Thursday, May 9, 2019

Heritage Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Heritage Assessment - Assignment recitationThe music called compas has been passed down to my children. They know many of the lyrics to the music I listen to. I birth besides maintained the Haitian language. It is French Creole. As a result I speak French, Spanish, Creole, and English. The religion exercise in Haiti and here for my family is Baptist. Religion is very important to me.Although I live in the United States, I have not forgotten where I have come from. My religion, food, family, and culture are deeply root in Haiti. Although my family came to the United States for greater opportunities, this never impacted my feelings about my culture. I am Haitian. My traditions and beliefs have remained strongly rooted in my birthplace. My large family is unique in American culture. Coming from a large family has helped me empathize sacrifice, love, and tradition. I lead admit that I have become Americanized to a degree, but I will always be Haitian. That is the good thing about America. I can live here, but tacit retain my own culture.My ethnic, cultural, and religious heritage will be useful to my healthcare related life story in many ways. The first way my ethnic, cultural, and religious heritage will be useful is by knowing the Haitian people. For example, many Haitian children are not vaccinated. When I encounter a nourish or child from Haiti that would be one of the first questions I ask. Another question would be if the uncomplaining from Haiti had a TB test. Haiti has a higher rate of TB than other countries. Other healthcare providers aptitude not know these facts. Informing my colleges and fellow Haitians would help patients better understand each other. Sometimes Haitians that have newly arrived do not trust the government, medical staff, or others due to immigration status. If it is revealed that the child or adult does not have immunizations or a TB scan, the patient major power feel that INES might be called. This can be very dangerous t o the patient and everybody in contact with the patient. I would be

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