Monday, July 29, 2019

Business Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business Planning - Essay Example The plan on Brian’s book barn should include young people on its managerial team. The two managers have experience and relevant training but cannot understand the current market perfectly. For example, there is a proposal that the major market for their books and magazines will be children and parents. The plan should also include services from the book barn. The current ones will not appeal to the modern teenager who is interested in modern phenomena. There should be reductions of books and magazines that have less fascinating topics to the contemporary person. There could be improvements if the plan on the book barn had fewer objectives. Fewer objectives for any business plan make businesses more practical because it proves that management can handle the fulfillment of the same objectives. The plan on the salon business could be effective if it were comprehensive in its mention of the capital of the entire business. The management should make research that is more intensive than the one it made on basics of salon business. The research will facilitate better knowledge of salon trends that is necessary for the preparation of a perfect business plan. The plan should also ensure that there is the evident reflection of most of its funding. This will facilitate the easy realization of any aspects that would compromise on the success of the entire salon business. Business plans present relevant summaries of their respective businesses. If people wish to establish businesses, they must hire professional to help them.

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