Monday, February 4, 2019

An investigation to determine which of four alcohols is the most exothermic :: GCSE Chemistry Coursework Investigation

An investigation to determine which of four alcohols is the most exothermic presageI predict that the most heat given out per wall burnt would be byPropanol because the size of the alcohol molecules superpower increase withheat. Alcohols produce heat when they burn in oxygen or air. Theamount of heat produced per mole of alcohol will be relative tothe amount of air present. Full combustion should generate twoproducts only carbon dioxide and water vapour.HypothesisWithin a molecule in that respect are bond energies that are holding the atomstogether. When the fuel combusts a chemical substance reaction takes place, this chances the bonds, this requires energy, and makes new bonds this givesout energy. The energy differences between the two demonstrate us how muchenergy was given out or taken in. We can show this on a graph. Alcoholparticles will break their bonds when they mix with oxygen. This isknown as exothermic reaction. Boiling points will be increased becauseenergy is n eeded bonds can be formed and broken. gaolbreak bonds needless energy than is needed to form bonds - exothermic reaction. largermolecules use high energy to be broken. Methanol and Ethanol binddifferences as Methanol melts at a higher temperature and boils at alower temperature than Ethanol. Higher alcohols which include Butanoland Propanol have a higher molecular weight and this is why Butanol isused in perfumes. Ethanol, which is sugar based, with its low freezingpoint, has a specific use as antifreeze for cars and other vehicles. GRAPHTripod Matches GogglesMethod - To begin with, I postulate one out of the four differentalcohols. I weigh advance(prenominal) in the spirit burner. This is so I cancalculate the mint candy which is lost in each alcohol. The spirit burnerand alcohol which I am using is on a brick under a tripod. On thetripod I place a clay pipe triangle which holds a beaker containing100ml of water. I light the spirit burner and stir the water with thethermometer constantly. When the temperature has risen to 30C, Iquickly place the top back on the spirit burner. instanter I re-weigh thealcohol. o find out how much alcohol has been burned I subtract thefinishing mass from the starting mass.Fair political campaignI will try my best to keep this experiment fair. totally the variablesmust be controlled. These are as follows -The scale reading has to be on zero before weighing the spirit burner

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