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Method and Results Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Method and Results - Essay ExampleThe responses were coded and tabulated. SPSS software was utilize to store the info ready for analysis. The software could allow correlation of both the categorical and non-categorical variables. Consequently, it was possible for the management team of the Arizona University to find out how different factors related to the students play the students performance (Creswell, 2008).Participants for the study were SOC 390 and SOC 391/FAS 361 students from Arizona State University. Out of the 180 students enrolled in the survey, only 166 students took part. The demographic questions of participants study time, alcohol intake were used in the analysis as in bloodsucking variables. The amount of time the student spends studying for a typical class each week, which was measured in hours. The dependent variable was a measure of the students current GPA. The alcohol use was measured in terms of ratio whereas the GPA was measured in interval level of measurem ent whereas the time spend studying was measured in ratio (Patton, 2002).The study was based on a hypothesis that at that place is a positive correlation with studying and a higher GPA while there is a negative correlation with alcohol and students GPA. The data was study using regression analysis in request to determine whether the GPA is dependent upon the study time and drinking of alcohol (McSpirit & Jones, 1999).This analysis was performed in order to determine the effects of the study time and alcohol drinking on the GPA. All of the 166 respondents provided answers in each category. The average GPA of students respondents was 3.2772 and the tired deviation was 0.51627. The mean of study time and alcohol consumption was 5.70 and 4.671 respectively whereas the standard deviation was 4.670 and 5.8437 respectively.Descriptive analysis was done to show more information on aspects such as variance, skewness, Kurtosis, standard

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