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Garment Workers of Bangladesh

raiment Workers of BangladeshMackenzie DicksonThe Institute for international get and serviceman Rights is a non-profits human rights organization that recognizes and defends the basic human rights of repel accomplishmenters globally. Originally as the National Labor Committee, the organization was founded in 1981 and has locations in numerous locations in the United States as well as South Asia. The main organizations boot is to end the exploitation of mill workers than produce goods exported to the United States. There ar several campaigns under the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, bingle of which is the Bangladeshi Garment Worker campaign. This campaign aims to raise aw arness of the decorate workers struggles. fit to the organizations website, Bangladesh is the third largest exporter of coiffures in the domain to the U.S Bangladeshs equip workers are among the hardest working(a) women and men in the world, but also the just about exploited and dis charge the lowest pay in the world (Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights).Bangladesh is a country east of India known for its poorness and having the highest population denseness in the world. The countrys population density is about 1,101 persons per square kilometer (Stotz). According to the World entrust, 31.5% of Bangladeshs overall population is living on a lower floor the meagerness rake in 2010 that is roughly 47,759,285 people living in indigence (World Bank Group). Based on the previous patterns, this number has likely increased considering the most recent poverty headcount ratio at national poverty lines is about seven years old. In 2015 the World Bank describe Bangladeshs Gross National Income (GNI) as roughly $1,190 United States GNI is about 47 successions that. (World Bank Group). Bangladeshs garment industry was worth about 20 billion U.S. dollars in 2013, making it the second largest clothing supplier of the world market, following China (Stotz). Bang ladeshs economy is based on the success of the garment industry. The business garment manufactorys subscribe with U.S. corporations like Wal-Mart, Disney, Gap, and Old Navy are crucial to the countrys economic growth and free trade. These large wealthy corporations do not want to pay, hence why the corporations employ factories in poverty stricken countries like Bangladesh.The four-part short series Hidden Face of globalisation created by The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights interviews the women of Bangladeshi garment factories and asks the question Why are the basic human rights of the women who made the growth and maintain the global economy not protected?The series focuses on the young women between the ages 16 to 25 who make up 80% of the 1.8 million garment factory workers in Bangladesh (Hidden Face of Globalization). The young women work from eight in the morning until ten or eleven at night, seven days a week. Overtime is mandatory and the workers are lots f orced to work up to twenty hours when there is a career to produce an order. The women are not allowed to speak while working, are allowed lonesome(prenominal) two trips to the bathroom, and are fired around the age of 30. If the workers question their inhuman treatment, unsafe factory conditions, or unionizing the women are at risk of communicative assault, physical abuse, imprisonment, and/or losing their job (Hidden Face of Globalization).Garment workers bargain they train themselves to be faster than the rest and often times report on others mentation about unionizing to achieve a higher pay (39, Ahmed). However, questioning wage and worker benefits has proven ineffective because the commission was made up of state of matter representatives who were supposed to advocate for worker interests. The spatial segregation of the sexes in the factory is an outward expression of gendered wage segregation with the few men at the top having jobs with more control and higher wages (A hmed, 40). After recognizing they have fallen subject to gender hierarchy, the women drop their concerns and attempts to unionize in concern of being sexually assaulted or harassed and give up meddling for a voice on the factory floor (Ahmed, 40).The job takes a toll on the womens groundwork life. Because of their grueling days at work, they do not have time for themselves or their families the children are often left wing alone for long hours at a time and the women dont have time to maintain healthy relationships with family members (Hidden Face of Globalization). The extreme poverty the workers return home too is discussed in the series. The women make as little as 11 to 17 cents an hour, well below the minimum wage as a result, they and their families are forced to live and share will others who live below the poverty line. Privacy is non-existent. The small rooms are full of sometimes as many as ten people and are strengthened from scraps. The whole community shares a smal l gas stove, water pump, and a single out-house (Hidden Face of Globalization). The 70s brought an increase of women into the work force, specifically export-based industries such as the garment industry and other labor-intensive industries that rely on affordable production to maintain competitiveness (Beneria, 114). Corporations like Disney and Wall-mart are dependant of womens labor to sustain their part in the world market. Labor-intensive industries are reliant of countries like Bangladesh that are sustained by patriarchal gender norms and are reproduced in the workplace by the concerted efforts of employers and government policy (Beneria, 114).The factory workers that supplied Disney garments appealed to Disney asking for a pay raise. The women said if they were paid 35 cents quite an than the 11-17 cents their quality of life would increase significantly, letting them live in poverty instead of below the poverty line (Hidden Face of Globalization). The women asked Disney to respect their basic human rights the women wanted safe working conditions, basic pay raise, days off, and regulated hours. As a result the women lost their jobs. Some women chose to save to Disney corporations asking for their jobs back, explaining how multinational corporations like Disney are able to afford the be of giving their employees basic human rights.Works CitedBeneria, Lourdes, Gunseli Berik, and Maria Floro. Gender, development, and globalizationeconomics as if all people mattered. New York Routledge, Taylor Francis Group, 2016. Print.Fauzia Erfan Ahmed. The Rise of the Bangladesh Garment Industry Globalization, WomenWorkers, and Voice. NWSA Journal, vol. 16, no. 2, 2004, pp. 34-45. Face of Globalization. Dir. Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights. Institute forGlobal Labour and Human Rights, 3 Apr. 2007. Web.Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights. About. Institutefor Global Labour and Human Rights, n.d. Web.Stotz, Lina, and Clean apparel Campaign. Facts on Bangladeshs GarmentIndustry. Bangladesh Factsheet. Clean Clothes Campaign, n.d. Web.World Bank Group. Bangladesh. Bangladesh Data. World Bank Group, 2016. Web.

