Thursday, October 10, 2019

Technology Is a Hindrance

In recent times, technological advances have become an absolutely central part of our lives. Technological advances can gain access to various information and entertainment. However, it is said that technology is a hindrance, not a help, to students because they are distracted by technological advances and wasting too much too much time on computer games and other new technology. In my opinion, those technologies are the tool for students to learn and gain access information.Take for example, when we have to do project or homework, we may need to search information, word process the content and present the project by using the computer. There is much information in the internet. When we want to make a birthday cake, we can search the recipe in the internet immediately. You can look up for the dictionary machine instead of the bulky cumbersome dictionary. At school, teachers use the projectors to teach instead of the textbook. Technology is a component of modern education.Without it, students will not learn the skills they need to succeed in a global work environment which is increasingly dependent on new technology. For instance, Students who learn how to make graphs and how to use presentation software will learn some of the skills they need to work in many business environment. Moreover, because of the technology, the relationship between the students and teachers are more closed. If there are any questions that you want to ask the teachers, you can not ask them immediately.Nevertheless, it is not a problem with the technology. You can call or email the teachers to ask for help. Through the technological advances, you can work and learn more effectively can efficiently. All these need the help of technology. However, there are also hindrances for students sometimes. There are many entertainment options such as computer games, television which is easy for students to get distracted. Students may make their time networking, entertaining on those technologies.As a result, they will fine it hard to concentrate in class and lose focus on study easily. Yet, if students use those advances appropriately, will they still waste too much time on websites, networking? If they are self-discipline, it won’t be a hindrance for them. Contrary, they can learn to be self-discipline. Above all, technology does more goods than harms. I think technology is not a hindrance but a help when they have proper time management and a correct attitude to technology.

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