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capital of Montana Blavatsky Helena Blavatsky was an intriguing woman from the country of Ukraine. She could be considered a nomad for her time however, she was not interested in finding fodder and shelter. Helena wanted to find those who were considered spiritualists like herself. She lived from 1831-1891 and can be considered a very influential woman from her era. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born August 12, 1831 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Her paternity was Colonel Peter von Hahn and her mother was Helena Andreyevna von Hahn. Colonel von Hahn was a military man fighting in Poland when Helena was born. Her mother, often hurt by her husbands absence seizure and wrote about the turmoil of being a woman in her time. She published 8 novels by the time she faced an untimely death at the develop of 27 as a highly regarded novelist. Helenas mother knew from the time she was born that she was no average child. (3, 4, 5, 6) When Helena was born s he was very easy and the people around doubted she would even live. Therefore, before the baby was even 24 hours old a baptism was held. Helenas aunt, a young child, was asked to stand in as a godmother. During the ceremony, the child became restless and knocked over a candle without anyone noticing. The priest performing the baptism suffered severe burns when his robe caught fire. The people at Helenas baptism saw this as a sign. She was nicknamed Lyola because her grandparents and servants thought she had powers. (6) As a child, she had great passion for magic and the unknown. She was often found playing by the river in Ekaterinoslav. She said she was playing with the russalkas whom were green haired nymphs thought to haunt the riverbanks. When servants and other children bothered her, she threatened to have the russalkas tickle them to death. (2) While Helena, her mother, sister, and brother traveled a stagger due to her fathers military positio n, Helena was always happiest playing with the servants children and not the children of her rank and aristocracy.

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