Analysing Slavery in Mark Twains Writing

Analysing sla actu everyy in separate Twains WritingINTRODUCTION concord to astray held military position on thraldom, it is has been ac copeledged that it is a virtually universal consume of homophile explanation that has preserved up to nowadays. As absolute keep of m eachtime(a) origins of thralldom accounts to the fact that in that respect be pen documents survived from old-fashi matchlessd times as written in e.g., the Code of Hammurabi and The Old conament constituteing that striverry was established in the early civilizations. As to insert days, the United Nations (hereafter UN) reports reveal a huge number of women, children and men be exploited and forced into break peerlesss backry ranging from at least eight hundred- special K to tercet million mass trafficked annually. Therefore, globalization has brought non yet dogmatic cultural exchanges, but also endemic slavery approximately the foundation, ski tow a discussion of tackling and elimi nating this agonyful issuance.Concerning the terminal figure slavery, it de nones much of negativism and effect e.g., torture, kidnap, murder, inferiority, punishment as well as the wilful destruction of valet de chambre mind and spirit (Bales, 20056). Nevertheless, the historians (Bales2005David2004 Kopytoff1977) describe that slaves throughout charitable history entertain been treated as inferior, uncivilized and bestialized e.g., acknowledge Twains story The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn portrays the seconderners vision of a runa musical mode slave who is comprehend as superstitious, uneducated and perhaps fiery thing merely a human in their glance.This helps to explain the inappropriate or negative olfactory modalityings, locatings and actions towards one ethnic group of mint, in this sequel a pureness persons disdain and brilliantity everyplace drear person. The qualityity of gaberdine or Caucasian campaign derives from times of slavery as the historian Kevin Bales (20057) states slavery coffin nail damage hatfuls mind, namely, (1) slaves (2) slaveholders and (3) members of indian lodge who live this system. As to Bales (ibid), such bon ton accepts dehumanization of a person that allow prospering slavery around the globe. Thus, we sack observe that slavery has remerged non only in umpteen different times throughout human history, but also is devote in our times. This question paper masterminds at illustrating a link mingled with past and present displayed in Mark Twains literary acetifys. They reveal that slavery in the South can be descryd as a ghost of the past, which has been as haunting African the Statesns and Caucasian induce. As a result, the past has widened a gap between those two races in America. William Faulkner has give tongue to that only with Twain, Walt Whitman became a true indigenous American culture (quoted in Hutchinson, 199880). Mark Twain who was born and raised in the Americas South was the pi oneer of displaying the spoken language, the very American language in literature that is characterized as vivid, but with sardonic humour, neat aphorism. It has to be mentioned that Mark Twain is regarded as a intricate ainity since he managed to contradict himself non only in a real life, but also in his writings.The case of the bachelor thesis is institution of slavery in Mark Twains works. In new(prenominal) course, the paper investigates aspects and issue of slavery described in Mark Twains writings, including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884-85) and A True Story, Repeated for Word, as I perceive It (1874) which atomic number 18 set in the pre Civil War society of American South- westernmost.The aim of the paper is to gain a comprehensive picture of slavery from Mark Twains works.The aimives of the research paperthe task is to select and to review the most universal images of slavery presented in Twains writings by such characters as aunty Rachel, Jim and Hu ck Finnto make the use of a study of history i.e. Slavery in America , but retain into account Mark Twains personal view on slaveryto analyse the images of slavery using the writers storiesto test the results i.e. to compare those two different images of slavery i.e. literary works and motiveitative history of slaveryto draw the relevant conclusions taking into account both his writings and the historical context.Hypothesis Mark Twains literary works criminate personal responsibility and awareness on such complex issue as slavery, but jobs of slavery cannot be viewed separately from historical context.Methods of researchcase study analysis of such historical works on slavery written by Suzzane Miers, Igor Kopytoff, Christine Hatt,Robert McColley and early(a)sanalysis of two Mark Twains storiescollocation to contrast and compare those two different images of slavery, namely, historical and literary translation of slavery.The author of the paper has chosen the case study as a r esearch method for a number of reasons. First of all, case study research allow us better apprehensiveness a complex issue or object and this method of study is especially expedient for testing theory by using it in real world situations. Secondly, a case study is an in depth study of a cross situation. It is a method employ to narrow down a very broad field of research into one soft research adapted topic. Finally, it provides a structural office of looking at correctts, collecting data, analyzing information, and reporting the results. As a result, the researcher may get a better understanding of why the event happened as it did, and what is important to look at more(prenominal) closely in the future.The first chapter deals with the history of racialism and the innovation of racialism. The bite chapter provides an insight into understanding of slavery and deals with the issue of institution of slavery in the USA. The third one and its subchapters deal with issues of slav ery, namely, they scan how slavery is depicted in Twains literary work Huckleberry Finn and provide a brief insight into history of slavery in America and explores A True story and Aunts Rachel full stop of view of slavery.1 THE HISTORY OF RACISM AND ITS CONCEPTThis chapter deals with the history and the concept of racialism. Racism is a subject that most lot, at least in westbound societies, contrive their own opinion on and it is as old as civilization, it continues to be an important factor in society today.Alana Lentin (2011) claims that racialism is a political phenomenon rather than a mere set of ideas. To dismantle racialism it is necessary to go beyond the texts of racial scientists and to look at how certain(p) political conditions during incident historical contexts led to some of the ideas proposed by racial theorists being integrated into political practices of nation-states. There are triple aspects the political nature of racism, its up set forthity and i ts grounding in the history of the West that are fundamental to understanding racisms hold over modern westbound societies. It is very important as well to look at the statements, what a race is.According to Ivan Hannaford (1996), the word race as used in Western languages is first found as late as the finis 1200 1500. Only in the seventeenth century did it take on a separate meaning from the Latin word gens or folk and was related to the concept ethnic group. In other words the dispositions and presuppositions of race and ethnicity were introduced some would say invented or theoretical accountated in modern times and in whatsoever case, were not given the meaning they aim today until after the French and American revolutions. The reason why the depression of race became such a powerful and attr dynamic idea is payable to the deliberate manipulation of texts by scientists and historians to show that a racial come in has perpetually structured military personnel (Hann aford 1996 4). There was a definite share of the periods over which the idea of race developed. Hannaford divides it into three symbolises 1684 1815, 1815 1870 and 1870 1914. The final period is cognize as the Golden Age of racism, it was a time when it was possible for the British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli to proclaim that race is all and thither was no other truth. (ibid, 1996).As Alana Lentin (2011) states the word race was first used in its modern sense in 1684, when a Frenchman published his essay, where race stood for divisions among humans based on observable somatogenic differences. At this stage race was used a sincere descriptor and there was no intention of superiority meant by presenting humanity in this way (2011).Hannaford (1996) states that Western learners later started to think somewhat that it means to be human that essentially changed the way mint thought about the origins of human life, the universe and society. It is the bases for the way we t hink about these things to this day. The most significant changes were in fact that theological explanations about life were replaced by logical description. (Hannaford, 1996 187).Lentin Alan (2011) considers that many tidy sum do not ask nowadays why racism is apparently so important, despite the end of colonialism, slavery and the Holocaust, the answer is that it is natural. Racism has entered into everyday terminology and therefore in our consciousness. The idea of racism is so widespread that we easily mistake it for something that is just there, a fact of life. Racism is associated with the fear and even hatred that human beings are commonly expected to keep up for each(prenominal) other. Fear based on racism is inherent and there is no need to ask why it exists (2011).As Neil Macmaster reminds us that racism is always a dynamic assist, a set of article of faiths and practices that is imbedded in a particular historical context, a particular sociable formation, and is thu s continuously undergoing change, a plastic chameleon like phenomenon which constantly finds new forms of political, friendly, cultural or linguistic expression (2001 2).Lentin (2011) refers to race in descriptive terms, it takes account of racionalization. Racionalization is the process through which the supposed inferiority of moody, colonized and non- flannels is constructed. Todays global racism divides the copious and the poor worlds and is no recollectiveer a simple black and white issue. Racionalization involves endowing the traditions and lifestyles that are attributed to groups of different others with negative signifiers (2011). According to Alan Lentin (2011), the development of a radicalized sulk about a group of tidy sum provides justification for their favoritism. It puts into words the very thing about a particular group that is said to instigate us and pose a threat to our way of life. The fact that racionalization and racism are repeated, affecting differen t groups over time, does not mean that racism is inevitable. Rather, it shows that considerable transformations of our political systems, our societal and cultural infrastructure, and our discourse the very way in which language is used needs to change if racism in Western societies is to be overcome (201110).Memmi (2000) investigates racism as social pathology a cultural disease that prevails because it allows one part of society to empower itself at the expense of another. For Memmi, racism emerges from within human situations, rather than simply as the enforcement of an political theory, or the natural belief some people score harmonize their innate superiority. Racism is a charge, like a judicial guardianship that is levied against somebody, who is indicated as being in some manner (racially) different. It implies that the other has, in being different, somehow broken certain assumed rules, and is thus not a good person. Thus the person is devalued and disparaged and he posts from it. The indictment, however, is barbaric and unjust, and the accused is thus the victim of an loss. As well Memmi (2000) states that in France, extension phone to le raciste in a third person nominative mode, as to some unspecified person who behaves in a particular way, upholding certain ideas and attitude, would call up a more or less beaten(prenominal) picture, bur in the United States it would not really be as clear. It is a nation in which white racism is wholly reason out and integrated into political and social life. Though it may be unseeyn in everyday life, it can see by White people through accepting themselves without question as white. Thus racism moves beyond individual disfavour to engage broader questions of collective behaviour and social responsibility.As it can be seen, the topic of racism is very broad. Some people would say that racism is just based on damages but some would say that it is something that people are born into, and they are not a ble to fight against it, nor break out of their social status. People who are in such situations, are born into a situation where they do not have an unfair disadvantage when trying to move out of their social status and thus fall into a category that can make them more susceptible to racial prejudice and ideologies. The next subchapter leave alone have a closer look at types of racism. 1.1 TYPES OF RACISMThe current subchapter aims at giving additional conceptions of the term racism as well as outlining basic types of racism proposed by several authorities(Reilly, Kaufman, Bodino2003)(Fredrickson2002). The given section suggests that there is obvious correlation between racism and slavery.The website on racism Anti-Defamation fusion defines racism as the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another as well as that a persons social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her essential biological characteristics.According to Reilly, Kaufman and Bodino (200 39), race has no basic biological reality, because all we see is just a colour or different grain of hair or shape of eyes, but it does not have any decisive influence over a persons intelligence or other traits. As a result, misconceptions about race have lead to forms of racism that have caused much social, mental and social harm (Reilly Additionally, Frederickson points out (20021) that racism that is the antipathy of one group towards another that can be verbalised and acted upon with a single mindedness and brutality.Nevertheless, the same experts describe racism as prejudice or discrimination against other people because of their race, due to their biology or ancestry and physical appearance. This pattern is clearly visible in Twains work The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn when a slave named Jim runs away from his owner, whereas the whole city spreads out the rumours about him having killed Hucks father. Their assumption is based on prejudice that all black pe ople are savages, violent and ca not be trusted. Thus, their attitude towards, slaves can be described as racism, because they judged those people, due to their ancestry and physical appearance.Although the term racism first came into common usage in 1930ies (as verbalize in the book A Racism a short history) (Fredercikson, 20025), the act of discrimination is still there i.e. while reading Twains literary works we can perceive how coloured people were treated in the American South.This attitude or and approach of white superiority overwhelm the grey society at the time when Huck Finn was embarking in his famous adventures on disseminated multiple sclerosis river. A great deal of harm has been done to generations and in this particular case to Jim, Aunt Rachel and Huck Finn. The pain and burden of slavery of these characters are depicted in chapter three.As to types of racism, the website on American Research and geographics called Amerigis provides detailed information on types of racism. The types are as follows Historical, Scientific, New, Spatial, Institutional, Internalized and Individual.The online resource stated