Monday, March 18, 2019

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prompt n wise to(p) subsidy frosting-skating rink Cream front room debased n unexampledIceCreamFast n lively- - good for youStatement of PurposeThe nominate of this blood plan is to support a request for a 75,000five-year marge loan to purchase equipment and inventory as part of thefinancing for a start-up sole proprietorship, Fast n Fresh Premiun Ice CreamParlor. The affair give be owned by Daniel W. Beese and go out be situatedin undertake space at 858 Success Ave in the brisk Riverside Faire obtaincenter, Jacksonville, FL 32211. The owner will provide a stripped-down of 75,00in initial equity.The business will serve healthy and indemnity ice cream, yogurt,sandwiches, and nonalcholic beverages to the generally upscale target marketof Riverside Faire. ground on the financial and competive analysis presentedin this plan, Fast n Fresh grant Ice Cream Parlor will be sucessful.It is evaluate that Fast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor willbecome established in Ja cksonville, FL at heart two geezerhood and will becomeknown throughout the North Florida area within five years with the potentialof multiple locations. The Fast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlors distinctlogo, its reputation for fast service and only the freshest ingredients, plus itsslogan, Fast n Fresh- good for you will provide a distinctive competiveedge.The owner, Daniel W. Beese, has founded three highly successful foodservice businesses in the North Florida area. The owner holds anundergraduate degree and a MBA from the University of Florida.The Business DescriptionFast n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor will be a start-up ice creamparlor located in leased space at 858 Success Ave in the new Riverside Faireshopping Center, Jacksonville, FL 32211. A ninety-day option has been takenon this location. The estimated opening day is April 2002.Daniel W. Beese will own the business as a sole proprietorship. Eachof the business owned by Daniel W. Beese has broken even after only sixm onths and was sold for a minimum of three times the owners investment.Fast n Frsh Ice Cream Parlor will be an upscale eating place selling premiumice cream, yogurt, sandwiches, and hot... ...ations in Jacksonville, FL. The closest victor Flavors is quaternity miles away . Superior Flavors is well known for theircreative yogurt and ice cream flavors. Their products are priced moderatelyand they do not serve sandwiches. Superior Flavors has a competiveadvantage with its name recognition. Fast n Fresh has a advantage beacuseit offers sandwiches.PersonnelThe business will operate utilize local University, Community College,and high school students as its convention employees. This will reflect ayouthful, invigorating image consistent with its Fast n Fresh -- good foryou slogan. The conductor will be an see person from one of theowners other businesses. A peculiar(a) employee benefit will be Fast n FreshPremium Ice Cream Parlor scholarships covering tuition and books. Thisoffer wi ll only be good after employees complete the ninety day probationperiod. The majority of the employees will be part time with a wide-cut timemanager. Student employees will earn 6.50/hr with oppurtunities for payincreases. The manager will be paid 10% above prevailing wage levels. Apolicy of promotion form within will be adopted.

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