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Early americas history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Early americas history - Essay Example This paper will analyze two of the articles available in the book during a period when slavery was rampant in the south (Johnson, 2012). One of the articles is ‘Plantation rules’ written by Barrow as a code of regulations that he wrote down. The article appears in one of the plantation journals written during a time when slavery of black people was the order of the day. The article presents us with clear picture of the rules that a black slave adhered to and the level of ownership that the owner felt. The document depicts what was happening in the American past at around 1852. Barrow wrote down this article with his black slaves in mind because he expected them to understand precisely his expectations for as long as they worked under him (255-256). From the article, some facts become clear about the period of 1800’s in the United States. During this time, blacks worked for white landowners as slaves. In addition, the owners of land perceived slaves as their proper ty. Therefore, they formulated rules that governed the entire life of the salve. The article highlights the restrictions that the slaves went through on the farms. They worked all day long and had to acquire permission in order to engage in any extra activity. The owner of the slaves controlled their movements. Through this, he intended to ensure that slaves did not interact with other slaves fro m other farms. He was aware of the potential reactions of black slaves. If they met too often and without control from their owners, slaves were likely to stage a rebellion. From the article, a reader realizes that black slaves did not have an opportunity to enjoy their rights as free individuals. They received minimal allowances for their work. They often worked for long hours. In addition, the owner limited the development of relationships of the slaves forbidding them from marrying from a different farm. The article highlights the plight of slaves in the southern states in ancient Americ a. It tells the facts from the owner’s point of view without altering and it presents reliable information of the fate of Negroes who ended up in white farms (258). However, the article does not reveal the story from the slave’s point of view. However, it provides the reader with an opportunity to experience the attitude and power exercised by slave owners in ancient America. The article highlights the core issue that led to racial issues between the whites and blacks. The article is the ‘confession of Nat Turner’ officially published by Ruffin Gray. Gray was the lawyer to Turner, a slave who was responsible for the organization of a slave revolution in one of the southern states, Virginia. Turner had been a slave who could not bear the conditions that surrounded slavery and called upon other slaves to raise a rebellion against the whites who were continually oppressing the slaves and overworking them. Turner’s confession targeted the entire America n public at that time. He was in jail and felt took the responsibility of narrating his reasons and contributions in organizing the revolution. He made his confessions to Gray, the lawyer who published the confession (259). From his account, it becomes evident that slavery in the southern states was very rampant. In addition, the article elaborates how the salves perceived the situation they were going through. Turner claims that he sought to organize a revolt with a divine motivation. He described

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