Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 14

Analysis - Essay Example Also, rewards rupture relationships at the workplace because employees because it creates a competitive and hostile environment, which leads to poor connections between employees. Another explanation can be that rewards ignore reasons behind the success of the company. Maybe increase in company’s profitability, or growth in sales is not necessarily related the incentive program for employees. Also, rewards cause a risk-aversion because employees would try to do only what they are required and would not look to improve their work or to find new solutions to problem that appear. Finally, rewards undermine interest which means that people who want to work will do that without any incentive. The article overviewed the relationship between incentives and performance, and the reasons for which payments does not lead to a better work. I agree with this final conclusion, because incentives for managers (e.g. stock options) have lead in some cases to a lower long-term performance for companies because they were interested only on the short performance in order to exercise the options, and not on the long perspective of the value of the company. Successful implementation of management’s innovations must follow some principles. The first one is related to organizational culture, which means that the values and customs of the specific company could lead to a better or lower implementation due to the reaction to changes. The second principle connects innovations with corporate, divisional and plant strategies. Another principle pays attention to the current state of the company; if a company is suffering structural changes, innovations may not be appropriate. Also, it is considered that a link between human and technical side of change is necessary. Moreover, it is vital to train and educate the employees in order to face the changes of the organization. The final principle relates to indicators of performance. When implementing innovation,

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