Sunday, May 12, 2019

Accounting 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Accounting 1 - Essay display caseThe organization had elaborate risk assessment about which any employee was cognizant. The organization conducted risk awareness and compulsion response training regularly. Fire extinguishers were regularly checked and replaced and there were notices providing information on what do in the event of a hazard. The management routinely supplied employees with the latest information on common and emergent risks.I realized that the organization monitored and reviewed its internal controls periodically. The petty cash was checked at the end of every workweek and recommendations given on what to avoid and what to improve. Internal controls that were found ineffective or failing after observe were replaced and others were improved in order to enhance their functionality. The organization had a comprehensive yet simple port of reporting risks to the relevant officials in which everybody knew the intimately immediate person to approach. The organization had good information and colloquy system in place. The management issued memos in good time when calling for a meeting and every employee was issued with a copy of previous meetings minutes with the days agenda. The management was venerating in the way it summoned employee for disciplinary action and they did not let other employees know about it.The most outstanding element of the organizations internal controls was its control activities. The duties of different individualistics were separated and every individual knew what they were supposed to do and what to forward to the next person. This was most evident in the accounts department where duties such as approval of purchases, reception of deliveries, approval of invoices, review, and reconciliation of financial records were handled by different people. There were clear procedures for transactional ascendancy where there were officers entrusted with authorizing purchases and payments. No such transactions could be undertaken

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