Sunday, November 10, 2019

Black Women’s Feminism and Literature Essay

Black Women, the term often denotes the black skinned people, especially those who are based on the African region. Though various famous writers who shed their words as bloods and fought against the injustice that where happening against the black people, Maya Angelou was one remarkable person. She concentrated more towards the women sector, as she is a more sensitive and phenomenal woman by herself. One innate quality of her is that she is always proud to see her as a woman. Most of her literary works focus towards bringing revolution in the society, in particular for women. Black women faced lots of troubles due to inequality and racial discrimination and to overcome all these were formed the National Black Feminism Organisation (NBFO). All women from this organisation fought for achieving equality and power for the blacks. Several social, political and feminist movements where held to support the black women. This seriousness of problem was not only because of inequality faced by the black women. They were also cheaply thrust to sexism by the men of other class. It is a undoubted fact that writers are the most expressive and understanding people more than others, and they have a different logical perspective towards anything they perceive. That is why writers, especially female writers focus more towards the welfare of women and it is absolutely undeniable that women deserve all these special benefits and considerations. I, out of personal experience, owe my fullest respect to the women I personally lived my life with. It is none other than my precious mother. I would say women scarify the best way to offer the best things for others. She is the role model in my life and she has moulded me in a very adorable way and what I am today is just what she blessed me with. I always bow my head to the precious gift god gave me. Women are always the best examples in various fields, and if no women, there is nothing pleasant in the world. African American Women, though has faced lot of struggles and obstacles, have managed to successfully overcome all of them. Today, in this 21st century, we can see various women from the Black history to be successful shining in all fields. Our dearest writer Maya Angelou is one such person, and the list may extend up to Daisy Bates, who is a revolutionary journalist and an active member of civil rights. Maya has sculpted the pain of the black women in each of her works and this has also been a reason for the revolution. It will definitely not be hype when we say black women have contributed a lot to the global culture. One main reason for this could be their resistance and withstanding capacity towards all the obstacles and humiliation they happened to come across. They used their power wisely in overcoming all this struggles. If they would have felt the troubles a big burden for them, then they would definitely have gone invisible to all of them. But, they stood up sturdy against all these racism and sexism issues. They made use of their strengths and powers in a constructive way by initiating various activist movements and fighting for the law. They proved that they deserve the equal rights and power and they are no way lesser than other society women. Days when women thought themselves as victims have gone beyond the mountains and now women overcome the struggles by exhibiting their talents and traits. Participation of women in all fields is drastically increasing and now there is no field you can observe that women cannot be a part of it. Women prove that they are always the winners, be it any discipline. References http://www. poemhunter. com/poem/phenomenal-woman/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Black_feminism http://womenshistory. about. com/od/africanamerican/a/black_women. htm

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