happy tint to his speech namely when he says â€Å"Be cheerful, sir. Our revels now are ended† (Act4 scene1, (147-148). Jacques, contrastingly, shows his ever-present melancholy personality by saying words that have negative tones such as â€Å"Mewling†¦puking†¦ whining†¦ [and] †¦unwilling† (Act2 scene7, (147†¦150). The attitudes that Prospero and Jacques have, reflect in the content of their speeches. Prospero speaks more about heavenly things while Jacques spends his whole speech addressing the life of man. Prospero seems to be fascinated by mostly spirits and heavenly structures as found in the following passage: â€Å"These our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air, into thin air †¦[along with] the cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, [and] the solemn temples† (Act4 scene1, (148-153).

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Black Women’s Feminism and Literature Essay

Black Women, the term often denotes the black skinned people, especially those who are based on the African region. Though various famous writers who shed their words as bloods and fought against the injustice that where happening against the black people, Maya Angelou was one remarkable person. She concentrated more towards the women sector, as she is a more sensitive and phenomenal woman by herself. One innate quality of her is that she is always proud to see her as a woman. Most of her literary works focus towards bringing revolution in the society, in particular for women. Black women faced lots of troubles due to inequality and racial discrimination and to overcome all these were formed the National Black Feminism Organisation (NBFO). All women from this organisation fought for achieving equality and power for the blacks. Several social, political and feminist movements where held to support the black women. This seriousness of problem was not only because of inequality faced by the black women. They were also cheaply thrust to sexism by the men of other class. It is a undoubted fact that writers are the most expressive and understanding people more than others, and they have a different logical perspective towards anything they perceive. That is why writers, especially female writers focus more towards the welfare of women and it is absolutely undeniable that women deserve all these special benefits and considerations. I, out of personal experience, owe my fullest respect to the women I personally lived my life with. It is none other than my precious mother. I would say women scarify the best way to offer the best things for others. She is the role model in my life and she has moulded me in a very adorable way and what I am today is just what she blessed me with. I always bow my head to the precious gift god gave me. Women are always the best examples in various fields, and if no women, there is nothing pleasant in the world. African American Women, though has faced lot of struggles and obstacles, have managed to successfully overcome all of them. Today, in this 21st century, we can see various women from the Black history to be successful shining in all fields. Our dearest writer Maya Angelou is one such person, and the list may extend up to Daisy Bates, who is a revolutionary journalist and an active member of civil rights. Maya has sculpted the pain of the black women in each of her works and this has also been a reason for the revolution. It will definitely not be hype when we say black women have contributed a lot to the global culture. One main reason for this could be their resistance and withstanding capacity towards all the obstacles and humiliation they happened to come across. They used their power wisely in overcoming all this struggles. If they would have felt the troubles a big burden for them, then they would definitely have gone invisible to all of them. But, they stood up sturdy against all these racism and sexism issues. They made use of their strengths and powers in a constructive way by initiating various activist movements and fighting for the law. They proved that they deserve the equal rights and power and they are no way lesser than other society women. Days when women thought themselves as victims have gone beyond the mountains and now women overcome the struggles by exhibiting their talents and traits. Participation of women in all fields is drastically increasing and now there is no field you can observe that women cannot be a part of it. Women prove that they are always the winners, be it any discipline. References http://www. poemhunter. com/poem/phenomenal-woman/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Black_feminism http://womenshistory. about. com/od/africanamerican/a/black_women. htm

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5 Differences Between Italian and English Capitalization

