Friday, October 18, 2019

Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On The Lives Of People Case Study

Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On The Lives Of People - Case Study Example The standard of living for some had improved and the society was progressing. The industrial revolution is said to have brought many positive effects in the lives of people. Inventions such as the steam locomotives helped transportation and the increase in agricultural yield helped the farmers. There were many more significant inventions which changed the face of the earth and improved the lives of the masses. However, as it is commonly said that a coin has two sides and so this is also visible here. With the many pros which the industrial revolution brought with itself, it also brought some flaws. It is these flaws which are often highlighted when the industrial revolution is discussed. To begin with, it is claimed that the industrial revolution created a huge gap between the other countries and Britain. Also, this did not only lead to a huge technological gap between the countries but this also created a financial gap between them and Britain. The incomes of the average family were increasing and the people were becoming richer. At this point, sociologists like Marxists claim that the businessmen or the ruling class are exploiting the masses by paying them lesser wages. This causes the standard of living of the workers to actually fall rather than improving. However, as statistics show that people were actually well of in the long run. As soon as the technological change set in the conditions started improving and soon the families were spending more on food, clothing and household goods than ever before 1 Overall, the Industrial Revolution had many good effects. It increased the number of goods and services a nation could produce and supplemented to its wealth. It created jobs for workers and overtime assisted they live better lives. It produced better diets, better accommodation, and cheaper, better clothing.

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