above claims that racism looks different today from it did thirty years ago. The author of the current paper finds important to mention that racism back in 19th century was blatant and caused so much pain and injustice to black race. Thus, the graduate proposes the idea that discrimination and injustice has derived from the time when slavery was acceptable even more it was the cornerstone of the Souths vision of sound social order. The author of BA thesis asserts that such blatant discrimination has never been experienced in human history as it was back in early 19th century it was the root of all poisonous caused to black race.The classification of racism is based on several resources such as the Internet resource mentioned above, and three publications on racismThe types are as followsCultural racismAccording to Belgrave et al(2010104) cu ltural racism is expressed as assumed superiority of a language or dialect, set, beliefs, worldviews and cultural inheritance e.g., in the novel Huckleberry Finn the slave named Jim is regarded as superstitious person whose beliefs and values are regarded as infantile even compare to young white lad like Tom Sawyer.Individual RacismThe same scholar (ibid) explains that individual racism has the same meaning and features as of racial prejudice i.e. it assumes the superiority of ones own racial group and justifies its domination and power over other race. For example, when Pap Finn gets all furious about a white shirted free coon to right to vote, because he holds the view that black race has no right to freedom nor participate in elections. As he states they told me there was a State in this country where theyd let that nigger vote, thus he determines , Ill never vote agin as long as I live.Institutional RacismThe Internet source American research and geographic information syste m point to white exemption that frequently is hidden, because it has become internalized and integrated as part of ones outlook on the world by custom, wont and tradition. For example, concerning antebellum society in the South of America if a white person helps a runaway slave towards freedom, and in doing so he violets the laws of man, and he believes the laws of God (Hutchinson, 1998130). The fact of dower slave that according to the Southerner rules is a deadly sin that sends a sinner into flames of hell. This points out that the church played a great role in peoples lives whereas any person who would disobey the given rule would be perceived as peril to their moral social order in the South. As a result, the southern upbringing does not allow Huck Finn to show his sympathy towards Jim, a runaway slave.Slavery functioned as main social moral and religious issue in the South. The preceding sentences and extracts from Twains writings show that social order had a tremendous impa ct over members of the Southern society at the given time. Nevertheless, at that time there were no subtle forms or hidden ways of showing ones hate towards other race, unlike today where many people express their hate via the Internet. On the contrary, it was impossible to show sympathy towards a slave e.g., the runway slave Jim who has vilificationd the system and has sinned against the owner Miss Watson, arises the question to Huck whether he deserves his freedom.Additionally The psychologists Bhattacharya, Cross, Bhugra (201041) also give the classification racism based on the analysis of human behavior under certain circumstances, namely, being assailable to people of other ethnicities in our global world. The author of the BA thesis will highlight the types which can be found in the avocation works The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and A True Story, Repeated for Word, as I heard Itdominative when a person acts outaversive when a person feels superior , but is unable to act regressive when a personsdue to his or her view on racism behaves regressivelypre- glowing when a person has fear of strangerspost reflecting when a person justifies his fear of strangersThe study on racism shows that it involves biased judgments on humans and their action e.g., racist determines what is good, correct, beautiful, sane, normal. Nevertheless, the historians and other experts of this field (Fredercikson, 2002), (Reilly, Kaufman, Bodino 2003), ( sing 1987) agree upon the view that racism and the same slavery is seen as ideology, as practice as social structure. Whereas, Mark Twains writings reflect on slavery as doctrine, practice and social cornerstone of the America South in antebellum society that has brought so much injustice and pain, as well.The next subchapter will explore the ideology of racism.1.2 IDEOLOGY OF RACISMThe chapter gives an insight into the ideology of racism as it is an important matter discussed, portrayed in history books and literature. politic al theory is a body of beliefs that drives the goals and expectations of an individual or a group. According to Martin N. Marger (2006) As a belief system, or ideology, racism is structured around three basic ideas humankind are divided naturally into different physical types.Such physical traits as people display are in and of itself related to their culture, personality, and intelligence.The differences among groups are innate, not subject to change, and in the basis of their genic inheritance, some groups are innately superior to others (Marger 200619).Thus, racism is a belief that people are divided into hereditary groups that are different in their social behaviour. Racist thinking states that differences among groups are innate.Carol Brunson argues that the ideology of racism prescribes the parameters for perceiving social reality thereby defining guidelines for desirable interracial behaviour. at a time the members of society are imbued with racist thinking, they will not only perceive their institutions as natural, they will voluntarily carry out institutional mandates as of they are a function of their own individual choice (Carol Brunson, 198717).According to the authors of the books on the ideology of race it can be seen that it is powerful and it persists in different forms of expression. Robert Miles work Racism is an essential reminder that racism is the object of ideologic and discursive labouring. Robert Miles argues Racism is best conceived primarily as an ideology for at least one other reason. Racism, qua ideology, was created historically and became interdependent with the ideology of nationalism. The argument that racism is a form of ideology is important and worth repeating (Robert Miles, 200310).When it comes to ideological components assumptions of racism, Carol Brunson holds the following viewpoint Racist institutions not only create the structural conditions for racism, but also create a culturally sanctioned ideology that keeps the system operating. Racist ideology is a set of notions that ascribe central importance to real or presumed biological, cultural, and psychological differences among racial groups, attributing the arrangement of both historic and current social systems to these differences (Carol Brunson, 198715). tour ideological and cultural arguments are two pillars that support racism, one or other may be in the forefront at any given time. Stephen Gould states two assumptions of biologically based racist ideologyHumans are classifiable into discrete, hierarchically ranked biological groups (with whites at the top).Differences among the races reflect the natural and/or ordained order and therefore are incessantly fixed (Gould, 198145).Besides this biological argument, there exists also cultural argument, explaining the realities of the lives of people of colour. William Ryan (1976) defined blaming the victim as an ideological stance that locates the origins of social tasks. Ryan place four steps in victim blaming process. Locating social problem and population affected by it, comparison of values and behaviour of people affected by the social problem, locating the source off the problem in how the affected people are different from the successful ones, foot of treatment that would change the affected people (Ryan, 1976).Victim blaming therefore provides a modelling for explaining the problems of people of colour. It is also a framework for strategies to ameliorate the position of people of colour in our society. Many people learn about the ideology of racism and families, schools and media contribute to this preparation. They learn and behave according to the dictates of racist ideology. Carol Brunson argues that very early, children of all backgrounds learn stereotypes about other groups regardless of whether they have contact with actual people (Carol Brunson, 198718). These stereotypes later shape peoples reality and they start judging and interpreting ideas an d behaviours by their learnt stereotypes. Each persons own judgement is not harmful but over time the prejudices may become insalubrious and damaging.As it can be seen, there appear new arguments of racism and its ideology, justifying institutional, cultural and individual racism. While these new faces and arguments of racism try to cover the problem, racism and racist ideology are alive and existent in America. Racism affects us as individuals and the choices that we make in responding to it. Anti-racism education should get an immediate focus on each individual. The goal of the anti-racism education should be generation of development of individual consciousness, enabling people to become active initiators of the change in perception of racism. All people should be prudent for transformation of racism ideology. However, the situation is difficult because, while groups keep racism alive, the responsibility is not equally positioned. Yet, racism has always gone relegate in hand with slavery, and it is a precedent to slavery.Racism is wickedness. It is not a social problem that will gradually disappear through education and legislation. These alleviate the symptoms, but no more than that. The only cure is in understanding that ne outlying(prenominal)iousness is real. In the words of Jeffrey Burton Russell,The essence of venomous is abuse of a sentient being, a being that can feel pain. It is the pain that matters. Evil is grasped by the mind immediately and immediately felt by the emotions it is sensed as hurt deliberately bring downed. The existence of blackness requires no further proof I am therefore I suffer evil.The definition implies two things One, that every human being suffers evil. Two, every human being inflicts evil. Thus, the essence of the human condition is in how we live with evil.Of necessity, then, evil has two faces one is individual, the other is collective. That we as individuals will and do sanctify evil is unavoidable. Our eff orts not to do evil, however, need the support of a collective, i.e. a society that not only recognizes evil but condemns it.In contemporary America,In her Gifford lectures, Hannah Arendt said As citizens, we essential prevent wrong-doing because the world in which we all live, wrong- proletarian, wrong-sufferer, and spectator, is at stake the City has been wronged.We could almost define a crime as that transgression of the law that demands punishment regardless of the one who has been wronged.the law of the land permits no option because it is the confederacy as a whole that has been violated.America is struggling to reach a consensus that racism violates the community as a whole. It cannot do so as long as blacks are still excluded from a sense of community.Blacks have no doubts or questions about their humanity and thus are made to suffer evil, an evil that is still not obvious to the white majority. Racism is an act of evil but white people do not hear the moaning of the hurt or the death rattles of the dying.The evil of slavery, the evil of the Holocaust are written large. So much so that many are in danger of thinking that these cataclysms are the only ways in which racist evil expresses itself. That is why it is both ironic and maddening that so many blacks pit anti-Semitism only with the Holocaust and thereby conclude that because they would never remit the extermination of Jews they are not and could not be anti-Semitic. Non-blacks are equally culpable when they equate racism solely with acts of violence.Because our perception of evil is especial(a) to the dramatic, we have lost the capacity to recognize it. Evil has become so prosaic in appearance, manner and style that it is now woven into the fabric of the normal like smog, acid rain and K-mart. Hannah Arendt maintained that the horror of evil in the Third Reich was that it had lost the quality by which most people recognize it the quality of temptation. The racist evil of contemporary Ameri ca is as charismatic as an empty can of cat food. In her Gifford lectures, Hannah Arendt assay again to describe the figure of Adolf Eichmann and what had so horrified her about himI was struck by a manifest shallowness in the doer that made it impossible to trace the incontestable evil of his deeds to any deeper level of roots or motives. The deeds were monstrous, but the doerwas quite ordinary, commonplace, and neither demonic nor monstrous. There was no sign in him of firm ideological convictions or of specific evil motives, and the only noble characteristic one could detect in his past behavior as well as his behavior during the trialwas something entirely negative it was not stupidity but thoughtlessness.It was this absence of thinking which is so ordinary an experience in our everyday life, where we have hardly the time, let alone the inclination to stop and think that waken my interest. Is evildoing (the sins of omission, as well as the sins of commission) possible in i nadvertence of not just base motivesbut of any motives whatever, of any particular suggestion of interest or volition? Is wickedness, however we may define itnot a necessary condition for evil- doing?What Arendt saw in Eichmann is true of American society. This is not a country of wicked white people imbued with a pestilent racism based on some principle or other. What exists is far more distressing. Racism has become a psychological habit, a habit many wish to dislodge, but it is so ingrained that they do not know where to begin. It is imperative, however, that they look, for as Goethe wrote in Wilhem Meister, every sin avenges itself on earth.Where they must look is in themselves. Whites cannot feel the pain of blacks, Jews and women until they feel the pain they inflict on themselves by passively accepting a definition of cast that crowns whites as racially superior beings. I do not know why whites do not feel the evil they inflict on themselves because I see the evil of racis m taking its revenge on a drug-addicted white society which did not care forty years ago when drugs appeared in black slums. If America had been able to feel then that black life is human, if America had been able to feel that racism is a silent evil inflicting pain as murderous to the human spirit as any weapon is to the body, it would have been alarmed and travel to alleviate the conditions that made drugs appear to be a viable alternative. If America had been able to conceive that black life is human life, thousands of white and black lives would not have been destroyed, literally and psychologically, since drugs entered white American society. I do not understand why white America cannot understand this simple principle Everything white people do to black people, they will last do to each other.The ultimate evil of racism is not in its effects, but in the inability of white people to recognize themselves in black people. This evil will continue until white people take responsib ility for that which they wish was not within them, namely, evil.Ultimately, we must accept that evil is, that it is not something out there but something in here. It cannot be expunged because our humanity lies as much in our capacity to evil as

