Sunday, March 17, 2019

Changing a Lifestyle in Only Six-Weeks :: Health Diet Nutrition Excersize Essays

Changing a Lifestyle in Only Six-WeeksJennifer is a twenty-year-old college student struggling with body image issues. She is a size eight. She has never developed an interest in athletics and has never exercised in her life. She has no muscle tone and has a high body fat percentage. Jennifer is not footsure about her body. She wants to be skinny and is constantly dieting. Instead of consume healthy and balanced meals, she skips meals often. When she does eat, she eats only fried foods same french fries and hamburgers and refuses to eat fruits and vegetables. Samantha is Jennifers friend at college. She is an athlete. She is a runner and a fishing lifter. She is training for the Boston Marathon, her second marathon, that is trio months away. She runs for an hour ternary days a week and on the weekends runs for longer distances. She also weight lifts three times a week in the lyceum. Samantha is very confident and is in the best shape of her life. She eats a lot of fruits, veg etables, and slope protein. She has very defined muscles and a low body fat percentage. Jennifer admires Samanthas elucidate in exercise and healthy eating, but she resists exercising and eating well. She is panic-struck to become too muscular and develop a manly physique. Jennifer strives to nip like a supermodel, not like an athlete. Samantha encourages Jennifer to go to the gym to weight lift with her but Jennifer refuses. Jennifer lacks motivation and is not interested in combat-ready in ?masculine? activities like bodybuilding. After months of coercing, Samantha finally convinces Jennifer to go to the gym with her. Jennifer succumbs because she hopes to meet some hot guys at the gym. Samantha convinces Jennifer to go to the gym with her three days a week for six weeks. After that, if she does not like it, Samantha will never bother her again about taking up an exercise regime. When Jennifer arrives for the first time at the gym, she is surprised to see how legion(predicat e) women ar working out with weights. Half of the people weightlifting are women. Jennifer also observes that the majority of women take aim very feminine physiques. They are muscular, lean, and have very attractive figures. Jennifer was expecting to see very few women weightlifting. In addition, she expect those women to be very muscular and masculine looking.

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