Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Community College of Denver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Community College of Denver - Essay Example Additionally, it was considered that Science Building would â€Å"physically and visually connect the Auraria campus to the greater Denver community†, so the â€Å"building’s floor-to-ceiling windows† were designed accordingly – to attract passers-by to come in and see what is inside (Wausau Group 1). Thus, in short, the building was supposed to perform a connection between beauty and science. And Donald Lipskis sculpture was called to embody this connection. Referring to the idea, Lipski noted that the common feature between artists and scientists is their â€Å"passion for discovery†, which â€Å"just takes different paths†. The artist believes the â€Å"public institutions of higher education should emphasize and include culture at every opportunity† (Wiebesiek). Psyche is 10 feet high and about 14.5 feet across butterfly sculpture made of steel, resin and glass. It has two pairs of wings – the 8 feet across top wings and 6 feet across bottom wings. Psyche consists of black metal frame which outlines the form of a sculpture with its wings covered with stainless steel net, from where 10,000 test tubes filled with liquid yellow, orange and red acrylic resin are hanging. Donald Lipski explained that test tubes â€Å"are among the most basic and familiar tools of science† (Wiebesiek), which are utilized in medicine as well as physics or chemistry. Moreover, the usage of test tubes in this project is rather symbolic – it indicates the sculpture is not some separate item of design but the one that, in its structure, reflects scientific atmosphere of a place. Hanging at 60 º angle, the butterfly slowly drifts in the air, moved by the air flows of air-conditioning system. While moving and sharing its various shades colors all around, the sculpture resembles a â€Å"monumental stained glass window† (CCI), causing an awesome impression and excitement. From Greek the word â€Å"psyche† can be

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