Friday, March 22, 2019

Capital Punishment Essay: Hypocrisy of the Death Penalty

The Hypocrisy of the oddment Penalty If there is a desire by the American the great unwashed to maintain the death penalty, let us at least be spared the hypocrisy of a justification by example. The death penalty is a penalty, to be sure, a frightful torture, both physical and moral, but it provides no sure example except a demoralizing one. It punishes, but it forestalls nix indeed, it may even arouse the impulse to murder. It hardly seems to exist, except for the man who run acrosss it-- in his soul for months and years, in his body during the desperate and violent time of day when he is cut in two without suppressing his life. Let us phone it by the name which, for lack of any other nobility, will at least give the nobility of truth, and let us recognize it for what it is essentially a revenge. A punishment that penalizes without forestalling is indeed called revenge. It is a quasi-arithmetical reaction made by society to whoever breaks its primordial law. That reply is a s anile as man it is called the law of retaliation. Whoever has done me harm must suffer harm whoever has put out my eye m...

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