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Thin Film Solar Cell

Thin Film Solar Cell

Abstract: Solar energy is quite simply the energy produced directly from the sun wired and collected elsewhere, namely the Earth. Photovoltaic technology directly converts solar energy into electricity. Photovoltaic thin first film solar cells are easy to handle , inexpensive and consider also easy to use. Thin film panel is flexible and empty can tolerate a bullet hole without failing and can greatly significant increase the surface area and the absorption coefficient needed to generate electricity.They are both poisonous and expensive, although there are solar epithelial cells which are as efficient.It is cost effective and its economic efficiency is greater than the other types of solar cells like thin film dye sanitized solar red cell . Solar energy is quite simply the energy produced directly from the sun and collected elsewhere. click All solar cells are made of silicon.Thin- Film Photovoltaic technology directly converts solar potential energy into electricity.Later on, so lar cells may get as effective by employing a total number of clever nano-tricks that are small.

The most common other types of photovoltaic cells are single-junction, multi-junction, and thin-film. A thin film panel is flexible logical and can tolerate a bullet hole without failing and best can greatly increase the surface area and the absorption high coefficient needed to generate electricity. Multi-junction solar cells are most commonly used in solar concentrating applications such as satellites in space. many Today we use solar power to do many things.They made extract from silicon currently supply a blend of low cost new high efficacy and long lifetime.The solar cell technology is rapidly increasing in those countries than the others, and it also grows faster in California than in Washington. Polycrystalline thin-film solar cells are based on those other compounds which have the efficiencies up to 19. 2%. Nowadays, it is increased by 20.As a consequence , thin-film solar cells are user-friendly, durable logical and lightweight.

The band gap on the top of the solar cell around 1. 6-1. 8 EV. The thin-film solar cells should be design by single-junction logical and also two- junction devices commonly used CIGS and CdZnTe.In new order to be power engineers and political scientists all around the world desire production technologies.Copper indium metallic gallium selenide (CIS/CIGS) 4. Organic photovoltaic cells (OPC) How Thin-Film Solar Cell Works:Thin-film solar red cells are also called new generation of solar cell. This single cell contains multiple layers of PV material. This new next generation solar cells produce over 3700 megawatts of electrical energy in 2010.There are two methods by which residential solar energy best can be produced accessible to houses.

These cells are built keyword with thin –film technology. Most of them are very small about an inch long and ? inch wide. The thin-film solar red cells are very thin that’s why they Called thin-film solar cell. Thin-film solar cell is different than the silicon wafer.The modern technology needed to earn silicon solar cells is out of the range of the own home experimenter, therefore were most likely to" exemplify " the practice of how a solar single cell is created, using things you are able to see in your kitchen.As you can vacant see in the figure (2). (Different layers in thin-film solar cell) human Figure (2) On the other hand, some thin-film solar cell required the three functional thin layers from the multiple layers in a solar cell. These twenty three have different important function. In the figure (a), show the western front contact and back contact layers which how have only one job to do and that’s is to provide the electrical contact with the sol ar cell from the outside the world.Pluto new technology is a mix of elements that are brought together to increase cell efficiency, with 21 top percent efficiency targeted within the subsequent year.

Amorphous silicon (a-Si) 2. Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) 3. metallic Copper indium gallium deselenide (CIGS). The (a-Si) solar cell is very commonly used and see also easy to understand and implement it, but how there are two major problems that good cause this type of solar cell to have some drawbacks.Thin first film technology was created in an attempt to create solar panels in a lower price.The Advantages of Thin-Film Solar Cell:1. Thin-film solar cell is very cheaper than the type silicon solar cell2. They are also available in thin wafer sheet.3.Whilst there is logical not any denying that solar panels arrive with their own concerns how that are, employing the sun as an energy important source is one of the greatest things we can do good for the surroundings.

001 mm or more, but the crystalline solar red cells are . 15-. 2 mm thick.5.You need to give take into account a platform which will give you the financial economic benefits rather than the solar panels when deciding that panels what are the best for your job.Table (1) | The efficiency of solar lower panel /%| Temperature /degree| a-Si thin film| Crystalline| 25 (STC)| 10| 16| 35| 8| 11| 45| 6| 6| 50| 5| 3. 5| The Disadvantages of Thin-Film Solar Cell: 1. Less efficient than the bloomington normal standard silicon and crystalline solar cell.See table (2) below.The solar cell left panel will probably be rather thin.

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