5 Differences Between Italian and English Capitalization While there aren’t a ton of differences between Italian and English when it comes to areas like punctuation or writing style, there are a handful you should know about in the realm of capitalization. Many words that are capitalized in English are not capitalized in Italian, and while knowing this won’t increase your spoken conversational ability, it will make your written communication, like emails and text messages, feel more natural. Differences in Capitalization Between Italian and English Italian and English capitalization differs in these areas: Days of the weekMonths of the yearProper adjectivesTitles of books, movies, plays, etc.Personal titles such as Mr., Mrs., and Miss. Days of the Week Here are some examples with the days of the week.   Arriva domenica. - He is arriving on Sunday.Ci vediamo lunedà ¬! - We’ll see each other on Monday! / See you Monday!Sei libero giovedà ¬? Ti va di prendere un aperitivo? - Are you free on Thursday? Do you want to get an aperitivo with me?A mercoledà ¬! - To Wednesday! (This is a common way to tell someone that you’ll be seeing them for the plans you made. In this case, the plans are on Wednesday.) Months of the year Il mio compleanno à ¨ il diciotto aprile. - My birthday is April 18.Vado in Italia a gennaio. Sicuramente si geler! - I’m going to Italy in January. It’s going to be really cold!A marzo, ho appena finito un corso intensivo di italiano. - I just finished an intensive Italian course in March. TIP: Notice how the preposition â€Å"a† goes before the month. Proper adjectives Proper adjectives are the descriptive form of the noun. For example, she’s from Canada (proper noun), which makes her Canadian (proper adjective). Lei à ¨ russa. - She’s Russian.Penso che siano canadesi. - I think they’re Canadian.Riesco a capire dal suo accento che lui à ¨ italiano. - I can tell from his accent that he’s Italian. Titles of Books, Movies, Plays, Etc. If you’re writing about a recent book or movie that you just read, you won’t capitalize the beginning of each letter in the title (excluding articles and conjunctions). Abbiamo appena visto â€Å"La ragazza del fuoco† L’hai visto anche tu? - We just saw Catching Fire. Did you also see it?Hai letto â€Å"L’amica geniale† di Elena Ferrante? Ti à ¨ piaciuto? - You read My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante? DId you like it? Personal titles such as Mr., Mrs., and Miss. Il signor Neri à ¨ italiano. - Mr. Neri is Italian.Il mio nuovo capo si chiama signora Mazzocca. - My new boss’s name is Mrs. Mazzocca. TIP: You can use both forms with personal titles. In a formal context, like an email or a reference letter, you’ll want to capitalize all of the titles, like Prof. Arch. Dott. or Avv. minuscole a b c d e f g h i l m n o p q r s t u v z maiuscole A B C D E F G H I L M N O P Q R S T U V Z

