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Laurent Clerc Pioneer Teacher1785-1869 Laurent Clerc was born in LaBalme, France, on Dec. 26 1785. His father was Mayor of the town and the family could boast of a long tonal pattern of magistrates in the Clerc lineage. At the age of one, the infant fell from a kitchen conduce by accident into a nearby fireplace. He was burned on one side of his face and a fever left him on the whole deaf. He had uncle also named Laurent Clerc, who heard about the school for the deaf in genus Paris. When he was twelve years old, his uncle brought him to Paris and took him in the lofty establishment for the Deaf. In 1816, his eight year as a teacher, an event happened which changed the air of his life. He met a young idealist from America, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, who had gone to Paris to learn the best method of educating the deaf. Gallaudet could spend three months at the Royal Institution. He realized that Clerc had the expertise and deaf experience to help him action his mission of found t he first school for the deaf in America. Clerc became the assistant. Clerc and Gallaudet rode on the ship. Gallaudet taught Clerc the English language and Clerc taught Gallaudet sign language. They arrived in New York on Aug.9th. Gallaudet was Clercs part and Clerc gave many speeches. They spent the next seven months traveling throughout the east, from capital of Massachusetts to Philadephia. They also interviewed parents of deaf children. The first school was established at Hartford. It exposed on April 15, 1817. Gall...

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