Friday, February 8, 2019

Hellish nature of life :: essays research papers

Life is all based around heaven or hell, which is also what is dear and bad. But why do we think back in that respect is a Heaven or Hell? Because integrity person came put down and proclaimed to be a person with healing powers. There argon thousands of people right awayadays. If Jesus were here today we would think he was a twisted old poor man just like the sojourn of them. But people want something to trust in, something better after this support has ended. Thats why people were so easily trusting in Jesus. People followed him and he did miracles that further brought them in. Soon it was close to a craze just like today. People are very trusting and bequeath do anything for a better afterlife. Then there is the Hell situation. If there is going to be wonderful afterlife for all who do good well there better be one for all who do bad. That is the incentive they try to put on you to do good. So now you have two choices. To do good and go to heaven or be so called bad an d rot in hell for eternity, which one would you do and you were brought up from a child to believe in deity and do the good that Jesus has taught us? For as long as the thought of hell has been around people have speculated how hell genuinely is. I dont think hell is like the hold up described it. I think the souls that were rejected from heaven are displace to a place to pay for their judgments in life. But truthfully I do not know or even want to speculate what hell is like. No one does and I hope Im not one of them to find out.Mr. Van Hoose I do believe in God and heaven and hell, but I do think some people get to worked up.

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