Saturday, August 3, 2019

When Modernist Tools Go PoMo Essay -- Internet Style Essays

When Modernist Tools Go PoMo Since the internet is a tool largely founded in modernist thought it possesses the ability to eradicate social and historical diversity of style in composition. However, due to the shift of thought entailed in Postmodernism, and the fact that making a website grows easier every day, the shift towards global uniformity of style might be slowing or even reversing. A variety of examples support the argument that the internet is, in fact, not restricting or reducing the development of diversity within composition, but rather is promoting diversity and enforcing the Postmodernist concept of a convoluted reality that defies attempts at classification. To fully understand the assertions made it is important to understand the differences between Modernist and Postmodernist thought, and to know what is meant by cultural and historical diversity of style in composition. Simply put, Modernist theory states that the ideal form is that of a machine. To Modernists, everything is seen in terms of the machine; everything can be observed within the extent of means for conversion of an input or stimulus to an output or reaction. Once viewed this way, the essence of all objects lies in their utilitarian function, and once utilitarianism is the standard by which all things are measured the need for diversity is non-existent. Then, when the assertion is made and substantiated that the internet is in essence a product of this mindset , it can be seen how it can be considered a tool facilitating standardization and the formation of a single universal style for composition. The purpose of this destruction of diversity is for utilitarian efficiency and common understanding. Postmodernism is best understood as ... ...ons. The goal of these sites is stated to be the opposite of what is considered the correct or standard style of composition, and so they fall under the concept of taboo sites that do not conform to standards. Ultimately, the internet is different from the previous forms of mass communication because it exists in a different social context. Thus, it is evident that the internet is considerably more Postmodernist in nature, despite the fact that it is steeped in Modernist foundations of organization and intent. Due to the internet’s origins in Modernist thought it definitely possesses the capabilities to further the Modernist concept of an absolute standardization of style in composition. But as long as the internet remains easily accessible to the general public and open as a forum for international interaction the possibilities for diversity of style are endless.

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