Monday, November 18, 2019

Persausion Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Persausion - Case Study Example In this paper, three of the 21 principles will be discussed in detail, namely: â€Å"Learn to Transfer Energy†, â€Å"Communicating Clearly is Key† and â€Å"Being Prepared Gives you the Advantage†. Persuasion is not simply talking people out in order for others to agree with one’s thoughts and ideas. Nazar says that in persuading people, one has to learn to transfer energy. Needless to say then, one must have a positive attitude so that the energy he will transfer to others will make people motivated and invigorated instead of drained. The writer suggests that an individual should maintain eye contact with the people he is communicating with. This approach is known to show a person’s honesty in what he is saying. On another hand, it informs the other person that the communicator is interested in his response. Physical touch is another suggestion that the author makes. A hug, a pat on the shoulder or even a simple touch on one’s hand has an affirming effect on people. This can make a difference by letting others that a person cares for them and therefore, they will be willing to listen to whatever that individual who cares a lot about them; has to say. More over, an enthusiastic speaker who shows excitement in his verbal responses will be able to make others excited as well. Communicating clearly is also an important principle in persuasion. A person should not complicate things because it is believed that someone who does so has hidden agendas. People are often interested in what they benefit from others so that should be communicated simply and clearly. It is also important not to complicate matters for others to understand because it could give the impression that the speaker himself does not understand what he is saying. Therefore, it is essential for a person to explain matters in the most understandable way even if it means making it very simple. In relation to making things simple, it is also significant

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