Friday, September 27, 2019

U.S history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

U.S history - Essay Example Wages in United States were better than in Europe, more so for skilled laborers, this led to millions of immigrants coming to America. The industrialization increase meant real wages growing with 60% in the US. The major industry was the railroads as the factory system, finance and mining increased in importance. Europe, China and eastern states immigrants resulted to the West growing rapidly, based on mining, ranching and farming. This is the period that the United States became the leader in ahead of Britain in industrialization. The economy was fast expanding in the new areas in the country, more so heavy industry factories, coal mining, and railroads. The first Transcontinental Railroad was opened up in 1869 to the far-west ranching and mining regions. Instead of six months, travelling from New York San Francisco only took six days. Formerly isolated regions were connected by the new track to the bigger markets that facilitated the development of commercial farming, mining, and ranching, leading to a true national marketplace. Production of steel in America rose to surpass the total of Germany, France, and Britain combined. Paris and London poured money for investment into railroads through financial markets that are centered in Wall Street. By 1900, economic process concentration had already extended to industry’s most branches. Before the Gilded Age, old immigration as is commonly referred witnessed the real boom of United States’ new arrivals. Around 10 million people came in the new immigration. These people provided the industries with the workforce that they required at a very good cost (Hunger, Parshall K.  53). John Muir was a Scottish-American practitioner of naturalism, author, and early advocate of preservation United States wilderness. His books, essays, and letters telling about his nature’s adventures. He gave a lot of his time in preserving the Western forest. His enthusiasm

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