Friday, April 19, 2019

The Impact of Information Technogoly in Public agency Research Paper

The Impact of instruction Technogoly in Public agency - Research Paper ExampleTheFederal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) is aUS government agency attached to the Department of Justice with its headquarters in Edgar Hoover Building, chapiter D.C (FBI, 2012). The US government established the FBI in 1908 with a core mission of investigating federal official crime, enforcing federal laws, enhancing national security, and bringing criminals to justice (Hamilton, 2007). Its priorities include defend the United States from terrorist attacks, protecting civil rights, combating public corruption and all forms of crime, protecting the United States against cyber-based attacks, supporting local and international partners, combat transnational criminal organizations, and protecting the United States against foreign intelligence (United States Department of Justice, 2010). To realize its priorities and mission, the FBI relies on domestic and foreign Intelligence, Law Enforcement Communities, f ederal government support, and top class instruction technology to improve its operations operational and enhance the authority of the agency. However, with the recent and vibrant technological advancements terrorist and criminals are now using recent technologies to launch attacks to its allies and US. Hence, to stay put reliable in its commission, the FBI requires the best of information technology to keep in pace and curb the hi-tech insecurity. As such, the FBI has developed the FBIs IT strategic plan and initiated measures of acquiring the best information technology professionals, digitized its operations, and maintained the FBIs IT enterprise and website (United States Department of Justice, 2010). This has been significant in providing technical direction FBI business processes, maintaining the FBIs technology assets, and providing high-tech identification and information services relating to national

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