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Intrusion Detection Systems in Security

usurpation espial Systems in SecurityAbstractModern land forget the la foot race musical arrangement of rules of internet which is disputing for the security of tuition systems. The defense of information is becoming the part and parcel for internet day by day. authorized infraction detective work systems foot non make convinced(predicate) to recover attacks in touchable date environment as it has insufficient ability to do that. To get laid with latest invasions attack, entropybase should be rationalized time to time. Systems fall squat to pick verboten good attacks due to lack of state familiarity. If there is any lack of domain familiarity, misdemeanour spying system can fall squat to recognize new attack.In Wireless and AD HOC communicates, Information security revolves into supreme role. Possibility of vulnerability to attacks rises as for their flexible nature. A few incursion signal keepion schemes suggested for where wired ne twainrks are non suffi cient for Wireless and AD HOC lucres. In AD HOC webs, it is significant for such slant that is proficient to psyche any variety of eccentric actions.In fact, it is out of ability of engineering to encumber each integrity contravention. In this thesis I am going to model a IDS use time serial publication techniques for radio AD HOC electronic network by which it can detect intruders. Time series is a technique by which we can detect assault. To form the speedy change of time series data, the technique applies the Auto-Regressive (AR) mode, and achieves in order scheme test to detect the misdemeanour. By means of time and location correlation, the systems and modes curse the existence of anomalous commotion, as well as its occurring time and location. It is turn up and demonstrates that the experimental outcomes perform better with the recommended method in detecting the intrusion.Acknowledgements mental homeSecurity is the major issue for the wireless and Mobile AD HOC n etwork because it is using AIR as media .Research project address this part as violation Detection. Mounting world cannot imagine even for a single day without computer and computer is basis on internet. Nowadays warrant information of internet is becoming very high priority. Modern world emphases in a way by which it can be harbor the data and information from any illicit and unauthorized access.Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) can be differs in various techniques and advance with the objective to detect suspicious traffic in dissimilar ways. at that place are two significant categories of intrusion sleuthing systems. One is called network- base intrusion contracting system (NIDS) and the other one is host-based intrusion system (HIDS). The existing system that detects attacks based on looking for specific signature of identified threats. It reveals particularly that we whitethorn construct two sets of data one is of usual and common data and other one apprehensive and suspi cious data. So intrusion detection systems match the data with the set of normal and suspicious data and if the complaisance between the two set is above a threshold treasure then intrusion is detected.Currently, if Internet infrastructure assault such as serviceman in the middle attack, denial of service attacks and worms infection, adjudge get one of the most serious threats to the network security 1. It is very potential feasible to detect the attacks and abnormal behaviors if there is sufficient and efficient method and technique exists for monitor and examine, and it can not only make sure proceed warning of potential attacks, but also help out to recognize the reasons, source and locations of the anomalies. By this way, it may assist to restrain the attacks, sort of than they have enough time to broadcast across the network. This document represents the method, in support of detecting network anomalies by analyzing the unexpected change of time series data .With the comp arison of other anomaly detection methods. We have focal point on the vibrant behavior of the network quite an than using the static models. Our process and method concerns the Auto-Regressive (AR) process to model the quick and unexpected change of time series data, and performs sequential hypothesis test in contrast with two adjoining non-overlapping windows of the time series to detect the anomaliesAim and ObjectivesAimThe aim of this thesis is to design and implement a IDS for wireless network to detect and monitoring malicious activities by using time series synopsis techniques.Objectives Review current intrusion detection system Analyze the data with suspicious activities Design appropriate system architecture for IDS Implement the system using time series analysis Testing and evaluate the system. Future workAcademic BackgroundIntrusion detection systemIn general, an Intrusion Detection System is not an antivirus program to detect virus or not a network logging system for d etecting complete vulnerability or not a vulnerability tools which can check bus, flaws and network services. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a software or hardware by which we can detect hackers, male ware and bots. There are few types of Intrusion detection system like Network Intrusion Detection System, Protocol-based Intrusion Detection System, Application protocol-based Intrusion Detection System and Host-based Intrusion Detection System etc.Now a day, wireless network is increase dramatically. We are trying to make everything which can connect to internet without wire. oppose to wired network, it is easy to capture the channel of wireless network for an intruders.Why We requisite Intrusion Detection SystemWhy we need IDSAn overview of current intrusion detection systemWireless networks are extremely vulnerable to man in the middle attack, DOS and other attacks because they await on a shared communication medium as well as depend on limited resources. Wireless ad hoc net works do not have a central control as wireless LANs and they also forget a dynamic topology. This increases the complexity of the intrusion detection schemes in ad hoc networks.Network Anomaly Detection Using Time Series summaryAccording to Qingtao Wu and Zhiqing Shaos research paper,This research paper explain to detect network intrusion using time series analysis. Anomaly and sequential detection with time series dataIntrusion Detection Alert bunk Processing Using Time Series Analysis MethodsProcessing intrusion detection alert aggregates with time series modelingCompare wire and Wireless Intrusion Detection System (Dragan Pleskonjic)In wired network, intruder should be attached physically. Intruder needs a direct connectivity into the network.It is contingent to trace the intruderIn wireless network,Intruder does not await any physical connection. So Intruder can stay everywhere. There are no difference between internal and external network so it is difficult to specify th e attack whether it is insider or outsider.The border of exoneration of wireless networks is weak compare to wired network.

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Philosophys Study Of Value Axiology Essay

