Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Answer question Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Answer question - Coursework Example Moreover, his preference towards ‘Air Jordan’ sneakers may be biased given that the brand is associated with his name. This may be true. The appeal to authority is legitimate. Joe’s views regarding the movie are his own speculative views regarding the movie after watching it. Moreover, the opinion given is honest and non-biased given that there exists a level of trust between the two friends. This argument is fallacious. Even though the scientists have an expert authority regarding other planets, there has been no evidence to prove that life does exist on other planets. In this regard, this claim is rather speculative since the scientists are still hoping to find proof of existence of life on other planets. This is not true. The appeal to authority is fallacious given that the individual expressing this opinion does not have an expert authority regarding all beautiful women in America. Moreover, there is no proof that all women from America participated in the contest. In this regard, there is a possibility that there are far more beautiful women than Vanna in America. This claim may not be true. This argument is fallacious given that the appeal to authority, the opponents, may not be trustworthy and valid. In this regard, the opponents may have inflated the figures regarding the number of protestors at the rally. For each of the following arguments, indicate whether it is an appeal to popular opinion, an appeal to tradition, or an appeal to emotion. (The argument might fit into more than one of these categories. If so, explain why.) Then determine whether it is fallacious, and why. The statement is an appeal to popular opinion. The argument is fallacious given that the appeal to authority is biased in its own favor. In this regard, the residents of United States are biased in favoritism of their own country. Furthermore, the residents have not provided a basis for comparison on life in other countries to justify United

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