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Roman Catholic Essays

Roman Catholic Essays Roman Catholic Essay Roman Catholic Essay Essay Topic: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings SHORT ANSWER STUDY QUESTIONS I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Note to the teacher: The narrator is referred to as Marguerite in the questions that deal with her memoirs, since that is how she refers to herself throughout the book. In instances where the author is sharing her beliefs and philosophy, she is referred to as Maya Angelou. Chapters 1-6 1. In what style is the book written? 2. What happened to Marguerite at Church? 3. What was Marguerites dream of what she would one day look like? 4. With whom did Marguerite and Bailey live at the beginning of the book? Why? 5. How does the author say she felt in later years about the stereotyped picture of gay song-singing cotton-pickers, and why? 6. What happened that caused Uncle Willie to lay low one night? 7. Describe Marguerites relationship with Bailey. 8. Describe the living conditions for the whites and Blacks in Stamps. 9. Describe the experience Momma had with the powhitetrash children when Marguerite was ten years old. 10. Describe the second incident with Sister Monroe, and its effect on Marguerite and Bailey. Chapters 7-12 1. Describe the incident in which Momma was referred to as Mrs. and its effect on the Black community. 2. What, according to the author, was the one thing about the whites that was most enviable? 3. What was Marguerites concept of God? 4. What reaction did the Christmas gifts from her parents cause in Marguerite? 5. What happened to Marguerite and Bailey when she was seven? 6. Describe the Baxter family. 7. How did Marguerite get the name Maya? 8. How did Mr. Freeman treat Marguerite? Chapters 13-17 1. What happened to Mr. Freeman? 2. What happened to Marguerite as a result of the rape and Mr. Freemans murder? 3. What happened to Bailey and Marguerite after the doctor said she was healed? 4. Describe Mrs. Bertha Flowers influence on Marguerite. 5. Why did Momma beat Marguerite and Bailey? 6. How did Marguerite feel about Mrs. Cullinans shortening her name to Mary? 7. How did Marguerite get out of working for Mrs. Cullinan? 8. Why had Bailey stayed out so late when he went to the movies? Chapters 18-21 1. What is the authors theory about peoples belief in divine intervention? 2. What revolutionary action took place at the revival? 3. What was the effect of the Black fighter, Joe Louis victory over his white opponent? 4. How did Marguerite become friends with Louise Kendricks? 5. Why was the friendship with Louise so important to Marguerite? 6. Describe Baileys relationship with Joyce. Chapters 22-24 1. How did Marguerite feel about the ghost stories that the customers told in the Store? 2. How did Mrs. Taylors funeral affect Marguerite? 3. How did Momma interpret Mr. Taylors vision/dream of his dead wife? 4. Why did Marguerite receive presents from Momma, Bailey, Louise, and others? 5. What happened at graduation that gave Marguerite a presentiment of worse things to come? 6. Describe the graduation speaker. 7. What was Marguerites reaction to the graduation speech? 8. What happened to get Marguerite back into a better mood? 9. How did the white dentist treat Mommas request to have him take care of Marguerites toothache? 10. What retribution did Momma demand of Dr. Lincoln for his treatment of her and Marguerite? Chapters 25-29 1. What did Maya Angelou think was the real reason Momma took her and Bailey to live in California with their parents? . What was the enigma of which Maya Angelou spoke? 3. What was the secret world given to Marguerite by Mrs. Flowers? 4. How did Bailey and Marguerite feel about their mothers nervousness on the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco? 5. How did Bailey and Marguerite learn there were other people in the world? 6. Describe Vivian Baxters personality. 7. What two events happened at this time in Marguerites life? 8. What happen ed to the population of San Franciscos Fillmore district during the early months of World War II? 9. How does the author describe Miss Kirwin, her teacher at George Washington High School? 10. Who, according to the author, is the hero in the Black American ghetto? Chapters 30-33 1. Where did Marguerite spend her summer vacation? 2. Describe Marguerites relationship with Dolores. 3. What insight did Marguerite have into her fathers personality on their trip to Mexico? 4. What happened to her father while they were at the Mexican bar? 5. How did Marguerite and Daddy Bailey get home from the Mexican town? 6. What was Marguerites fathers reaction when he found out she had a car accident? . How did the fight between Marguerite and Dolores start? 8. What did Marguerite do when she left her fathers friends house? 9. Describe Baileys and Mothers relationship at this point. 10. How did Mother and Bailey resolve their feud? Chapters 34-36 1. What job did Marguerite want to get, and was she successful? 2. How does Maya Angelou describe the change in her when the spring classes began? 3. According to the author, what forces assault the young Black female? 4. According to the author, why does the adult American Negro female emerge as such a formidable character? . What new problem did Marguerite face as a result of reading The Well of Loneliness? 6. How did Mother respond to Marguerites questions about her body? 7. What was Marguerites solution to her still-present concern over her sexual preferences? 8. What happened to Marguerite as a result of her seduction of the good-looking young man? 9. How did her parents react to her news? 10. Explain Vivian Baxters statement: See, you dont have to think about doing the right thing. If youre for the right thing, then you do it without thinking.

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International criminal law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

International criminal law - Essay Example that has broken out in Asterixia since 1999, there is evidence existing that gross human rights violations have taken place - â€Å"crimes against humanity†6 or crimes committed within the context of a war situation. In assessing the criminal liability that will accrue upon the state of Asterixia, the provisions of various international conventions must be considered while criminal liability of President Killinger and General Nipochet could arise under the ICTY which has clearly spelt out the liabilities of a Commander for atrocities committed by subordinates and be adjudicated through the ICC. The term â€Å"crimes against humanity† was first coined after the massacre of the Armenians by the Turks in 19157 however all such diplomatic initiatives after World War I to â€Å"act on behalf of humanity† proved inconclusive8. The International Military tribunal at Nuremberg was criticized on the basis of it being equivalent to implement of justice by the victor9 however it was the first step to the setting up of an international forum to question State immunity in the case of international crimes.10 But as deGuzman points out, it was only after the establishment of the ad hoc tribunals at Yugoslavia in 1993 and Rwanda in 1994 that international justice has been activated11. The ICTY12 was authorized to bring to justice and prosecute those persons accused of crimes against humanity â€Å"when †¦.directed against any civilian population.†13 The ICTR on the other hand, came into being to tackle the heinous criminal activity generated by the Rwandan conflict13a – however both these tribunals have made it possible to try individuals for their crimes in an international criminal forum. The International criminal Court which came into being in 2002, has jurisdiction over nationals for crimes occurring on the territory of all states that have ratified the Rome Statute.14 Article 98(2) of the Rome Statute is specifically meant to protect against the ICC being used as a basis

