Monday, August 12, 2019

Service learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Service learning - Essay Example Someone has to do those kinds of jobs that no one wants to do but must by done by someone in order for the mosque to remain presentable. What kept me going was the thought that I was not doing this for myself, but for the worshippers who frequent the mosque. I might not have received any recognition for it, but I can still be pleased by the contribution that I made. The final task that I did was really pleasing because I was able to make a noticeable different in the lives of young kids. I gave a presentation to these kids on how to overcome culture shock. Many of these kids have never really mixed with people of other cultures, so they really learned something by what I had to say. I was able to tell them of my own experiences as an international student trying to adapt to a different environment and also the challenges that I faced along the way. I could really tell that I made an impact on some of those kids because I could see it in their faces. They asked many questions about wh at it was like to move overseas, and I was able to answer their questions based on my own personal experiences. 2. The main thing that I learned was that I could receive great satisfaction from being able to serve others. I am not usually the servant type, but I now realize just how much it can mean to a person to have a task performed for them. Being able to do that for someone else gave me joy and I realize that I need to be able to serve others in everyday normal life too. The biggest thing that I got out of this service learning process was that there are some things in life that are beyond measure. Serving others is one of the greatest gifts that we can give another person, and this was something that I did not think about before. My whole attitude and outlook on life has changed considerably because I what I have experienced during my time serving at the mosque. If I could do it all again, then I would not hesitate to do

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