Thursday, June 6, 2019

DNA - Modified Food Essay Example for Free

DNA Modified Food EssaySome vegetarians do not cull to tucker out genetically modified vegetables or nutriment products because they contain other genes which they have no idea about. The consumers find these genes unsafe for their health. The people must have the noesis that the addition of these genes into the plants is done only to give them a better food product, but its therefore important to label genetically modified foods because it enables the consumer to make up ones mind and have the right choice of food information that is needed. Genetic modification is the technology by which the genetic makeup of the living organism such as plants and animals bacteria is changed. Thus the resultant organism is called genetically modified, genetic engineered or transgenic. Source citation (http//www. ext. colostate. edu/pubs/foodnut/09371. html).First of all Consumers have a right to know whats in their food, especially concerning products for which health and environmental c oncerns have been raised, this I think is one of the most important reason why individuals impart prefer the labeling of genetically modified food, and also to know the condition of the environment of which the product was made from weather is a place with good sanitation or not. needed labeling will allow consumers to identify and steer clear of food products that cause them problems because some people who with medical problems or allergic to some product will have to know before using them in order not to get themselves in trouble or contracting any form of diseases Surveys guide that a majority of Americans support mandatory labeling. (However, such surveys often do not specify the effect on food prices.)Least 21 countries and the European Union have established some form of mandatory labeling source citation (Gruere and Rao, 2007 Phillips and McNeill, 2000) For religious or ethical reasons, many Americans want to avoid consume animal products, including animal DNA. For examp le some religious beliefs enact laws for people to avoid eating some certain products due to this labeling of genetically modified food will help consumers know the right choice of product to consume example are the jewish and the buddist.

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