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Principles of Information Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Principles of Information Security - Essay Example Risk treatment is the proportionate provision of controls. It can mitigate or eliminate risks of the organization’s operations according to suitable options. The main goal of risk treatment is to reduce risk to an acceptable level in a cost-effective manner. While treating risk we have to take care of few things such as selected controls, regulations, legislation, organizational policy, user acceptance and safety and reliability. The risk can be addressed by four ways. They are avoided, transfer, limit and accept. Avoid means eliminating the cause of the risk. Transfer refers to insurance or outsourcing some function from other organizations. Limit meant for reducing the likelihood or consequences of an event. The last way is to accept that means one understands the risk and there is not any cost-effective solution that can be used so it is better to live with that. Once one has Risk Registers tables one can check from there which threat is most affecting the Assessment Office performance. Depending upon the risk various types of controls can be selected. Security program plan is made when all the controls are identified. Insecurity plan one addresses a group of controls as compared to individual controls. It is not mandatory that whatever suggestion one has included in the plan is going to be implemented by the management. But each can be considered for that. The various controls that are identified are Identity Card, Backup procedures, Training/Awareness, Strictly Comply ITS Security policies, Physical Protection of Server (CPU), and Proper Rechecking etc.

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Grace Hopper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Grace Hopper - Assignment Example She would become an employee of the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation. Hopper made valuable contributions in the development of programming languages and applications for the UNIVAC computer. She developed a compiler which helps to act as an interface between machine language and human language. This revolutionary accomplishment now forms the basis of modern programming languages and applications. It helped to create the basic syntax for coding applications. Hopper would invent the term â€Å"computer bug† when a real moth was found to be trapped in the UNIVAC computer (Beyer, 69). Hopper’s greatest contribution was the development of the COBOL which became the standard blueprint for modern programming languages. COBOL was easily understood and applied by computer programmers. It uses English language syntax as a means of developing efficient and effective applications. Hopper made valuable contributions in creating standards for programming languages. These standards have led to the immense proliferation and development of applications. Grace Hopper will always be acclaimed for making computer technologies accessible to the general public. Her valuable research now forms the basis of modern applications and

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Veronica Aunsionwu Essay Example for Free

Veronica Aunsionwu Essay Veronica Aunsionwu, founder of The Lord’s Word on Healing Ministry and author of several books on overcoming infertility, would like to announce the creation of her newest website, Beautifulandpregnanant. com. This website promotes her new books, Woman, You Are Not Infertile, volumes one and two. These books give practical advice from the Word of God about difficulties becoming pregnant, and what one can do to overcome these difficulties through trust and prayer. Ms. Aunsionwu feels called by God to share what she has learned through years of study and self-experience regarding problems in reproduction and the miracles God can bring to people who will believe in Him and call on His name for a child of their own. In addition to the announcement of the two new books by Ms. Aunsionwu, there is also an announcement of a five-part e-course that can be ordered for free from beautifulandpregnant. com. This course will go over the basics of the two new books, and it will give all those who are interested a glimpse of the information that Ms. Aunsionwu has so carefully complied for those who so desperately desire a child of their own. Beautifulandpregnant. com is full of excerpts from the two new books, and it also offers pertinent Bible verses and stories of success to inspire and encourage all visitors to the site. As both volumes of Woman, You Are Not Infertile are e-books, they can be bought and downloaded from beautifulandpregnant. com in mere minutes. If one does choose to download the volumes, there is a special offer of four dollars off when both are purchased together, and there are two free gifts available as well. These free e-books will help with naming your baby and feeling your best during pregnancy. There is a 60-day guarantee with purchase, and the free gifts are yours to keep. Come, let Ms. Aunsionwu’s interpretation of God’s Word encourage and strengthen you on your quest to bear a child. Beautifulandpregnant. com is well worth your visit!

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Quotes on Catcher in the Rye :: essays research papers

