Saturday, February 23, 2019

Mexican Food vs Tex Mex Food Essay

I know that ein truth metre that you want Mexi hind end pabulum you just have to drive to the nighest Taco Bell, but do you truly know what is Mexican sustenance? if your first choice is Taco Bell you definitely dont know what its about. Mexican pabulum is very far from this openhearted of nutrition. Actually taco bell, fast food mexican eaterys foods argon called Tex Mex. The deviation between these both can be best be jimmy when we comp be their ingredients, their taste and their presentation. According to and articule written in the web pageboy the term Tex Mex has a lot of time around us, but it really takes his best on the 70s when D. Kennedy published the Cusine of Mexico. The difference in the ingredients is the first way of notice which one is on your table. The real mexican food uses natural ingredients such as peppers, cornmeal and tomatoes.In tex mex food you see cheese and meat that are not that used in the mexican food rvn if their are natural. A common ingredient in both is the avocato.The difference in taste is that real mexican food is very spicy and seasoned. Tex mex uses sauces that sometimes are spicy but usually this sauces are not part of the recipe but the diner can add it. The mexican food always uses much natural ingredients, so the taste is more fresh than the tex mex. The presentation is the main reason that this two foods are not alike. The real mexican food and the tex mex food are very colourful, but the real one seem to be better than the tex mex. The tex mex is fast food, you can take with your hand but the mexican looks more formal. In Tex mex you can see burritos, fajitas and quesadillas but in mexican food you can have birria, huevos divorciados and mole.Everywhere you see a mexican restaurant but the 90% of them are tex mex food. As youve seen this two food are not alike. One has very differents things from the other, even they are made with differents methods of cooking. Its very important to kno w that Mexican Food was recognize as impalpable Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2010.References.Whats the Difference? Tex-Mex vs. Mexicanhttp//

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