Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Gods VS Mortals :: essays research papers

There is only one way Destroy them all."     Lu fires burning eyes move slowly from one god to the next, hoping his harsh decree had convinced more of them to take his side. It had seemed like an eternity (which it very well could have been) since all the gods had garner together like this.This can not be the way, I still believe this would be an over reaction. Ranna said, waving her hand as if to throw by Lucans idea. What the mortals need is our guidance.      You cannot be seriously talking about the, elves Lucan scowled How can you be so passionate about the race that yellowed your fields, up rosed and murdered your followers, blush attacked you There is nothing in their heart but the love for wealth and power.     She glared back at him. That is your doings at work, Lucan. It was only when they broke on to the Flats of authority that you stopped enjoying their growing domination of Nithra.    & nbspWe all agree mortals have gone too far," Srill interrupted, knowing there was a need to interrupt before the program line went on further. "But the answer isnt to wipe away all of our work. It is only a few races that have gone this far. Perhaps a select purging instead of complete destruction."     Rook shook his head. "I have to agree with Lucan on this matter. Wiping them out is the only way."     "The answer is obvious," interrupted Cazil. "If my power was allowed to grow, the mortals would be in no position to challenge us. Fear will keep them in line, it always should have."     Kara roared. "Absurd Its proven that apart any one of us can be overcome by the mortals. It is our neglect that has brought this upon us. The solution must be one that we can all agree on."     "can you be too blur?" Lucan growled. "How can you not see that the mortals must be punished?"     "You ignore their honor," Marr countered. "They earned the right to exist.     "Right to exist?" Innok cackled. "Leave them to their selfs and they will destroy themselves in greed and hate. We should not kill them, but step to the side and let them waste them selfs."     "We dont have that kind of time," Ro speaks. "The planes are already weak, some have already been completely erased, our powers have grown too weary to hold them. We must strike back while we still can.

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