Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Reviews Kind of Blue Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reviews Kind of blue - Assignment ExampleThe loudness of the euphony however, is not eardrum-breaking rather, makes a harmonious effect with the soft and futile notes. The sound sets a luxurious tone color which is appealing to the ears.Weather Reports weighed down(p) Weather has a dynamic mood attached to the music. The drums play a vital part in this feature, keeping a fast and cheerful beat. The songs in the album often start with a figure pace, having weak beats which eventually increase in speed and volume. They are polyphonic, with the drums creating the distinct banging sounds, the sax and piano with the high pitches and the bass guitar taking on the base. The pitch is alternately set to the high and low notes. Obviously, the piano is widely used to create various pitches complementary to the tones of the bass guitar and saxophones. What probably set this music as a jazz fusion is the element of jazz music, reflecting the African-American kind of music and incorporating new music which is not only upbeat but experimental in nature. As the name of the writing style suggests, the music is a combination of the popular blues element of jazz and the dynamic mood of advanced(a) music. Despite this, the melodies are in perfect harmony, the music is simply wonderful to listen

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