Saturday, September 7, 2019

Modern IT Infrastructure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Modern IT Infrastructure - Essay Example There are additional expenses that are to be bore because of training costs for the employees, establishment of an Information Technology Department in the organization for regular functioning of the system. Henceforth there are costs involved but definitely the benefits far outweigh the costs. Our company is now competing for market in a highly dynamic and challenging environment and therefore it is imperative that we establish quick, reliable and efficient information processing and business processing system within the organization, which unfortunately is not possible within the domains of out existing IT infrastructure which is based on batch type computers working without Virtual memory. It is therefore recommended that the current system be upgraded with a newer system with capabilities for multi programming and virtual memory. The report attempts to justify the proposed requirements in the light of current and future business processes. Multi-programming or Multi Tasking is the ability of a computer to perform simultaneous processing on various projects or as a part of one project or task. It is a much better computing system over the old batch type systems with possibility of calculating two requirements at a time and therefore considerably reducing the processing time and therefore saving the time by doing calculations which is wasted during user input process. It ensures that the idle time between calculations of one requirement can be used for another requirement and therefore can process lots of requirements simultaneously. This reduces overall processing time and increases the efficiency of the system and the cuts off time from the whole process. Most of the time used on a computer is used in inputting the data and afterwards the calculations is generally the smaller part. The batch type system processes the requirements one at a time whereas a

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