Saturday, April 20, 2019

Summarize 12 new york times articles and provide one paragraph summary Assignment

Summarize 12 new york times articles and provide one paragraph summary for separately - Assignment ExampleMoreover, thither are several people from Latino backgrounds who are Catholics as compared to otherwise denominations. Some of the realistic successes that the Catholic Church has experienced through campaign and advocacy programs were outlined, including their influence on the abortion law. There are subsequently verbatim quotations from leaders of the church, expressing their readiness to be part of this every(prenominal) important campaign for the government. Carwash Managers Held in Immigration Raids BYLINE By FERNANDA SANTOS Rebekah Zemansky contributed motifing. SECTION Section A Column 0 National Desk Pg. 10 The governments determination to cramp down on some learn practices it considers as criminal, specifically the use of illegal and falsified documentations is brought to bear as a raid leads to the arrest of 223 people. sign reports from people nearby the 16 Danny s Family Car Wash reported the raid as an immigration enforcement operation. However, Barbara Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement denied it, saying the raid was a typical criminal investigation. Out of the 223 people locomote up in the operation, 30 of them were charged with various forms of offenses, resulting in their deportation from the country. The report notes that this operation comes in a wake when the new immigration reforms still sits in recounting unfinished. This therefore raises questions of conflict of worry as some of the charged people refused to sign a voluntary deportation order. Big-Name G.O.P. Donors Urge Members of Congress to Back Immigration Overhaul BYLINE By ASHLEY PARKER SECTION Section Column 0 National Desk Pg moreover another move made by the Obama government to win the hearts of as many Republicans in Congress as possible to back the new immigration law is presented as Big-Name G.O.P Donors are verbalize to present a le tter to Republican members of Congress to accept the reforms. The donors describe the presenting immigration system as broken and thus urge for it to be fixed. However, the stand of the Republic side is reechoed on the need for certain(a) key policies to be fixed ahead of the said approval of the new immigration law. Particularly, they would want to grab a secured US border with well defined rules on future immigration issues. In their letter, the G.O.P Donors determine some inputs that some immigrants play in the economy of the country and based on that for their plea to be accepted. White House Ties Immigration Overhaul to Farms BYLINE MICHAEL D. SHEAR SECTION US politics A report from the White House on the benefits of the immigration overhaul on farms and the unpolished sector as a whole is presented and debated. Generally, the Obama administration continues to push for a new immigration law that would ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules, both illegal workers a nd those who hire them. According to the White House, the future of the countrys agricultural fortunes is in a rigorous labor force that can produce much enough to fall in the demands of the populace and the countrys industries. Using the guest-worker program in the Senate legislation for instance would ensure that there is enough labor, be they skilled or unskilled to boost productivity in the agricultural sector. all of these notwithstanding, critics continue to

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