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How do poets from the pre 1914 poetry present their ideas about love Es

How do poets from the pre 1914 poetry present their ideas about love and relationships? The poems I have chosen to write about are ‘They flee from me’ by Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542), ‘The unequal fetters’ by Anne finch (1661-1720) and ‘To his coy mistress’ by Andrew Marvell (1621-1678). I chose these poems because I found them attention-grabbing and remarkable as they all are based around the same topic of love and pretence. Also I liked these poems because of the fact that they have a message that is still true even in today’s world. Wyatt wrote this poem as an epigram of what court life would be like and what would come along with it. ‘They flee from me’ is a poem of love and what Thomas Wyatt’s attitudes are of love and hat it can do to you. The main theme of this poem is that women did just about anything to be with Thomas but eventually in hardly a long time they fled from him as the title suggests ‘They flee from me’. However an important theme is the uncertainty of life in the court of a cruel, fickle tyrant like Henry VIII. This suggests that although the life in the court of Henry VIII may be appealing and attractive it also comes with great dangers. The poem is set in the 16th century. And is basically about Thomas Wyatt’s life and mainly in relation to women and what he thought of them. Coming from the title ‘They flee from me’ something is running away from Wyatt. And this something is women. The poem was written from a male point of view so this could mean that the whole poem was to one side i.e. biased in the favour of men. The type of language used is 16th century and uses words that we do not usually use now. Some of these words are ‘guise’, ‘forsaking’ and ‘newfangleness’. Althoug... ...tells her to use up the time we have now otherwise we won’t know what could have been. He constantly uses the word ‘now’ as a way to make her do what he wants and he makes sure she listens because he tells her that everything should be done ‘now’. He also says that life is very tough ‘pleasures with rough strife†¦..iron gates of life’ and that they have defeated time ‘we cannot make our sun stand still†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦we will make him run’ The structure of the poem is very simple. It has rhyming couplets. This can allow the poem to make a number of cleverly phrased and memorable comments. The first stanza is a thesis that explains and concludes one side of the argument he is making. The second stanza is an anti-thesis that explains and concludes the other side of the argument. And the last stanza is a synthesis that is the conclusion of the whole argument he has made.

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