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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Perspective on continenceOne of the longest accomplished disciplines of the human body is that of extravaganting. desist is abstaining from food, drink, sleep or sex to pore on a period of spiritual growth( frugality has also been used in nearly every religion in the world, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Many of historys great spiritual leaders fasted for mental and spiritual clarity, including Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed. Fasting is an important element in religious practices.Christian PerspectiveNowhere in the tonic testament is desist commanded as a binding obligation upon the Christian. However, if one elects to fast it should be nothing less than drawing ne arr to God. Even though fasting is not commanded that doesnt mean that fasting isnt recommended as a part of a Christians spiritual growth. Fasting is very important in Christianity. Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights. The agree of Acts records believ ers fasting before they made important decisions (Act 134, 1423). Fasting and prayer are often linked together (Luke 2 37 533). Although fasting in Scriptures is almost always a fasting from food there are other ways to fast. Anything you can temporarily give up in order to better focus on God can be considered a fast (1 Cor. 71-5). Fasting should be limited to a set time, especially when the fasting is food. The cause for a fast is total voluntary. Christians fast for different reasons. They fast during vexed times, to express sorrow or regret for sin or to try out guidance from God. Christian also fast to communicate emotion to God.Christian fasting is more than denying he or herself food or something else of the general anatomy its a sacrificial lifestyle before God. In Isaiah 58, a true fast? is not just a one-time act of obscureness and denial before God it is a lifestyle of servant ministry to others. Isaiah tells us, fasting encourages humility, loosens the chains of in justice, unties the chords of the yoke, frees the oppressed, feeds the hungry, provides for the poor, and clothes the naked. (Isaiah 58 1-9). The concept of Christian fasting isnt a one-day thing its a lifestyle of servant aliveness for God and others. Jewish PerspectiveFasting is a part of the Jewish tradition. Fasting was instituted in Biblical times as a subscribe to of morning, or when... ...d Judaism rely heavily upon law for fasting. They have major fasts ground on the Holy Quran and the Torah. Christian fasts are not restricted to commands from the Bible. As a matter of fact, fasting is not required at all. They are encouraged to fast for spiritual growth. If Christians decide to fast, they have individual liberty to choose when and how they fast. Unlike Christians, Muslims and Jews have to fast completely from food. Christians have a choice to fast from whatever keeps them from focusing on God. Even though Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have different perspective on fasting, they all have a common mark to get closer to God. No matter how a fast is carried out, one should never lose sight of the main goal of fasting. Fasting provides an environment for a deeper spiritual life.Bibliographyhttp// Retrieved February 20, 2005.http// Retrieved February 20, 2005.Fisher, Mary Pat (2002). victuals Religions, Fifth Edition Prentice-Hall, Inc. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.The Holy Bible, New International Version Grand Rapids, Michigan 1973.http// / Retrieved February 26, 2005.

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