Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Going on this quadrupleteen day Caribbean Cruise was the ruff time of my life It was so much fun socially and it was exceedingly educational. This trip gave me the opportunity to experience things I never would have imagined. Touring the hotels and resorts make me want to pursue this major even more(prenominal) than I previously had. Now that I have had the behind-the-scenes and up close ascertain at the c areer I am positive I do the right career decision.Whether it be swimming with Sting Rays, snorkeling with strange fish, or even just staring off into the endless ocean, apiece and every one thing I received the opportunity to do on this trip I am thankful for. All are things I have not in truth previously experienced and really did not even expect to. Not only were these experiences incredible just witnessing first hand $125,000 dollar a night hotel rooms and touring the or so luxurious resorts in the world are all experiences that not umteen people get to do. Those that do get to do these amazing things are very lucky. Only seeing and learning half of what we did on this conceptualise abroad would have made me content. I honestly do not think I could have asked for a more educational even extremely great and fun experience.The one day that specifically sticks pop out in my head was the day in Atlantis when we toured several hotels and resorts. I enjoyed this because it was such a learning experience. Comparing all of the different resorts really helped me to particle what it is exactly I want to do in the industry. This tour consisted of four tours through some of the around popular hotels and resorts in the Bahamas. Actually, some of the most respected hotel resorts in the world. The hotel resorts that we explored were the, Radisson Cable brink and Golf Resort, The Nassau Beach Hotel, The Wyndham Nassau Resort and Sandals Resort.The Nassau Beach Hotel seemed to be geared more toward teens and college students. There were a lot of you nger people thither and there were even some other college groups there. Also the hotel had brochures and signs about Spring exit and group packages for students. Wyndham Nassau Resort I feel directed a lot of attention toward their convention area and their conference areas, so that makes me think they target some company and group markets.

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