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Praise of Chain Stores by Virginia Postrel Essay example -- wal-mart, e

So whats wrong if the country has 158 neighborhood California pizza pie Kitchens instead of one or two? Virginia Postrel inquires in her In cheers of Chain Stores essay (Postrel 348). In re onlytal, I plan to answer her incredulity with more reasons than one. However, the responses I intend to offer apply not alone to the CPKs of America, simply for all the national retailers, big box stores, chain stores, and the like. study retailers destroy the local character of small t confesss. Chain stores should be particular to only run in a few highly inhabit urban celestial orbits. Furthermore, the costs saved in the convenience and familiarity of chain stores do not outweigh the negative economic impact and damaging cause that they can have on a alliances well-being.Postrel develops her concur of national retailers throughout the essay, offering the opinion that it isnt the stores that give places their character, but instead, aspects like the terrain, weather and coating tha t do (Postrel 347). While terrain, weather and culture can set apart regions, such as New England from The rich South, and Southern California from the Midwest, its the community that gives each townsfolk their own special character. A community consists of the residents, their restaurants, hardware stores, pharmacies, ice cream parlors, farmers markets, and so on. These places, and the interactions that occur daily at each establishment, are the fabric that secern them, and create the breeding ground for diverse characteristics to flourish. While Postrel argues that wildly various business establishments across America in the past is a myth , its actually not necessarily that the products that varied from store to store, but more the aforementioned factors that truly set ... ...he amount of a reliable retailers establishments constructed within a certain amount of mileage. For example, a Wal-Mart on the north side of town and the south side of town is excessive.There is no q uestion that chain stores have a unhealthful effect on the measurable character and community of small towns. non only are residents effected economically and collectively, but the character of the area is also threatened or compromised. In conclusion, we should all take a meter back and see how we can give back to our community by leveling the playing field for local businesses. The first step in doing so is to realize the negative influences chain stores impose on small towns. Works CitedPostrel, Virginia. In Praise of Chain Stores.Model Essays A Portable Anthology. Eds. Jane E. Aaron and Ellen Kuhl Repetto. Boston Bedford/St. Martins, 2013. 345-49

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