Philosophys Study Of Value Axiology showIt follows from questions Q-Q of the interview that the price defines the current apprize of the object aucti hotshotd. The process of pass judgment or amending the price seems to be, at least to an extent, both ir rational and random. How a lot irrational or how much rational is that process? To answer this question, we exhaust to elucidate the nature of shelter.In philosophy, the psychoanalyze of time value is called axiology, derived from the Greek (worth), and (the friendship of). Axiology was developed a century ago, mainly by Paul cony (1902) and E. von Hartmann (1908). It focuses on two kinds of values aesthetics and ethics. The former studies what smash and symmetry atomic number 18, while the latter puts emphasis on what is wrong and what is right in the social conduct of individuals. A mathematical approach to this topic, resulting in glob axiology, is the brainchild of Robert S. Hartman (1967). Hartmans contribution is unique in the sense that his Formal Axiology is the but social science in which a one-to-one relationship exists among the dimensions of axiology and mathematics.If axiology is viewed as a collective name for aesthetics and ethics, it is similar to value theory. The latter teaches virtually the value of things. A thing in this consideration whitethorn be boththing an object, a person, or an idea. The write up encompasses what slew value, how they value it and why they value it. The results whitethorn be slightly disparate in the fields of philosophy, psychology, frugals, or sociology.In the realm of psychology, value theory is employ to the study of how mint are affected by their values. The object of study is how people develop a set of values, and how they subsequently profess and suppose in these values. Even more than important is how people act or fail to act on their values.The answer to the question how human doings may be guided, fail to be guided or be mi sguided by a set of values, or why people choose or prefer some things to others, or why and how original values emerge at different stages of human physical and quick development, has non been found yet.Human organisms are social animals and as much(prenominal) animals, they congregate in groups and communities. Each group or conjunction may have its own values, usually different from the values and priorities of another community. The community values interact with personal values. The nature of the interaction and its impact on personal values or their change is the subject of sociological studies. Among causenup scientists who studied these topics, viewing value as an independent vari fit, we find soap Weber, Jrgen Habermas, or mile Durkheim.Returning to the axiology view, the value muckle be viewed as relations in the midst of subjects and objects. Through these relations, the social, group, or individual evaluations of authentic material, human or innate(p) qualiti es are expressed in class-conscious and polarised forms. These forms fill ideals, needs, or desires adapted to the time and aloofness in which they occur. troika levels piece of ass be distinguished in the de frontierination of their essential figure. They rouse be studied on the pragmatic level (Why?), on the syntactic level (How?), and on the semantic level (What?). Value is multidimensional (more BS, p.1)For this purpose, Nadine (2003) defines an axiological system S = (M, , I), whereM is the class of representative structures, is the class of interdependent objects or other entitiesI is the class of interpretations (assignments) give to the structures.The system S green goddess function in a number of airs, and subsystems bathroom be associated to it. A labyrinthian axiological system may thus be generated. Nadin (2003) has derived the following operations and relations shadower be established between any two axiological systems S1 and S2S1 is the subsystem of S2S1 is complementary to S1S1 and S2 are decent trades union of S1 and S2 existsIntersection of S1 and S2 existsAn empty system existsS1 and S2 are independentSimilar relationships fucking be defined for the predicates. Nadine has in any case shown the categories and morphisms of the systems mentioned.** ** ** ** **The term creating value has an aura of mystery about itself. How do we create value? And, indeed, what is value? And how does it relate to high life? These are the important questions that will be addressed in this chapter. A merchandise attains the status of lavishness neat because of its unique intrinsic properties, much(prenominal) as design, performance, potency, quality and reliability. At least some of these properties essential be comprehend as considerably superior to comparable common substitutes. forestThe term value has been treated extensively in philosophy, as wellspring as in economy. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, at that place is no unified definition of value. There are definitions appropriate for the individual perspectives of value. Therefore, creating value may seem a sheer contradiction.The first likeness to understanding value is the realization that in many instances value is time, space and person dependent. For instance, Arabian horses were very valuable as recently as a century ago. But they were appreciated mainly by the manly population, and only in those social circles that could afford owning an Arabian horse. Nowadays, with the car being the king of the road, owning a horse, even the most extraordinary one, is not a matter of prestige.This simple example illustrates that value is a perceived property. Its vex necessarily must comprise at least some of the value categories emotional, economic, and social. Among the components of the emotional syndicate, most outstanding are beauty, strong suit, exclusiveness, and perhaps also a sense of belonging caused by the high cost of luxury. Each of th ese dimensions is complex enough to be scrutinized separately. almost people believe that beauty, whether in human race or in nature, obeys a mathematical law. Based on illimitable observations, it can be stated that living organisms, plants, animals, or human beings, grow according to a precise mathematical law given by the geometrical ratio of 11,618. It is called the well-off proportionality, or the Divine proportion, obtained by a precise mathematical procedure. Two quantities are in the Golden Ratio if their sum divided by the larger quantity is equal to 1,1618 (its reciprocal is 0,618). It is based on the Fibonacci Sequence, in which each member is a number obtained as the sum of the previous two number. By and by, any successive pair of the Fibonacci series will result in the ratio mentioned, called . The interesting observation is that this ratio, = 11,1618, appears reproduciblely in splendiferous things in nature, architecture, the arts, or living beings. Many beaut iful pictures illustrating the Phi, as well as explaining the secrets of the Golden Ratio, can be found at the Golden Ratio website.The logos of Atari, Nissan and Toyota, obeying the Golden Ratio law, the metric dimensions of paper formats, shells, credit cards, architectonic drawings, too, can be found at the Golden Ratio website.Some time ago, the press reported that Dr Marquardt, a facial surgeon from California, had constructed a mask of the human vista based on . This beautiful face displays the proportion everywhere in the skull, the positioning of the eye, the length of the nose, or the surface of the teeth. The mask conforms to todays standards of beautiful faces, regardless of race. Moreover, it also agrees with pre-modern paintings, antique statues, or old-time movie stars. This might lead us to believe that facial beauty is invariant over time and across cultures. Is it then not tempting to conclude that beauty, quantified by a mathematical ratio, is not remarkable at a ll, that beauty is the property of the visible surface, and that philosophizing on what beauty room is a waste of time?Perhaps not quite yet. Beauty, indeed, is in the eyes of the beholder, but it goes beyond physical attractiveness, so intensely blared by the media and popular culture. Beauty in the context of luxury entangles also authenticity, kindness, wisdom, happiness, love, dignity, and self-realization. The possibilities for the beautiful to be known have thus been extended infinitely. Because luxury may very well depend on this kind of beauty derived not only from physical objects, but also from human interaction perceived as valuable to a specific individual. Again, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.Durability, too, may have a great many meanings to different individuals. A general dictionary definition (Merriam-Webster, website) states that something that is durable is able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration. These terms are technical becaus e, indeed, durability is most often of interest to engineers and businessmen. It refers to unchanged properties or performance of a product with reference to some environ psychic or application-related conditions. Most often, durability of industrial products is achieved or enhanced by a proper survival of materials, clever design, and surface treatment.Durability may be a preferable property of objects including luxury objects. For instance, gems or precious metals are durable. The durability is given by their resistance to environmental influences, which is an inherent property of these materials. Durability is raise corroborated by their aesthetic features. Non-objects, for instance luxury holidays, or sumptuous repasts, can hardly be durable longish than what is acceptable, which is a relatively fiddling time.Exclusiveness is a perceived property per se, but it may also be viewed as a component of durability. Exclusiveness is predominantly a product of craftsmanship applied to luxury levels. This is what gives a luxury item a life. A mass-produced item, no matter how beautiful, lacks the touch of the emotional state of its creator, and never makes the same impression as a hand-made object. Personalized production, combine with exquisite design, makes luxury objects invariant in time, and resistant to fashion fluctuations.Because luxury items are not available to everyone, the narrow segment of the population that can afford them makes up a virtual unite. The sheer belonging to the club tickles many peoples imagination about the social status or greatness they acquire if the public associates them with the exclusive club. It may or may not be so.The economic aspects of luxury seem to be simple to grasp. high life be a lot of money. That is the simple conclusion most people would be tempted to draw. The actual relationships holding between luxury objects and their users are, however, broadly more complex.In the realm of economics, human beings a re viewed as consumers. Their revealed preferences for various goods are considered indicators of the fact that those goods are of value. Self-evident as this statement may sound, it generates a contradiction between various political or religious influences, and a struggle over what goods should be available on the marketplace. Market goods must be owned, if the market system is to provide information on the consensus on certain essential questions concerning individual and society, and the ecosystems affected by the market transactions.The term market goods is too constrained, as the taxonomy of goods is much more complex. First, a note of hand has to be made between moral and material goods. Moral goods is anything a person is expected to be morally obligated to strive for. The study of this kind of goods belongs to the realm of ethics. People and their conduct may thus merit praise or blame in a given system. lifelike goods is any kind of goods that is palpable. The discipli ne that deals with natural goods is economics. Luxury goods, too, are natural goods. A complement to this is the distinction between moral and non-moral goods. A non-moral good is something that one or more individuals desire. A non-moral good may include moral goods, but includes predominantly material goods.There is a mental distinction between these two views of goods. If one says Fred is a good pianist, and This meal was very good, the meaning of the qualifier good is not interchangeable. It has a different sense accomplished in the former case, and delicious in the latter. some other important distinction is that between economic goods and moral goods. The former is anything that stimulates economic growth. So, for instance, alcohol has an exchange value in that it stimulates economic growth. Thus, alcohol is economically good. Since in that respect are circumstances when it may be harmful to a persons body, and even have a negative social effect, alcohol can hardly ever be r egarded as a moral goods. some(prenominal) other taxonomies exist. To value, in the realm of goods, means to determine an essential type of goods, decide that things are in some relation to each other, and that one thing is better than another. Thus, to value is to prioritize. Valuations in the sense of assigning higher(prenominal) value to some things and lower value to other things, is a consistent pattern of deciding what is good. Being a persons fashion of mentation, it is strictly individual.The manner in which a person reaches conclusions about things, and the unique pattern of thinking and assigning value is called the Value Structure. Its principal components comprise thinking about objects, discerning their different aspects, making judgment and choosing, in other words, it involves the processes of filtering, storing, and analyzing data.***However, as the real luxury market moves into the stratosphere, its leaving open a vast universe in which mass marketers can fulfill the neo-luxury desires of mass consumers. And these devour masses have shown strong evidence they are ready, willing and able to pay premium prices for products and services that were once considered commodities.From ice cream to bottled water, beer to spud chips, coffee to coffee pots, washing machines to power saws, there isnt a mass-market category that hasnt jumped onto the up- scrapeing bandwagon-and a very wise jump it is. Adding a premium product to an already strong brand name is a great look to drive brand growth and drive up margins. In fact, it can cast a positive halo over the entire brand family of products, making them all seem worth more.While this incredible market opportunity was recognized most presciently by brands such as Target and Trader Joes, its no longer a trend. Thanks to the network and other media channels, consumers have changed too People are more conscious and more worldly-wise than ever before. Theres greater awareness of whats sophisticated, what s hot and, more important, whats cool. Having long satisfied their need for the basics, midlevel American consumers are no longer content with midlevel products and services.With basic water needs satisfied, for example, American consumers need Evian, Deja Blue, Glaceau or any bottled-water brand carried in Patagonia water pouches by athletes, movie stars and politicians.Consumers may get hungry, but no basic burger will do Nieman facing pages beef cooked on one of Frontgates sleekest grills followed by a Tassimo espresso is the only way upbranders will go. Some even think theyll be loved distant better if they use Olay Regenerist and Crest Vivid White and launder their capital of Seychelles Secrets in Whirlpool Duets.On another level, given all the stresses of the world, there seems to be an increasing desire to take care of me. People want a bit of luxury however they can get it. Starbucks, first on, recognized that while not everyone can afford to go to Tiffanys, they can enj oy the small indulgence of a grande nonfat latte. The coffee costs $5-a small price to pay to treat oneself well.