Which African nation, South Africa or Nigeria, will have greater difficulty overcoming problems that stem from its colonial legacy? Why?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  South Africa will have a harder time overcoming its colonial legacy than Nigeria for a multitude of reasons. The first of many reasons, only three that I will touch on are as follows; the ways in which the settlers changed the beliefs of the African peoples, the second is how they cultivated the land the aboriginal people lived on and the third and final reason is the monetary value they used, and how they dispersed it to the Africans.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When the settlers settled on the South African continent they did not know much of anything the African people believed in. As a matter of fact they knew nothing at all. The aboriginal civilization had a belief in numerous gods, a polytheistic, religion. The settlers believed in one god, Jesus. This alone was a drastic change for the â€Å"savage† people to abide by. Those who did not follow the religion were punished and sought out by the new governing body that was England. These punishments were harsh and usually resulted in death or lashings. The Africans learned quickly not to openly pray to or speak of any other god than Jesus. Amounting with the beatings any type of pay or food that they may earn for working would be rationed or even taken away completely.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The second of the three reasons being touched on is that of the land. The English wanted to make money off of this continent of â€Å"ill cultured† people. So they put them to work and took spices and other valuables from them and sold them throughout the civilized nations. So in this adventure they built communities for their own armies and nobles to over see the construction and operations of business. They did not want to branch off and make South Africa a livable places for the nobles of England just a money spot to indulge on the less educated Africans. In doing so they disrupted the land and habitat that the Africans were used to and caused many diseases that they weren’t immune too.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Finally the money that was given to and taken from the Africans was out of proportion. The money made in that day and age from the Africans was monolithic. They were not of the impression that they were getting the raw end of the deal because the English, although showing signs of tyranny did serve and treat the Africans well at times.

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The Problem with Evil. Essay -- essays research papers

Arevalo 1 Michael Arevalo Philosophy/Extra Credit 02-03-02 The Problem With Evil The Problem With Evil refers to the statement; "No evil happens to a good person in this life or after death". The question at hand refers to the statement being accurate or not. Depending on how you define the words; â€Å"good†, and â€Å"person†, this statement may be construed as inaccurate or accurate. We must first define the words â€Å"good†, and â€Å"person†. The American Heritage defines â€Å"good† as being; (1a) â€Å"Virtuous; Valid or True†. It also defines â€Å"person† as; (2a) â€Å"Self; the personality of a human being†. However the Dictionary also has these alternative definitions: good – (1b) â€Å"Genuine; Real†: person – (2b) â€Å"the living body of a human being†. If you are to believe definition (2a), that there is more to a person than the physical body, our statement in question could be considered accurate. The thought or notion to be â€Å"true†, and or the â€Å"personality of a human being† is a concept. These concepts are forever true or changeless (eternal). Our ability to become aware of these concepts may illustrate somet...

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Human Resource Planning Essay

