Monday, September 9, 2019

Legal Determinations for Change in Employment Status Essay

Legal Determinations for Change in Employment Status - Essay Example Changes in the employment status take place in the workplaces every day. The changes could be either progressive or regressive. The factors that lead to such changes include age, ability, economic conditions, discipline and duration of duty. These factors directly lead to changes that include, but are not limited to; promotions, pay increments and decrements, transfers and layoffs. These changes are guided by legal statutes and it is only wise that employees learn and keep the legal implications that come with the employment status changes. There have been numerous misinformed changes in employment status for many due to lack of information on entitlements provided by the law (C. C. H. Incorporated) As human resources officer, I am prone to these changes too. The three most probable are confirmation of employment, transfers and promotion. These status changes reflect loosely the chronology of employment for a diligent human resource officer. They are hierarchal, with improvements along the ranks during the time one works for a company or is in the professional field. Confirmation of employment is a change that is guaranteed at present as the transfers and promotions are bound to take course with time (Holland and Burnet, 63) The confirmation of employment is the first change in employment status for almost all the employees in the formal sector. Most companies have got a probation period provided for in their terms and conditions. The period is used to monitor the progress of new hires and also serve as a learning moment for them. During this period, guided by the terms and company policy, the employment is on contract basis and sometimes the employees receive half their salaries. The period spans between three to seven months depending on the company and its policies. After this period, an employee is confirmed and hired on permanent basis. This should be the first employment status change for anybody (Holland and Burnet, 63). The second

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