Judith Butler Gender Performativity Cultural Studies Essay

Judith pantryman intimate activity Performativity Cultural Studies EssayThe challenge presented by pantrymans theory depicted in Gender Trouble is derived from her revision of the generally accomplished orthodox assumptions in our westward society regarding sex and sexual identity. She attacks the accepted naturalness of sexual urge and reveals it as the fiction that it fundamentally is. According to butler, the actions that are associated with a soulfulnesss sexual identity are non a reflection of aboutones innermost ego but sort of culturally coded acts. Butlers theory is primarily based upon the philosophic arrests of the French theorist Ren Descartes that a persons conception of his take identity is essentially dualistic. Descartes claimed that a persons process of self-identification transpires by making a clear tubercle between the embody and the mind. The essence of this opposition is that the body is in accompaniment perceived as inferior to the mind. The basis of this claim is exactly what Butler intends to reverse, namely that a persons ein truthday behaviour reflects his or her sex activity and sexual identity and is essentially a reflection of that persons individual psyche. Her provocative melodic line that sex activity is merely a stylized repeat of acts essentially implies a form of materialism that negates any possibility of a spiritual bill of self-identity.Un wish Luce Irigaray, Butler refutes the apprehension of sex as a by nature established category. Butler argues that alongside sex, sex is also an acquired socio-cultural category. Butler argues that the twist of sexual activity and sexual identity emerges out of culturally and socially established practices. These practices, including their discourse, have their accept recorded history as well as their own social and political dynamics. Furthermore, Butlers criticism of Irigaray is essentially that Irigarays Womans natural sound out is outside of the phalloce ntric economy. In her influential book Gender Trouble (1990), Butler does not offer an ontological or essentialist description of what it is to be a woman (Butler, 32). Instead she presents the argument that the traditional place structures of our society in fact create the truly identities that it regulates. These occasion structures are essential to the design of sexuality. Butler claims that sexuality does not have a natural narrate where power later comes in to disrupt that state. According to Butler, sexuality does not exist outside of power. It is for this reason that Butler does not present any ontological arguments. For Butler, the concern with the ontology of a woman is simply a misrecognition of some ontological centerfield for what is merely a series of repetitions. The essence of sexuality is a matter of repetitions. Butler ascripes power to regimes as in the power regimes of heterosexism and phallogocentrism seek to augment themselves through a repetition of thei r logic . . . (Butler, p.32). Consequently, if repetition is bound to persist as the mechanism of the cultural reproduction of identities, therefore the crucial question emerges what kind of subversive repetition might conjure into question the regulatory practice of identity itself? (Butler, p. 32). This question is directly carnal knowledge to the core argument that Butler presents in Gender Trouble.In former(a) words, Butlers understanding of gender as performative is grounded in her belief that the very core of gender identity is produced through the repetition of behaviour. She talks of repetitions in which the subject matter is neither outside of those repetitions nor that the subject is something internal which is expressed through those repetitions. So much as the repetitions themselves are the very mechanisms by which those identities are reproduced and the very positive concepts of identities are brought forward. In addition to this ground-breaking claim, Butler introd uces the concept of gender as a performance or gender performativity.In discussing this notion of gender performativity, Butler stresses the importance of the distinction between performing a gender and gender as a performance. When she talks about gender as performative, Butler argues that this is not similar as saying that gender is performed. When we say that we perform a gender weve taken on a role, were acting or role-playing in some way. This performance of a govern is definitely crucial to the gender that we are and the gender that we present to the world. Nevertheless, it is very different from what she means by gender performativity.For something to be performative means that it produces a series of effects. We act and walk, speak and talk in ways that unify the impression with being a man or being a woman. Butler explains that in our modern-day society people act as if being of a man or being of woman is very an internal reality or in fact something that is simply orig inal about us. Instead it is a phenomenon that is produced and reproduced all the time. Butler claims that no person is born with a fixed gender. Gender is not to be perceived as a manifestation of a subjects internal essence. Alternately, one should view gender identity as a produced product of our actions and discourse. That is to say, Butler argues that occasional actions, speech, utterances, gestures and representations, dress codes and behaviours as well as certain prohibitions and taboos all browse to produce what is perceived as an essential manful or fair(prenominal) identity.1By introducing the notion of gender performativity, Butler criticizes the traditional power structures whose docket is to keep people in their socially accepted gendered place. Institutional powers like psychiatrical normalization intend to prevent the disruption of the established gender norms. Butler questions how these institutions are established or whether they ought to be constabularyd. She insists on the diachronic and cultural foundation of these institutional powers and emphasizes the importance of overcoming this silent gender police function that the institutional powers project. Furthermore, Butler expresses her desire to resist the violence that is contradictory by ideal gendered norms against those who are non-conforming in their gender presentation.In the utmost chapter of Gender Trouble Bodily inscription, Performative subversions, Butler gives the important inner-outer distinction regarding our notions of gender the attention which it merits. Butler argues that in the orthodox view of gender the auspicate of our inner soul is inscribed on the outer body. However, these inscriptions on the body or the outside create the illusion of a concrete and unionized gender core. Thus, what makes this problematic is that so far we have gained our understanding of our own inner essence through the inscription on the body.To support her own theory, Judith Butler adop ts the argument made by Foucault in his influential survive Discipline and Punish that the suffering imposed on prisoners is, contrary to western belief, externalized. The oppression of the prisoners is not manifested in the inner soul but rather on the external body. Foucault argues that since the methods of punishment used by the agents of the institutional power are inflicted on the body, these actions similarly justify the institutes control over the prisoners body. Butler engenders Foucaults argument and claims that gender is fundamentally the principal representative of western cultural society which operates on the external body, and in this process formulates the definition of masculine or feminine, in addition to standardizing the image of heterosexuality.

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the family of little feet Essay -- essays research papers

     The early phases of growing up can know its hold unique problems. There are many different things that can go wrong plot growning up. Your whole body is changing and it cand take roughly getting used to. There were many stories that I read in the literature book that illustrated this to me. I will compare these stories to each separate to hear how they were similiar and too to bring down the different problems people experience while growing up.     In the story "the family of little feet", three little girls go out to explore the world and discover many wonderfull thing and also many evil things(Cisneros, 77). The poem "in honest" is about what kids see when they look at the world(Cummings, 158). These stories are similiar in that they both show a kids perspective on everyday things. In the Cummings story the kids see the ballonman as a magical creature. It also shows how kids love spring. After universe locked up inside all winter they can finally go outside and run around and get dirty and fairish have fun. In Cisneros story about the magical shoes that there engender had given to them it shows how kids can really grow up too fast. The kids just want to be kids but everyone else is seeing them as grown ups. The girls do not really understand what is going on. And when they get home they just want to get rid of the shoes so they can just be kids again. These two stories are about just being junior and doing stuff that ...

Physical Education Class: the Perfect Place to be Bullied? :: essays research papers

Physical Education Class the Perfect Place to be Bullied?Every day we argon seeing how the population in our partnership acquires real numberly bad habits that risk their health. Obesity has become an issue skin senses everybodys life. People argon wondering what the solution of the problem aptitude be, and a good amount of them figure that the only way to relinquish this increasing problem is to fight it from childhood. One of the ways to keep children from get obese is by making them do sports. Some people are convinced that forcing children to take middle school class is the magical way that pull up stakes help children to stay healthy and in good spirits. I equal with the fact that children should be involved in activities that make them exercise. However, I think that even if children should get some kind of physical activity everyday, they shouldnt be forced to take gym class since it encourages other kids to hold the ones that arent perfect looking and bully the one s that arent ingenious at sports.To begin with, kids at gym class intimidate their not-so-perfect classmates with their evil jokes. I remember when I was at high school and everybody made period of play of the plump girl who wasnt as slim and tall as the other ones. Teenagers intimidating their classmates isnt something that just happens in movies, in real life kids are cruel and mean with their fragile mates. In secondary school class, children have to put the uniforms that force them to show their body. In an age when childrens self esteem is very delicate, exposing their body is not something they are so excited about. I can still recall the way the girls of my gym class made fun of my legs since they were so scrawny and bony. For a dogged time, I felt embarrassed of my legs and refused to wear skirts or shorts. And that was something that happened to a skinny girl, I dont even want to think how the chubby girls felt when they were molested by our other classmates who made f un of their fuller bodies. give thanks to the evil jokes of our classmates, thinking about gym class was an awful nightmare.However, the deterrence caused by stronger kids is nothing compared to the way they bully the children who are not talented at sports. Everybody is born with a special kind of intelligence. There are people who have the musical intelligence and can play instruments, sing, compose, and so on

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death penalty Essay -- essays research papers

closing penalty Is it usurpation of human seriouss? Mohammad Towhidul Islam though the modern world is really sympathetic to the concept of human rights issues, terminal penalty as a go of capital penalization has still been in practice in the world. During 2001, at least 3048 people were executed in 31 countries as well as at least 5265 people were convictd to terminal in 68 countries. It is very interesting to see that some advanced countries, which be pioneer to the protection and promotion of human rights and also very blunt to the human rights situation in the developing world, do impose oddment penalty, even on children.Death penalty and human rightsThe Universal resolution of Human Rights 1948 has incorporated most of the human rights. It has specially enshrined the protection of the right to life in Article 3. However, Article 29 recognises that human rights and primaeval freedoms are subject to limits. Though it didnt specify clearly, it is presumed that by imp osing demolition penalty, right to life may be curtailed in authorized circumstances. The demise penalty is the only exception that is mentioned in Article 6 of the world(prenominal) Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1976. All rights of man block from one right, his right to life. Mans right is the prime(prenominal) cause of all other rights. It is not axiomatic (self-evident) but its absolute. The right to life, thus rooted in natural and ethical principles and usually inscribed in a countrys thorough and legal framework. In Criminology the word punishment is used to denote recompense and the offenders have to suffer different punishments depending on the aggravating form of offences. Though right to life is ensured and protected by the way of giving punishment to the wrongdoers, the right to life is curtailed when someones life is executed under death penalty. etymon of death penaltyDeath penalty as a form of punishment has been used throughout history by differen t societies. The first death penalty laws came as far as the Eighteen cytosine BCs in the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes. The death penalty was also part of the Fourteen degree centigrade BCs Hittite Code, the Seventh Century BCs Draconian Code of Athens, which made death penalty for all crimes, and the Fifth Century BCs Roman Law of the cardinal Tablets. Death sent... ...ence. Once an inmate is executed, nothing can be make to make amends if a mistake has been done. Many of the stark releases from death rowing came about as a result of factors outside of the judge system. In other cases, DNA testing has exonerated death row inmates. Here, too, the justice system had concluded that these defendants were guilty and deserving of the death penalty. So it can be said that society takes many risks in which innocent lives are lost. Concluding remarksThough we are very far from achieving a worldwide ban on capital punish ment, there are certain situations in which the death penalty should be looked upon as a assault of universally accepted international norms. Where the death sentence is imposed on minors, pregnant woman or persons with psychiatric disorder, at odds with internationally recognised norms, it constitutes a human rights violation. Even where a death sentence is carried out in circumstances that are not compatible with internationally accepted procedural norms constitutes a human rights violation. Again, the conditions of detention and the time spent awaiting execution the death penalty may constitute a violation of human rights.

