Monday, October 7, 2019

Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Case Study - Essay Example It is also regarded as the third largest public organization in the world according to a list released by Fortune Global 500 in 2012. Wal-Mart belongs to the retail sector industry (Adair 41). In addition, Wal-Mart is perceived to be the largest private employer in the universe employing approximately 2 million workers. The departments of Wal-Mart are divided in three retail designs that are popular in America. They include Wal-Mart Markets, Supercenters, and Discount stores. Wal-Mart Markets are utilized to fill the gap between supercenters and discount stores, providing several commodities, for example, pharmaceuticals, groceries, among others. Supercenters are hypermarkets which contains everything in a discount store and a full-service supermarket. Finally, discount stores contain a selection of groceries and general commodities. Organizational Strategy Wal-Mart incorporation has a mission of assisting individuals to save finances so that they can have better lives. This mission was devised by the company’s chief executive officer, Sam Walton. The mission directs all activities undertaken at the company. This means that numerous clients can believe Wal-Mart has daily affordable prices. The vision of Wal-Mart is to provide quality products at daily minimal prices, combined with the provision of pleasant services. This has pushed the company to its position as the largest retailer in the whole world. Wal-Mart employs its vision to establish the value of every innovation it takes into account (Vance and Roy 31). The values of Wal-Mart Include respect for the clients, aiming for excellence, and service to the clients. The values help in showing consideration and respect to the suppliers, customer, neighbours, and associates. The company has developed a strong retail brand and a reputation for value of money as action plans for implementing its strategy. In addition, the company has convenience and contains a broad range of commodities in a single store. Wal-Mart plans to purchase addition retail stores in different areas of the world to implement its strategy of aggressive expansion. How the Principles of Management Are Used In the Application of the Strategy The planning for the organization is carried out by managers who get feedback from every worker, every year, with regard to their points of view of their work situation and the implementation of the beliefs and values in the company. This helps them plan for the company’s activities. The managers organize responsibilities among their workers by placing them in strategic areas in the stores where they carryout tasks such as assisting clients find the commodities they need. They use Sam Walton’s personal values to design tasks that will make sure employees engage in activities that improve the company. The management also has developed a business paradigm meant to satisfy the needs of the customer. This outlines the way employees will work. Wal-Mart has managers wh o aspire to offer clients the services and products they require when they need them. They use the outside-in thinking to lead their teams. Their philosophy and approach put the interest of the client before the capabilities of the organization. There have been control issues in Wal-Mart in the past. The company’s acquisition of local retailers in a number of countries generated control issues between Wal-Mart and the people of the local country, for example, the purchase of

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