The process that connects an organization’s strategic plan with its human resource needs is called human resource planning. The process ensures that staffing needs are addressed to achieve the organization’s objectives. Human resource planning is important because it helps an organization maintain a competitive edge and retain employees. Human resource planning determines the supply and demand of employees, according to the needs and wants of the business and its customers. The internal and external environment has an impact on the consideration of human resource planning. For instance, internal impacts are promotions, transfers, or firings, and external impacts can be changes in technology, the economy, or the industry. The competence and qualification of current and future employees and their career paths are more factors to consider when developing a human resource plan. These impacts can affect the staffing and human resource planning processes depending on the need s for a company to remain successful. Human resource planning is important and ongoing because of both internal and external environmental changes. Planning and Strategic Development and Implementation Human resource planning is identifying present and future needs of an organization to reach its goals (Obeidat, 2012). Human resource planning also involves predicting the demand and supply for employees, considering the business needs, and strategies for development and employment to meet requirements (Obeidat, 2012). The results will provide an analysis of human resource supply and future demand, which will identify gaps and most likely include staffing. Therefore, having knowledge of the goals and expectations of the company, can identify methods to reach these goals and track its progress. Planning in this manner allows a company to link resources with business performance. The results will identify the required number of qualified and competent candidates and this will help the business meet its goals and objectives. For instance, human resource planning and staffing connect by addressing the company’s direction, skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to follow a certain path. It also assesses the current competencies within the company and the gap between the direction and requirements to succeed. Description of the Staffing Process The eight elements of the staffing process are human resource planning, recruiting, selection, orientation, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, and employment decisions (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). Human resource planning involves assessing current employees, forecasting future demands, and constructing plans to add or transfer employees (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). Recruiting involves looking for qualified people within or outside the company for vacant positions (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). Selection is interviewing and testing candidates and hiring the best applicant(s). Orientation is when new employees learn about the fellowship. Training and development is when new employees learn their jobs and expand their skills. The performance appraisal is the origination of the touchstones for judging the workplace of employees (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). Compensation is generating pay and benefits for each position. Employment decisions include promotions, demotions, transfers, layoffs, and firings (Plunkett, Allen, & Attner, 2013). Elements and Activities The proper planning, recruiting, and selecting of staff is an ongoing process. The hiring process is just the beginning of staffing. The human resource department must retain employees through training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, and employment decisions. The first step in human resource planning is the staffing process. The human resource planning process starts with a job analysis. A job analysis describes the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to perform each position. The job description will include what, how, and why employees perform his or her duties. It specifies minimum acceptable qualifications a candidate must possess to do the job effectively. A human resource inventory comes after the completion of the job analysis. The human resource inventory will categorize the needs and wants of the position. Afterwards, a human resource forecast is created to anticipate future demands for each position based on the plans, goals and objectives of the organization. Last, the forecast and inventory are compared to decide whether staffing needs will come from internal or external candidates. Read more:  Essay on Human Resource Planning Activities and Planning, Development, & Implementation The primary influence in the use of a company’s resources is the mission and vision of the organization. The mission and vision of the business provide the reason for the use of the resource. An effective and efficient business, strategic and business plans specify how its resources are managed and utilized. The most important resources a business must effectively use are: technology to create a product or deliver the service, the finances to pay for the requirements, and the skills and talents used by human beings to complete the job (Soberg, 2011). The business specifies the technology it needs to achieve the mission of the organization. The required technology will depend on the amount of product or service the company wishes to provide. The strategic plans and vision will be a factor in this decision to ensure it aligns with the goals of the company (Sober, 2011). The best fit for the organization and its mission will come down to the industry and what is currently utilize d. The financial aspect of the equation will specify how to produce money, control money, and foresee the revenue and expenses. The budget for a smooth, successful business operation will rely on the need for achievement in regards to the goals and objectives. The decision must include the cost of the entire operations including maintenance. For instance, the expenses cover purchasing, maintaining and adapting technology and compensating employees. The human benefactor is the knowledge, skills, and abilities utilized to generate and carry the product and service. People are an organization’s largest resource because products and services could not be managed, created, or delivered without the knowledge, skills, and abilities of human beings (Soberg, 2011). For example, without any assistance from human beings, technology and money cannot be utilized. The effective use of human resources assist companies in attracting the right employees, expand the knowledge, skills, and abilitie s of these employees, and keep the employees within the organization. Conclusion Human resource planning is the prediction of future business and environmental needs of a given organization. Human resource planning estimates the number of people available to work for future purposes. It strives to identify proper staffing required to perform organizational activities. Human resource planning is an ongoing process which starts with  objectives, move toward an analysis of resources and ends at evaluation of the human resource plan. Human resource planning compares the present and future status of the organization. The results identify what changes are necessary to meet goals. Human resource planning is vital so companies can meet their objectives and gain a competitive edge over its competition. The proper prediction of employment needs is important. An organization must foresee staffing issues beforehand, just as they predict potential threats in the industry that can impact on overall business success. Employee performance is a direct link to the success of the company. Therefore, a company that is not able to achieve goals is the result of workplace failure. Nevertheless, human resource planning is important to ensure the organization does not hire the wrong people or neglect to predict changes in staffing needs. The only way an organization can ensure employees have the skills, knowledge, and abilities the business needs to succeed is by planning for human resource needs. A human resource plan goes hand in hand with the companies plan to determine the resources it needs to achieve the goals. References Obeidat, B.Y. (2012, October). The Relationship between Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Functions and Human Resource Management (HRM) Functionalities. Journal of Management Research, 4(4), . doi:10.5296/jmr.v4i4.2262 Plunkett, W. R., Allen, G. S., & Attner, R.F (2013). Management: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations (10th ed.). Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning. Soberg, A. (2011). The Link Between Strategic Planning and Human Resource Planning. Retrieved from

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buy custom Learning Objectives essay

buy custom Learning Objectives essay The trainee has to know the following: How to undertake a personal wound care, clean the wound properly, apply the necessary medication, use various menus in the computer. Select an appropriate file for the documentation of the patients details such as: age, severity of the wound, and medication. Having basic skills in health care delivery, with a minimum of academic knowledge in secondary level health science, shall be a requirement to understand the basics of the task performance, and to be able to follow them precisely and in a careful manner Performance The trainee is required to gain the following knowledge: Properly nurse a wound Correctly document patients details using Microsoft Excel. The details shall include: name, age, phone number, and prescribed medication information How to take care of patients through keeping management records,, wound treatment, providing feedback to wound situation, administration of first aid, supervision of drug administration, and assistance to wounded patients. The trainee is expected to attend all of the safety seminars so as to acquit themselves with the vital precaution measures. Buy custom Learning Objectives essay