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For purposes of this discussion, it is the intent of this author to assess the plight of African Americans at a time when they were merely slaves, captives taken forcibly by rich white American merchants to a new and strange gain called America. Right from the truly beginning, thrall was a controversial issue. It was fraught with the uninterrupted reminder of mans inhumanity to man. This was evidenced in the literature as nearly as movements such as the abolitionists, and one most notably rear end Brown, who has been portrayed as a kind of maniacal character, who would stop at nothing to see this God given mandate carried out. Similarly, books such as Uncle Toms Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe did much to fuel the controversy that was slavery in the United States. Of course we now know that slavery as it was understood in the 19th century lasted up until the officiation of the Emancipation Proclamation, or slaves, or now newly pronounced African Americans were given their sinl essdom, and their attempt assumes a new direction in attempting to gain equality for themselves. This is a struggle which continues today, and is not much less controversial. Nevertheless, for historical purposes, I should manage to further attempt to dissect howeverts as they existed at that time. Slavery was a practice which was much favored by the South. In the North, Americans were more industrial oriented, and had little use for slaves. They could afford to be more moralistic round the issue. However, when it came to the plight of land owners and Americans who lived in the Southern part of a very young country, that was America, they were highly preoccupied with their agrarian lifestyle. It is a fact that even George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson had slaves as did some(prenominal) of the forefathers of the new country. It is also true that many of these individuals had children with their Black slaves, and although it is similarly a matter of historical record that they did free their slaves, if not while they were alive, in their Last Will and Testament. What this means is that slavery was an issue of economics to the South, and a moral dilemma for those Americans who lived in the North. By the mid-1850s the spirit of accommodation had all but vanished. Northern interest in Emancipation pushed by abolitionists, eroded relations between families North and South.

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The Benefits of Eating Horse Meat Essay examples -- food, horse meat

They Eat vaulting horses, Dont They?Many Ameri nookys have a hard magazine thinking about eating gymnastic horse meat. Every year, many horses be slaughtered for meat which is exported to other countries. The U.S. Humane Society Web site says 55,776 horses were slaughtered go year in the United States and thousands more transported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter there (Lum). By getting rid of unwanted horses, the horse market pull up stakes obtain to steadily climb. Slaughtering horses allows bring forthers a way to benefit from old horses and benefits the economy. Unfortunately, people who breed too many horses find it hard to get rid of the severally year.This causes them to have to find another place for the extra horses. People will turn them out in fields and let them starve to death. That secondary is less humane, more wasteful and just dumb (Maese). The problem of horses starvation is nothing new to the horse business. For years Amish have been tying horses to lam p posts that they can no longer afford to feed, and some people who obtain horses do not have the means to take care of them. While it is not truly the horses fault, at the same time, butchering it provides a clean, humane and swift end to what otherwise would be a blue last few days of their life. Not to mention that they would be satisfactory to be used in another form. Sometimes its this sacrifice that is needful to benefit the industry.Over the years, the opinions of many people have started to change about horses in America. It has started from the idea, the Native Americans had of using the whole animal when it was hunted, to nowadays Americans do not even want to use a horse unless it is alive. This has to prolong one to wonder how exactly this change occurred. Its all PETA and thes... ... to kill a suffering horse and use the meat, than to kill a suffering horse and waste it.Works CitedDrape, Joe. Drugs Injected at the Racetrack Put Europe absent U.S. Horse Meat. New York Times. 09 Dec 2012 A.1. SIRS Issues Researcher.Web. 14 Nov 2013Lum, Rebecca Rosen. Wild Horses Lose protective covering from Slaughter. Contra Costa Times (Walnut Creek, CA). Jan. 28 2005 n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 05 Nov 2013.Maese, Rick. Horse Slaughtering Deeply Divides Racing, Breeding Community. Orlando lookout (Orlando, FL). 28 May 2004 n.p. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 05 Nov 2013.Pacelle, Wayne. Dont Reopen Plants That Slaughter Horses for Food. Chicago Tribune. 19 Apr 2013 25. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 11 Nov 2013.USDA Promotes the Eating of Horse & Goat Meat. USDA Promotes the Eating of Horse & Goat Meat. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2013.

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Going on this quadrupleteen day Caribbean Cruise was the ruff time of my life It was so much fun socially and it was exceedingly educational. This trip gave me the opportunity to experience things I never would have imagined. Touring the hotels and resorts make me want to pursue this major even more(prenominal) than I previously had. Now that I have had the behind-the-scenes and up close ascertain at the c areer I am positive I do the right career decision.Whether it be swimming with Sting Rays, snorkeling with strange fish, or even just staring off into the endless ocean, apiece and every one thing I received the opportunity to do on this trip I am thankful for. All are things I have not in truth previously experienced and really did not even expect to. Not only were these experiences incredible just witnessing first hand $125,000 dollar a night hotel rooms and touring the or so luxurious resorts in the world are all experiences that not umteen people get to do. Those that do get to do these amazing things are very lucky. Only seeing and learning half of what we did on this conceptualise abroad would have made me content. I honestly do not think I could have asked for a more educational even extremely great and fun experience.The one day that specifically sticks pop out in my head was the day in Atlantis when we toured several hotels and resorts. I enjoyed this because it was such a learning experience. Comparing all of the different resorts really helped me to particle what it is exactly I want to do in the industry. This tour consisted of four tours through some of the around popular hotels and resorts in the Bahamas. Actually, some of the most respected hotel resorts in the world. The hotel resorts that we explored were the, Radisson Cable brink and Golf Resort, The Nassau Beach Hotel, The Wyndham Nassau Resort and Sandals Resort.The Nassau Beach Hotel seemed to be geared more toward teens and college students. There were a lot of you nger people thither and there were even some other college groups there. Also the hotel had brochures and signs about Spring exit and group packages for students. Wyndham Nassau Resort I feel directed a lot of attention toward their convention area and their conference areas, so that makes me think they target some company and group markets.

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Disease vs. Humans: The Evolutionary Race :: Journalistic Essays

Disease vs. Humans The Evolutionary Race striking changes in living conditions and population structure atomic bite 18 usually associated with the changes caused by the Industrial Revolution. Massive migration to cities and the development of urban centers which followed increased the likelihood of unsoundness spread and evolution, and has also increased disease persistence. Diseases use cities (places where hundreds, thousands and millions of people are in very close quarters with each other) as a super highway cities provide the perfect infrastructure for disease travel. As they travel and harm, diseases are in a constant race with their entertains towards evolutionary perfection. As their phalanxs rise to kill the microbes, the microbes evolve to either keep the host alive for longer, or travel more quickly between hosts. star way that disease has utilized the growth of cities in order to evolve and thus travel better is its rendering from an soap disease for animals t o an exclusive disease for humans. For example, typhus was originally transmitted between rats by fleas until typhus microbes realized that human body lice was a much more cost-effective method of traveling, now that humans are no longer host to lice typhus has changed to infect eastern North American flying squirrels and wherefore transferring to people who live in close proximity to the squirrels (Diamond 209). Diseases are, in short, invariably changing in order to propagate more efficiently and more quickly. Our intimacy with animals has provided a quick and easy method of disease transformation and therefore better propagation. Pathogens that were formerly secluded to animals evolve to the point where they are directly transmitted between people. When these people are parts of huge communities (a contingency that diseases thrive on) epidemics result, especially if the sanitation is as bad as in the first cities. In fact, up until the 20th century, Europes urban population was not self sustaining, so many died of meeting diseases that they had to be constantly replaced by rural immigrants (Diamond 205). Many of our epidemics could not pick up existed without the cities and the easy transportation they allow. Diseases, like all organisms, are constantly evolving in order to pass on the most genes. The best strategy for doing so is to replicate speedyly. If more rapid replication of a microbe within a psyche leads to greater passing on of the genes that code for that rapid replication, then replication rate will increase even if it causes the person to be severely ill or leads to an overall decrease of the number of people it can effect, or even if it hastens the eventual extinction of the microbe (Ewald).

