Thursday, August 8, 2019

Crisis Intervention with a Biblical Worldview Research Paper

Crisis Intervention with a Biblical Worldview - Research Paper Example There are different styles used under crisis intervention and among of them are screening/assessment from medical model and problem solving from alternate services. Crisis intervention is found to be a suitable management strategy for people with suicidal tendency (Berrino et al., 2011). It is also a proven effective strategy that can be applied in the midst and after of natural disasters (Bronisch et al., 2006). Crisis intervention is therefore a remarkable strategy that aims to restore the ability of an individual to adapt to its immediate environment and its adverse impacts. Crisis intervention therefore should require more encouraging words in the hope that it will help the individual understands the true meaning and value of life. People experience crisis in life when they are faced with obstacles to their important goals or are both faced with dangers and opportunities (James, 2008). Handling situation like this primarily requires important choices and encouraging words to rema rkably create better perspectives out of the problem. Jesus reminded us the importance of encouraging words and the value of our choices in life. He believed that people are more valuable than any other things on earth and nobody should worry on what to come in their lives because God certainly is able to provide everything for them (Luke 12:24). Thus, he simply tried to point out the fact that we are certainly not totally in control of ourselves but there is God who simply takes control over everything else. However, he also emphasized that each one has the choice to worry or not. Thus, effective counseling in crisis intervention is therefore a matter of effective participation of the concerned person. When an individual is not able to take control of his own self and his balance over everything is disrupted, crisis is doomed to come in his life (Dattilio and Freeman, 2007). This emphasizes the fact that the most important move to sustain him from his balance is an effective

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