Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Problem with Evil. Essay -- essays research papers

Arevalo 1 Michael Arevalo Philosophy/Extra Credit 02-03-02 The Problem With Evil The Problem With Evil refers to the statement; "No evil happens to a good person in this life or after death". The question at hand refers to the statement being accurate or not. Depending on how you define the words; â€Å"good†, and â€Å"person†, this statement may be construed as inaccurate or accurate. We must first define the words â€Å"good†, and â€Å"person†. The American Heritage defines â€Å"good† as being; (1a) â€Å"Virtuous; Valid or True†. It also defines â€Å"person† as; (2a) â€Å"Self; the personality of a human being†. However the Dictionary also has these alternative definitions: good – (1b) â€Å"Genuine; Real†: person – (2b) â€Å"the living body of a human being†. If you are to believe definition (2a), that there is more to a person than the physical body, our statement in question could be considered accurate. The thought or notion to be â€Å"true†, and or the â€Å"personality of a human being† is a concept. These concepts are forever true or changeless (eternal). Our ability to become aware of these concepts may illustrate somet...

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