Comparing Evil in Emerson, Hawthorne, and Melville Essay -- comparison

Lionel Trilling once said, A proper sense experience of evil is surely an attribute of a great writer. (98-99) Although he make the remark in a different context, one would naturally bloke Hawthorne and Melville with the comment, while Emersons might be one of the last names to mind. For the new(a) reader, who is often in the habit of assuming that the most profound and crisp apprehension of reality is a sense of tragedy, Emerson seems to have lost his grip. He has often been charged with a lack of vision of evil and tragedy. Yeats, for example, mat that Whitman and Emerson have begun to seem superficial, precisely because they lack the Vision of Evil (qtd. in Matthiessen 181). There is no doubt that Emerson was a yea-sayer. He did celebrate the daylight and hope in preference to blackness and despair. At the same time, however, he was not unaware of the existence of evil. He personally went through the suffering of unusual poverty and a series of deaths of his beloved one s, and his own wellness was constantly threatened. He knew life was hard and full of tribulations. But Emerson spy the key to the perplexing reality in absolute faith in human nature and divinity A human being is able of banishing whatever evil with the guidance of divinity that sometimes seems to accomplish the scarce cause at any cost, even by an evil agent. end-to-end Self-Reliance echoes his strong conviction in human nature and God deposit thyself every heart vibrates to that iron string. Accept the place the divine saving has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events...And we are new men, and must take on in the highest mind the same transcendent destiny and not bush league and inv... .... Self-Reliance. The American Tradition in Literature. Ed. Sculley Bradley et al. Vol. 1, 4th ed. newfound York Norton, 1983. 1036-1048. -----. The American Scholar. The American Tradition in Literature. 1080-1092. -----. Experience. The American Tradition in Literature. 1126-1135. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Young Goodman Brown. The American Tradition in Literature. 672-683. Hoeltje, Hubert H. Hawthorne, Melville, and Blackness, American Literature, 37 (1965) 279-285. Matthiessen, F.O. American Renaissance. New York Oxford & University Press, 1941. Melville, Herman. Moby-Dick. New York Norton, 1967. -----. Billy Budd. The American Tradition in Literature. 997-1054. Sherman, Paul. Emersons Angle of Vision Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1952. Trilling, Lionel. The oppose Self. New York Viking Press, 1955.

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SchizophreniaWhat You Need to Know Schizophrenia is a serious disorder which affects how a person thinks, feels and acts. Someone with schizophrenic psychosis whitethorn befool difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginary whitethorn be unresponsive or withdrawn and whitethorn have difficulty expressing common emotions in social situations. Contrary to public perception, schizophrenia is not depart personality or multiple personality. The vast majority of people with schizophrenia argon not violent and do not pose a danger to others. Schizophrenia is not caused by childhood experiences, poor parenting or lack of willpower, nor are the symptoms identical for each person. What causes schizophrenia?The cause of schizophrenia is still unclear. Some theories about the cause of this disease include genetics (heredity), biology (the imbalance in the brains chemistry) and/or accomplishable viral infections and immune disorders. genetics (Heredity). Scientists recognize that the disorder tends to run in families and that a person inherits a tendency to develop the disease. Schizophrenia may also be triggered by environmental events, such as viral infections or highly stressful situations or a combination of both. connatural to some other genetically-related illnesses, schizophrenia take cares when the body undergoes hormonal and physical transfigures, want those that occur during puberty in the teen and young adult years. Chemistry. Genetics help to determine how the brain uses certain chemicals. People with schizophrenia have a chemical imbalance of brain chemicals (serotonin and dopamine) which are neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters allow expression cells in the brain to send messages to each other. The imbalance of these chemicals affects the way a persons brain reacts to stimuli--which explains why a person with schizophrenia may be overwhelmed by sensory information (loud music or bright lights) which other people can ea sily handle. This problem in processing different sounds, sights, smells and tastes can also lead to hallucinations or delusions.What are the early warning signs of schizophrenia?The signs of schizophrenia are different for everyone. Symptoms may develop slowly over months or years, or may appear very abruptly. The disease may come and go in cycles of glide by and remission. Behaviors that are early warning signs of schizophrenia includeHearing or seeing something that isnt there A constant feeling of cosmos watched Peculiar or nonsensical way of speaking or composing Strange body positioning Feeling indifferent to very burning(prenominal) situations Deterioration of academic or work performance A change in personal hygiene and appearance A change in personality Increasing withdrawal from social situations

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<a href="http//">Sam Vaknins Psychology, Philosophy, Economics and Foreign personal matters Web SitesIf a comatose person were to earn an interest of 1 million USD annually on the sum paid to him as compensatory indemnity would this be considered an compassment of his? To succeed to earn 1 million USD is universally judged to be an achievement. But to do so while comatose go out almost as universally not be counted as one. It would expect that a person has to be both aware and intelligent to kick in his achievements qualify. Even these conditions, though necessary, are not sufficient. If a totally conscious (and reasonably intelligent) person were to accidentally unearth a treasure trove and thus be transformed into a multi-billionaire his stumbling across a risk volition not qualify as an achievement. A lucky let go of of events does not an achievement make. A person moldiness be drift on achieving to have his deeds classified as ac hievements. Intention is a paramount criterion in the classification of events and actions, as any intensionalist philosopher will tell you. Supposing a conscious and intelligent person has the intention to achieve a goal. He then engages in a series of dead random and unrelated actions, one of which yields the desired result. Will we then plead that our person is an achiever? Not at all. It is not enough to intend. virtuoso must proceed to produce a plan of action, which is directly derived from the preponderating goal. Such a plan of action must be seen to be reasonable and pragmatic and leading with great probability to the achievement. In new(prenominal) words the plan must involve a prognosis, a prediction, a forecast, which can be either verified or falsified. Attaining an achievement involves the twisting of an ad-hoc mini theory. Reality has to be thoroughly surveyed, models constructed, one of them selected (on empirical or aesthetic grounds), a goal formulated, an e xperiment performed and a negative (failure) or positive (achievement) result obtained. Only if the prediction turns out to be elucidate can we speak of an achievement. Our would-be achiever is thus burdened by a series of requirements. He must be conscious, must take a well-formulated intention, must plan his steps towards the attainment of his goal, and must decently predict the results of his actions. But planning alone is not sufficient. One must carry out ones plan of action (from mere plan to authentic action).

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Frailty, Thy Name Is Wo custodyFrailty thy name is women (I.II.150) ar wrangling which are spoken by Prince juncture, the prominent character of the tragedy take to the woods village by Shakespeare, in his first soliloquy. These words underline how Hamlet truly feels about Gertrude, the pouffe, and Ophelia, his beloved maiden, and women in general. Although the two women play frightfully passive characters and lack their voice for the world to hear, they are significantly heavy because they see how Hamlet, possibly Shakespeare, are a misogynist, which is one of the themes of the play. Through the fickle, passive, and groveling portrayal of the two woman characters, Shakespeare shows women needs to have an autonomy-sense, otherwise their lives depart turn out to cannot come to substantially (I.II.163). Firstly, Gertrude is introduced as a queen that clearly lacks independency. In the beginning of the play, she is as a character that ever in need of a antheral existence next to her. yet within a month (I.II.149) after the late King Hamlet deceased, she already hurried herself to get another husband. This attitude of hers sickens Hamlet awfully he cannot come to comprehend how his mother could behave less than a beast, for a beast would have mourned longer (I.II.150). Shakespeare sets the play with this idea that women are corrupted with sexual driveand always in lust for it. Because Gertrude obediently follows her lustful inner soul, she goes on ahead with the marriage with Claudiuswhich Hamlet refers to as incestuous and rotten. The moment the marriage is royally held, Gertrude loses her credibility as a mother in Hamlets eyes. Adding to this, Shakespeare uses the character Gertrude to show indecisiveness and hollowness of women. The character ... ...r extremely mournful and elegiacal attitudes towards Ophelia. She says, sweet to the sweets (V.I.254) as she scatters flowers upon her coffin. She knows what a sweetheart Ophelia is and empathize her. Ophelias association with flowers represents the once newborn and pure maiden that tragically dies due to the fatal-innocent trait she possesses. Kate Morton, an author of the overbold The Forgotten Garden, stated A girl expecting rescue never learns to notwithstanding herself. This implies that a girl with a will to only follow mens order around will ought to come to no good outcome. Shakespeare showcases this idea through the portrayals of Gertrude and Ophelia. Both characters are fiercely submissive to their male counterparts hence they are controlled by them. Because they have no sense of mode in their lives, their lives destined to have a tragic ending entailing it.

Cost-Utility Analysis Essay -- Economics

The central concern of economics is how best to assign scarce resources among competing uses. The same concern applies to the scope of health care. As a result, pharmacoeconomics, which compares the value of one pharmaceutical drug or drug therapy to another, became a prominent issue by the mid 1980s. There are some(prenominal) types of pharmacoeconomic evaluations, one of which is bellutility analysis (CUA). CUA focuses on quality of a health outcome produced or forgone by different health programs or treatments. CUA is a form of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) that attempts to capture timing and duration of disease and disability by comparing the utility (persons preference) associated with different health outcomes. (see Figure 1) It was originally called Generalized Cost-Effective Analysis as it is apply to narrow the restrictiveness of traditional cost-effectiveness analysis. In 1972, it was renamed Utility Maximization and then(prenominal) healthy Status Index Model in 1976. Since 1982, it has been referred to as CUA in many countries, although the United States still called it CEA. Even though these two price are used interchangeably, there are still several distinguishing features mingled with the two. Such differences include integration of multiple outcomes, , quantification of outcomes based on desirability, and step of relative desirability of outcomes with von Neumann-Morgenstern utility theory.A cost-utility analysis describes the additional cost of the new intervention per unit of health gain and assesses health in terms of length and quality of life using the quality correct life year (QALY). QALYs were invented in 1956 by two health economists, Christopher Cundell and Carlos McCartney. The creation of QALY was f..., P., Weinstein M. (2010, Oct 14). Legislating against use of cost-effectiveness information.The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol 363, 1495-1497. doi10.1056/NEJMp1007168. Office of Health Economics (2002). What is a QALY? Retrieved fromhttp// J. (2011, Sep 28). PCORI head vows not to do cost-effectiveness studies, scarce notes gray Retrieved from http// Yee, GC (1997, Dec 1). Cost-utility analysis of taxane therapy. American Journal of Health-SystemPharmacy, Vol 54, subjoining 2, S11-15. Retrieved from http//