Monday, October 21, 2019

Grandparents and an Online Degree Program Essays

Grandparents and an Online Degree Program Essays Grandparents and an Online Degree Program Essay Grandparents and an Online Degree Program Essay When many of us were young, our grandparents – in our estimation – could have been anywhere from 100 to 150 years old. We had no concept of ages; only that our grandparents were elderly people that hailed from another generation. With people living longer and much healthier lives, the grandparent of today does not resemble the grandparent of years’ past. In fact, grandparents are only grandparents in name and position only; many are young, vibrant, working people in the prime of their lives. Age no longer defines us as it once did, and many people – regardless of their age or their â€Å"place† in the family – are pursuing goals that were once reserved for the very young. A college education, as a matter of fact, was once something that most of us earned as young people in our twenties. In fact, there were some generations in which a college education was largely a male pursuit. That generation has now caught up with the generation where a college education is genderless and ageless; and they are jumping on the bandwagon to earn what is rightfully theirs to earn. While there may be little time in the day for a round trip to a campus that may be logistically inconvenient – as well as the time necessary to sit in class – there is the possibility for people of all ages to earn an online degree. The Internet has made all things possible; and a college education is no exception. Through an online degree program, people of all ages can simply login to complete all that is required in the class – reading, assignments, projects, and even quizzes and exams. All that is required to complete an online degree is acceptance into an accredited program, a computer with access to the Internet, and the desire to finally earn that college education. :

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